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									The cooperation between the organizers brings the client synergy and benefits to meet all their international communication needs

2 day seminar organized by

Future Centre

How to negotiate successfully in today’s EU
At Westin Hotel, Warsaw 10-11.05.2005 (9 a.m.-5 p.m.)

under the patronage of

Management Institute

DAY 1  Tools for working with cultural differences in business
How diverse belief systems, concepts of space and time, social hierarchy and role models affect human interaction. Benefits of attending the seminar


How we see others and how others see us

1. Increase your confidence with other cultures in business. 2. Get tools for identifying different negotiation styles and strategies used in other EU countries. 3. Strengthen your own style and learn new skills for influencing others.
4. Improve your Business English.

How to identify our own values and beliefs and communicate them to other cultures.

  

EU case studies Negotiating in a multicultural environment
Different negotiation methods and how and when to use them.

Personal negotiation coaching DAY 2

  

Cultural variants in conducting negotiations
Learn what has impact on good business negotiation.

Personal negotiation coaching Effective Counter measures
Learn methods of getting out of difficult situations and going ahead.

Price: 2500 PLN/day Included: lunch, coffee, materials, feedback analysis. If you attend both the Negotiations and Presentation seminars please ask for a special price. Confirmation deadline: 26.04.2005

About the speakers: Anitta Koskio is the Managing Director of ExpatHouse Ltd, founded in Helsinki, in 1993. The company has a network of trainers and experts from over 30 countries. Anitta Koskio herself has extensive experience in cross-cultural business relations. She has travelled widely in many countries and worked in several international projects in different fields. Rana Sinha is an experienced business communication and culturetrainer with 20 years experience. Of Indian-Finnish origin, he has travelled in 63 countries. He has studied in many countries and trained to be an English language teacher at the University of Cambridge, UK. He has conducted numerous international presentation, negotiation and culture-training workshops in addition to Business English training.

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