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Timing Is Everything


									Save Thousands Today!
$1,500.00 Energy Tax Credit Now Available
Up to $550.00 Factory Rebate Fixed Rate Financing APR of 9.9% Payments Starting At $32 Per Month

And If You Act Now FREE Hybrid Heat™ Upgrade an $800.00 Value
Or Free Humidifier and High Efficient Air Cleaner

But you must call now while the special circumstances that created this unique offer are still available.
Dear Friend, Right now I have created a new program that will allow home owners to own a new furnace, central air system, or both with no money down and an easy financing program. You may be thinking…

“Why Would Apollo Heating & Cooling Make This Incredible Offer?”
The answer is simple. The summer hasn’t started yet. At this time of the year my calls start to slow down because it’s too late in the season for heating and too early to think about air conditioning. Most people whether they have had problems with their air conditioning system, or it’s just an old inefficient unit are not thinking of replacement. They would rather take their chances now and wait till the last possible moment to replace their system (and probably pay a premium price to do so) than to plan ahead.

Here’s How You Benefit
 Federal Tax Credit up to $1500 Not Just a deduction but $$$ in your pocket  Fixed rate APR of just 9.9% with low monthly payments. This is open end credit, so you can pay the minimum payment or pay more when you have extra cash  For a limited time, Factory Rebate Check up to $550 for certain systems.  Free Hybrid Heat™ upgrade. This is over an $800 dollar value. Save about 25% on your gas bill & 30% to 50% Savings on A/C operation.  Free Ten Year Parts & Five years Labor on equipment installed. This has a value of $450 or more.  Free whole house humidifier and High Efficiency Air Filter w/ furnace and A/C only

Here’s the best part.

The Ironclad Guarantee
I’m so confident with our Hybrid Heat ™ system that you will save at least 25% (if your system is over twelve years old) on your heating and cooling bills (I’m projecting more like 30% to 50%) that I will pay you Double The Difference** for the first year if you don’t. Please feel free to track your gas and electric bills accurately. Then call me so I can tell others how well these systems work. There is no way you can lose. If these premium systems were not among the best on the market, I couldn’t afford to make such a promise.

Here’s How
Just call me at 330-673-3377 anytime and I will set up an appointment for your Free in-home survey. A design consultant will measure your home (and determine the availability of the proper size) and explain this amazing savings program that I have created. Don’t forget, I only have a limited time I can offer all of these discounts. This offer will end on May 31 or when demand becomes too high I’ll be forced to end this program.

No Obligation
Even after your consultant completely explains the installation there is absolutely no obligation. If you decide you don’t want to take advantage of this spectacular offer – that’s okay. I will give you a gift certificate valued at $20.00 off any service call because you are kind enough to read this letter and listen to our representative describe the details of this promotion. I want you to think well of Apollo Heating & Cooling, even if you don’t purchase a system. Give me a call now at 330-673-3377. If it’s late, just leave a message in our voice mail box and I will call you the next day. Thank you for reading this rather long letter. I hope you will profit greatly because of it.

For Greater Comfort,

Greg Leisinger President Apollo Heating & Cooling

We’d Love To Make You Comfortable

P.S. Free Hybrid Heat Upgrade for a limited time P.P.S. Factory Rebates up to $550 now available
This offer may not be combined with any other offer. 9.9% Fixed Rate APR financing with approved credit, open end credit line. System pricing is from our regular price book. Payments starting at $32 based on Furnace or A/C only install complete system starting at $64. Rebate provided by Bryant with customer registration. Free humidifier and filter include for central air conditioning and gas furnace installs. Free hybrid heat upgrade based on furnace and air conditioning pricing. Ten year parts and Five year labor insured through Factory. Energy savings base on actual local results using a hybrid systems and energy savings calculation,**Double the difference guarantee is twice the amount less than 25% of your yearly gas savings based on mcf usage. State lic. #13128

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