Rehabilitation And Anthropology

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					Rehabilitation And Anthropology
The culture of Disability Dr Essa Alsadi Durban 2003


Culture of disability is the knowledge, belief, customs, learned behavior, habits, techniques, ideas and values within the disability community.

Relationship between nature and culture of disability
The universality of certain disability Genetic affect on certain disability also affect on the behavior of human kind. behavior indicate that disability has culture.

Myths, stereotypes and images of disability
• Myths vary from small to general • Myths in small societies tend to have great
impact on disability (to look at the disabled as affected by some spirit). • Universal mythology tend to over ride cultural differences (Down syndrome and relation to retardation).

Social structure and it’s relation to culture and disability
• Social Structure of each culture is the
focus of anthropology (it includes institutions, roles and social relations). • Institutions varies according to the type of disability. • Institutions are the same throughout the world regarding the same disability.

• There are roles played at each disability

regardless of the culture. • The role of the wheelchair played on the disabled life is the same in all cultures.

• Social relation is part of the disability

culture. • Relationship between members of the same disability is stronger than others even those with disability

The new belief system of disability
• Belief systems within disability community
varies regarding the disability itself. • At the same time a belief system could be the same for a disability regardless of the culture of the disabled

World view of disability
• Different cultures share same attitude and
view regarding disability. • People in the disabled field act, think and behave in the same way in comparison to other fields.