Report Writing General General (continued) Types of Reports by olliegoblue33


                    Report Writing
                                                      z   No matter how good an experiment, it is
                                                          worthless unless the information is
                                                          communicated to other people.
                                                      z   Be specific if you have something to be
                             By Erdem Canbay              specific about.
                                                      z   Make sure that the strong points of a report
                                                          are not buried in excess words.

1                                                 2

    General (continued)                               Types of Reports

           No unique recipe, general principals       z   Informal Reports
    z   Be short & brief                                  –   Letter format
    z   Use graphs & tables instead of wordy              –   Interoffice memo format
        explanations                                  z   Formal Reports (documentation)
    z   Use third-person                                  –   Proposal
                                                          –   Progress report
    z   Use passive mode
                                                          –   Final report
    z   Use present tense

3                                                 4
    Technical Report                                                   Paper / Article

    z   Thesis                                                         z   Addresses the research community
         –   Addresses the researchers in the field                    z   Gives the general picture not details, refers
         –   Gives research details (appendices if needed)                 to theses / reports for details
         –   Length is not limited complies with the regulations       z   Length is seriously restricted
             of the school
                                                                       z   Complies with the publisher’s regulations
    z   Research Report
    z   Paper / Article

5                                                                  6

    Typical Outline
    Thesis / Research Report                                           Title Page

    z   Title Page                                                     z   Test Title
    z   Contents / Tables / Figures
    z   Abstract / Keywords                                            z   The date of the report
    z   Introduction
                                                                       z   The names of the author and coauthors
    z   Object & Scope
    z   Past Research (Literature Survey)                              z   The name of the organization that performed
    z   Work Done                                                          the project
    z   Evaluation / Interpretation / Discussion
    z   Conclusions / Recommendations                                  z   The sponsoring organization
    z   References                                                     z   The report and contract number (if exists)
    z   Appendices (if any)

7                                                                  8
     Abstract                                                             Work Done

     z   Very brief                                                       z   Parameters
     z   Stand-alone summary                                              z   Test setup
     z   Not longer than 100 to 200 words                                 z   Test procedure
     z   No graphs, tables, or pictures                                   z   Test series (comparison)
                                                                          z   Methods / Materials
                                                                          z   Results (individual)

9                                                                    10

     Evaluation / Interpretation / Discussion                             Conclusions / Recommendations

            Bridge from the results to the conclusions                    z   Specific conclusions
     z   Results (combined)
         –   Diagrams (common scale)                                          –   Answer the objectives of the experiment
         –   Tables / charts etc.                                             –   Explain why the objectives were not met
     z   Observations / Explanations
         –   Unexpected results
                                                                          z   No new results
         –   Experimental uncertainties                                   z   Recommendations for future work or
         –   Comparison with theories and preexisting experimental
             results                                                          methods
         –   Personal opinion
         –   New theory developed

11                                                                   12
     Laboratory Reports

     z   Include
         –   Title page
         –   Introduction
         –   Object & scope
         –   Work Done
         –   Evaluation
         –   Conclusions
         –   References
     z   As CONDENSED and CONCISE as possible


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