Hampshire Police Authority Personnel Committee Establishment Report Part I 30 January, 2007 Report of the Chief Constable

Item 9

Contact: Mrs Maureen ADAMSON, Director of Personnel, Ext 79 3210 The Queen’s New Year Honours Her Majesty The Queen is pleased to confer the following award for Services to the Police, announced in Her New Year Honours List:

1. 1.1

Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) Mr John Harold BRADLEY (8287) 2. Commendations 2.1 Since the last meeting of the Personnel Panel, the following officers have been commended by the Chief Constable:‘O5’ Netley (Force Support Unit) ‘O5’ Netley (Force Support Unit) ‘EE’ Eastleigh (Priority Crime Team) ‘EE’ Eastleigh ‘WK’ Winchester (Fleet Manager)

PC 989 Malcolm David LYNCH PC 1420 Steven James MISSELBROOK A/DC 3385 Andrew John HAWKINS PC 21441 Peter SHAW

Commended by the Chief Constable for their bravery when detaining a rape suspect during a plain clothes operation. The officers were subjected to extreme violence from a group of approximately 40 youths who attempted to release the suspect. The officers showed great courage in keeping the mob at bay until uniformed officers could assist. Due to their professionalism a further rape suspect and 3 robbery suspects were identified at the scene. PC 3092 Paul Andrew MAGINNIS PS 2297 Ian Andrew WEBB ‘S1’ Fratton (RPU) ‘S1’ Fratton (RPU)

Commended by the Chief Constable for bravery in tackling a man armed with a knife who was making off from the scene of an armed robbery on a convenience store. Despite violence against them and with one officer overcome with the effects of CS, the officers were able to identify the vehicle used. This vehicle was subsequently located locally. This led to the arrest and charge of three individuals for a series of armed robberies across Hampshire, Surrey and Thames Valley.

PC 1375 Jonathan Christopher DUGGAN PC 24141 Natasha Clara STANDLEY PC 23996 Elaine Margaret CAWKILL

‘WC’ Winchester ‘WC’ Winchester ‘WC’ Winchester

Commended by the Chief Constable for the attempted resuscitation of a male and his young son who both received multiple stab wounds. PC 2969 Leon James ATKINS ‘AB’ Bitterne (Tactical Cycle Team)

Commended by the Chief Constable for bravery while arresting and restraining a violent male, while off duty on his return home from work. PC ATKINS suspected a motorcyclist in front of him had stolen the motorbike he had just crashed. He approached the male who then tried to run off. He arrested the male and he resisted in a violent struggle and the male bit PC ATKINS in the face. Despite this he continued in the restraint showing courage with no personal protective equipment until help arrived. The bike was stolen and the male was a disqualified driver and TCG nominal. PC 3751 Jonathan Derek Andrew GREGORY ‘PC’ Portsmouth Central

Commended by the Chief Constable for his actions while placing himself in grave danger whilst off duty to save the life of a young male attempting to take his own life. PC 22093 Matthew PARKER PS 2888 Neil CHIPPINDALE PC 1594 Stephen James MacDONALD ‘NT’ Totton ‘NT’ Totton ‘NT’ Totton

Commended by the Chief Constable for courage and commitment to duty in restraining a violent, suicidal male who was soiled in his own blood from extensive self harm wounds and bleeding and whose intervention prevented the male from inflicting further injury and risk to his own life. A/Inspector 3189 David Harold RYAN A/PS 2589 Stephen David SWAN PC 3225 Penelope Jane MURRAY ‘RF’ Farnborough ‘RF’ Farnborough ‘RF’ Farnborough

Commended by the Chief Constable for their bravery and professionalism in disarming and safely arresting an extremely violent male, who was armed with a knife and bottle. All three officers made sustained efforts to placate the male and demonstrated quick thinking, exceptional team work and courage in the face of extreme violence. 3. Death of Police Pensioner 3.1 With deep regret the death of the following pensioners is reported:Retired Former Police Constable Ernest George WATERMAN 11.11.79 Former Police Constable Edward Charles FOUND 31.07.71 Former Police Constable Roy Robert ROSS 02.09.77 Former Police Constable Philip Roger BAKER 28.04.99 Former Police Constable William Joseph BEAUCHAMP 28.07.77

Died 24.10.06 01.11.06 15.11.06 27.11.06 13.12.06


Former Police Constable Keith MESSENGER 4. Recommendation



4.1 That the report is noted.

Section 100D - Local Government Act 1972 - background papers. The following documents disclose facts or matters on which this report, or an important part of it, is based and has been relied upon to a material extent in the preparation of this report. N.B. The list excludes:1. Published works. 2. Documents which disclose exempt or confidential information as defined in the Act. TITLE None LOCATION


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