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					Which Humidifier Is Right For Your Home? Homeowner Comfort You Can't See. You’ve been building high-quality custom homes for years. By now, you know what it takes to make a house a home - quality craftsmanship, the best materials and exceptional attention to detail. To provide your customer with a comfortable home environment, you also need fresh, clean, properly humidified air. Indoor air is constantly absorbing moisture wherever it can be found - from the family, pets, furniture and even houseplants. When moisture is lost to the air, your customer can suffer from dry skin, throat and nasal passages, leading to various physical discomforts. GENERALAire’s power humidifiers are designed to improve indoor air quality, providing moisture to keep the family comfortable and to keep the furniture, wood floors, and doors from drying out, warping and cracking. They also help eliminate bacteria, fungi, viruses and mites that might otherwise thrive inside the home. With more than a million units in operation, GENERALAire’s humidifiers have proven themselves reliable, accurate, economical and efficient. By maintaining optimum humidity levels and keeping indoor air warmer, you can also help save energy and reduce heating bills. Selecting the Right Humidifier To ensure homeowner comfort, first determine how much humidity is needed for the home based on its size and construction. GeneralAire humidifiers are designed for homes as small as 600 square feet and all the way up to 5,400 square feet, delivering 6 to 23 gallons of water per day to the home. A tight home - one with insulation, vapor barriers, weather stripping, etc. - will require less humidity. Loose homes without these features may require the higher evaporative capacity of flow- through units, simply because there is a greater volume of air to be humidified. GENERALAire’s power humidifiers are available in several different models, styles and capacities, all specially designed for fast, easy installation. The reservoir, or drum-type, and the duct-type humidifiers use a unique, time-proven float valve to control water levels in the reservoir and ensure maximum absorption. The flow-through humidifiers use a patented water-trough design that assures uniform and thorough dispersion of the water for maximum evaporative efficiency. Regardless of the model selected, with GENERALAire humidifiers, more water gets into the air and less runs down the drain. GENERALAire MODEL 1042LH A highly efficient flow-through unit that delivers 19.2 GPD. Also available in a recirculating version.

GENERALAire MODEL 1137 A fan-powered unit that mounts easily on the warm-air plenum and delivers 21.3 GPD. Also available in a recirculating version. GENERALAire MODEL 1099LH GENERALAire’s highest-capacity model delivers 23 GPD and is ideal for today’s larger homes. Recirculating version also available. GENERALAire MODEL 65 The ideal humidifier for condominiums, townhouses and smaller homes. Easy to install on any warm-air furnace. Delivers 13.3 GPD. GENERALAire MODEL 81 A high-capacity model that delivers 18 GPD. Split-drum design allows easy removal of evaporator sleeve for replacements. GENERALAire MODEL 747 A compact unit that mounts easily in the warm-air supply duct when bypass or flowthrough installations aren’t possible. Delivers 16GPD. A GENERALAire heating and air conditioning dealer can help you select exactly the products you need to assure a clean, comfortable home. On your computer, simply click on www.generalaire.com and activate the dealer locator program to locate the GENERALAire dealer nearest you. By Lou Laroche Home Indoor Air Consultant

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