report writing mechanics by olliegoblue33



                      Report Writing Mechanics
         White, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.
         Use one side only.
         For handwritten work, use ruled paper and black ink.

         Center three inches from the top.
         Put in all CAPS.
         Center your name beneath the title.
         Title page, if used, should include title, name, course and/or teacher, and date.

         One inch at top, bottom, and sides.

         Put numbers in upper right corner.
         Omit a page number on title page and first page.

         Indent five spaces (or one inch for handwriting) for each new paragraph.
         Block-in long direct quotations (four or more lines) by indenting five spaces on both left
         and right sides.
         For works cited entries, indent all lines except the first.

         Double space body text and works cited entries.
         Single space block-in quotations.
         Use standard 12 point fonts.
         When ending a sentence, use one space before starting the next sentence.

         When quoting directly, use quotation marks with reference citation.
         Do not use quotation marks for blocking-in.
         Use three spaced periods. . .when omitting anything within a quotation.
         Use brackets [ ] to enclose anything added or changed within a quotation.

         Use a caret (^) to show point of insertion.
         Use a slanted line (/) for cancellation of a single letter.
         Use a single horizontal line through a word or phrase to be deleted.
         Use a vertical line to separate unspaced words.
         Use horizontal parentheses to join letters accidentally separated.
         Reprint a computer file page or rewrite a handwritten page if many corrections are needed.

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