Component list Poor Mans Nicam encoder by olliegoblue29


									Component list Poor Mans Nicam encoder
Date 991121, PE1OBW

Qty        Reference                     Value           Type                     Pitch
2          C1,12                         27P             Ceramic capacitor        5mm
1          C2                            1U              Electrolitic capacitor   2,5mm
9          C3,11,13,16,20,21,26,2        100N            Ceramic capacitor        SMD 1206
9          C4,6,7,8,24,31,32,33,3        100N            Ceramic capacitor        5mm
5          C5,9,17,22,39                 1N              Ceramic capacitor        5mm
1          C10                           82P             Ceramic capacitor        5mm
2          C14,18                        56P             Ceramic capacitor        5mm
4          C15,19,29,30                  4N7             MKT/Ceramic capacitor    5mm
1          C23                           47U             Electrolitic capacitor   2,5mm
1          C25                           40P             Foil trimmer             7,5mm
1          C28                           39P             Ceramic capacitor        5mm
1          C34                           220U            Electrolitic capacitor   2,5mm
2          C37,38                        1U              MKT                      5mm
1          C40                           10N             Ceramic capacitor        5mm
1          C41                           10U             Electrolitic capacitor   2,5mm
1          D1                            BB204           Varicap                  TO92
1          F1*                           TH316BQM2080    Toko filter
1          L1                            10UH            Choke
1          L2                            5U6             Choke
8          P1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8              PIN             1mm solder pin
           R1,27,28,29                   10K
           R2,15,19,21,23                470
           R3,12                         4K7
           R4,8                          10M
           R7,11,32                      1K
           R9                            10
           R10                           1K2
           R13                           1M
           R14,30                        680
           R16                           10K             SIL5 (R-array 4x10K)
           R17                           100
           R18,20,24,26,34,36            10K0            Resistor 1%
           R22                           33K
           R25                           120K
           R31                           75
           R33,35                        22K             Trimmer
           R37                           500             Trimmer
           U1                            74HC4046        PLL                      DIP16
           U2                            74HCU04         Inverter                 DIP14
           U3                            TLC320AD57C     AD-converter             SO28
           U4                            7805            Voltage regulator        TO220
           U5                            ATT3030-        Xilinx/AT&T FPGA         PLCC84
                                         125M84 or
           U6                            89C4051       Atmel microcontroller      DIP20
           U7**                                        Do not place!
           U8,9                          TLC272        Dual opamp                 DIP8
           U10                           AD811         Current feedback opamp     DIP8
           U11                           TMS320C26BFNL DSP                        PLCC68
           U12                           40MHZ         Oscillator                 DIP8
           V1                            BAT85         Schottky diode
           X1                            11.0592MHz    Crystal                    HC49
           X2*                           23.4MHz       Crystal 3th overtone       HC49
           X3                            5.824MHz      Crystal                    HC49
* For a version on 6.552 MHz F1=TOKO TH316BQM2110QDAF filter and X2=26.208 MHz.
** The EEPROM is not used and can be omitted.

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