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Nutritional Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy by olliegoblue28


									Nutritional Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy – Low Sodium (2500 mg/d)
If your physician has recommended a low sodium diet it is likely due to concerns about high blood
pressure, edema (fluid retention in the feet, ankles and hands), and / or concerns of preeclampsia.
Preeclampsia, also known as toxemia or pregnancy induced hypertension (HIT), is a condition of
high blood pressure induced by the pregnancy. When your blood pressure rises it causes your body
to retain water and lose protein into your urine. This elevation in blood pressure can prevent the
baby from receiving an adequate blood supply, which results in less oxygen and nutrients and
ultimately, a low birth weight baby. If detected early and managed with prenatal care, adequate fluid
and a low sodium diet, most women can still deliver a healthy baby.

    · Avoid using the salt shaker after your meals have been prepared
    · Read food labels and select foods that are low in sodium (< 250 – 300 mg/svg)
    · Buy the unsalted version of snack foods like: crackers, chips, pretzels, popcorn, etc…
    · Use more herbs and spices during cooking
    · Limit the salt used during cooking by using lower sodium broth or cutting down the salt in a
       recipe in half
    · 75% of the sodium in our diet is added during packaging and manufacturing, so limiting pre-
       prepared meals would be ideal
    · Prepared foods (canned, frozen, packaged, & fast food) are higher in sodium than those
       prepared at home
    · Salt substitutes and some salt free seasonings contain Potassium (K+) and should only be
       used with the approval of your doctor


   FOOD                CHOOSE MORE OFTEN                           CHOOSE LESS OFTEN
Breads:          English muffin; white, wheat,               sweet rolls, breads or rolls with
                 pumpernickel, other types of regular        salted tops, packaged cracker or
                 or unsalted bread and rolls                 bread crumb coatings, packaged
                                                             stuffing mixes, biscuits, corn bread
Cereals:         regular cooked cereals such as oats,        Any containing >350mg salt per
                 cream of wheat, rice, or farina;            serving.
                 puffed wheat; puffed rice; shredded
                 wheat, instant hot cereals, any other
                 regular ready-to-eat cereals
Crackers and     all unsalted crackers and snack             salted crackers and snack items,
snack foods:     foods, Simply Jif peanut butter (or         regular peanut butter, party spreads
                 other lower salt version)                   and dips
Pasta, rice      all types of pastas such as macaroni,       macaroni and cheese mix; seasoned
and potatoes:    spaghetti, rigatoni, ziti; potatoes, rice   rice, noodle, and spaghetti mixes;
                                                             canned spaghetti; frozen lasagna,
                                                             macaroni and cheese, rice, and
                                                             pasta dishes; instant potatoes;
                                                             seasoned potato mixes

Dried beans      pinto beans, white northern beans,          any beans or peas prepared with
and peas         black-eyed peas, lima beans, lentils,       ham, bacon, salt pork, or bacon
                 split peas, etc.                            grease; all canned beans
    FOOD              CHOOSE MORE OFTEN                          CHOOSE LESS OFTEN
Meats and       fresh or frozen meat, poultry, and         salted, smoked, canned, spiced, and
alternatives:   fish; low sodium canned tuna and           pickled meats, poultry and fish;
                salmon; eggs                               bacon; ham; sausage; scrapple;
                                                           regular canned tuna or salmon; cold
                                                           cuts; luncheon meats; hot dogs; pre-
                                                           breaded frozen meats, fish, and
                                                           poultry; TV dinners; meat pies;
                                                           kosher meats
Fruits and      fresh, frozen, or low-sodium canned        regular canned vegetables and
vegetables::    vegetables or vegetable juices; low        vegetable juices, regular tomato
                sodium tomato paste and sauce;             sauce and tomato paste, olives,
                fresh, canned, or frozen fruit and         pickles, relishes, sauerkraut or
                juices                                     vegetables packed in brine, frozen
                                                           vegetables in butter or sauces,
                                                           crystallized and glazed fruit,
                                                           maraschino cherries, fruit dried with
                                                           sodium sulfite
Dairy           milk, cream, sour cream, non-dairy         buttermilk, Dutch processed
products:       creamer, yogurt, low-sodium cottage        chocolate milk, processed cheese
                cheese, low sodium cheese                  slices and spreads, regular cheese,
                                                           cottage cheese
Soups:          salt-free soups and low-sodium             regular commercially canned or
                bouillon cubes                             prepared soups, stews, broths, or
                                                           bouillon; packaged and frozen soups
Desserts:       gelatin, sherbet, fruit ices, pudding      regular commercially prepared and
                and ice cream as part of milk              packaged baked goods, chocolate
                allowance, angel food cake, salt-free      candy
                baked goods, sugar, honey, jam,
                jelly, marmalade, syrup
Beverages:      coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit flavored   softened water; carbonated
                drinks that do not contain sodium          beverages with sodium or salt
                                                           added; check with physician about
                                                           alcoholic beverages
Condiments:     fresh and dried herbs; lemon juice;        table salt, lite salt, bouillon cubes,
                low-sodium mustard, vinegar,               meat extract, Worcestershire sauce,
                Tabasco sauce; low-sodium or no-           tartar sauce, ketchup, chili sauce,
                salt-added ketchup; extracts               cooking wines, onion salt, prepared
                (almond, lemon, vanilla); baking           mustard, garlic salt, meat flavorings,
                chocolate and cocoa; seasoning             meat tenderizers, steak and
                blends that do not contain salt            barbecue sauce, seasoned salt,
                                                           monosodium glutamate (MSG),
                                                           Dutch processed cocoa
Fats:           margarine regular butter, or               bacon grease; salt pork;
                mayonnaise limited to 4 teaspoons          commercially prepared sauces,
                per day; unsalted butter, margarine,       gravies, and salad dressings
                cooking oils, or shortenings; salt free
                gravies, cream sauces, and salad

Onion, garlic, lemon, vinegar, black pepper, and parsley improve the flavor of many kinds of food.
For gourmet-type dishes, use fruit, fruit juices, or sweet and sour sauce. Use fresh or dried herbs
and spices to flavor foods. Remember that two teaspoons of chopped fresh herbs equals 1/2
teaspoon of the dried form. Always store dried herbs and spices in a cool, dry place in airtight
containers. When flavoring, start with small amounts (1/4 tsp for four servings) and increase to taste.
Don't use more than three herbs or spices in one dish. Certain herbs and spices blend better with
some foods than with others, so experiment and use the suggestions below as a guide.
  VEGETABLES                                         MEATS, FISH, EGGS AND POULTRY

Asparagus:             lemon, chives              Beef:              bay leaf, dry mustard,
                                                                     nutmeg (in meat loaf), sage,
                                                                     dill, green pepper,
                                                                     mushrooms, tomatoes
Broccoli:              lemon, oregano,            Veal:              bay leaf, curry, ginger,
                       rosemary                                      apricot or current jelly,
                                                                     mushrooms, tomatoes,
                                                                     tarragon, dry mustard
Carrots:               lemon, orange, nutmeg,     Pork:              sage, caraway, nutmeg,
                       mint, basil, marjoram,                        apples, applesauce,
                       oregano, thyme, brown                         cranberry sauce, tarragon,
                       sugar, ginger,                                dry mustard
                       cinnamon, mace, anise,
                       dry mustard
Corn:                  green pepper, fresh        Lamb:              curry, mint, dill,sage
                       tomatoes, paprika, hot
                       pepper sauce
Peas:                  mint, dill, fresh          Poultry            sage, tarragon, fresh
                       mushrooms, basil,                             mushrooms, poultry
                       marjoram, savory                              seasoning, curry, peach,
                                                                     apricot, pineapple, lemon,
                                                                     hot pepper sauce, bay leaf
Sweet Potatoes:        mace, ginger, basil,       Fish & Eggs:       dill, basil, tarragon, curry,
                       cinnamon, cloves,                             dry mustard, paprika,
                       brown sugar, nutmeg,                          cayenne, thyme, green
                       allspice, oregano,                            pepper, mushrooms, chive,
                       lemon, orange                                 tomato, hot pepper sauce,
                                                                     Bay leaf
Potatoes:              mace, chives,
                       rosemary, dill
Spinach:               nutmeg, oregano, basil,
                       marjoram, rosemary,
                       thyme, allspice, mace,
Tomatoes:              basil, oregano, thyme,
                       sugar, dill, marjoram,

Summary: If you require a more individualized meal plan based on weight gain, loss, medical
complications or general food preference issues, please feel free to ask your physician to request a
personal consultation by the Apple A Day Rx Dietitian.


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