Setting Up and Using Homework Manager and Fundamental Accounting by grapieroo6


									            Setting Up and Using Homework Manager
         and Fundamental Accounting Principles WebSite
Enter the URL below or click the link to access the Homework Manager site for


Setting Up Your Homework Manager Account

Important Note: Be very careful in registering for this course. You should
register for this course only one time. You may use your registration code a
second time, but the second registration should be used for Principles of
Accounting II or if you have to re-take Principles of Accounting I.

The first time you enter the site above, you will set up your Homework Manager
account. Click the Register as a Student link from the Home Page.

You will then be prompted to enter the 20-digit code that you received with your
textbook. The code is case sensitive. Click Next. Enter the requested
information. You may enter your login and password in any way you like, but it is
recommended that you use your Nashville State “A number” as your login and
your Nashville State PIN as your password for easy recall. If you choose to set
up a password different from your NSCC PIN, be sure to remember the
password in case you want to login to Homework Manage from a different

Complete the registration information as prompted.

                                                                               F 08
Please note that the system will record homework grades for you only after you
have completed your registration.

                                                                             F 08
Registering for Premium Content on the Publisher’s Website

If you purchased Homework Manager Plus, you will have access to Premium
Content on the publisher’s website as well as Hints in Homework Manager. In
order to access the Premium Content, you must register separately at the
publisher’s website. Follow the steps below to register for Premium Content.

   •   Enter the following address for the publisher’s website

   •   Click the link for Register or Purchase Access link

   •   Click the blue link I have a registration code
   •   Enter the same code you used to register for Homework Manager
   •   Click the Continue button and enter the information as prompted

• This is a separate registration in addition to registering for Homework
• You must have purchased Homework Manager Plus in order to register for
  Premium Content.
• If you don’t register for the Premium Content at the publisher’s website, Hints
  will not be available in Homework Manager Plus.

From the publisher’s website at, you will have
access to PowerPoint presentations, NetTutor (an online tutor service that is
free), and other resources.

                                                                                F 08
Using Homework Manager – The Home Page

The Homework Manager Home Page displays all assigned work for this course
as shown below. Assignments are labeled by Chapter. Each homework
assignment is made up of several exercises and/or problems worth various
points. All exercises/problems in each assignment total 100 possible points.

The assignment list also shows the availability of assignments. All assignments
are available beginning with the first day of classes. The end date is the deadline
for this assignment. Assignments that are available will show an active link when
the mouse pointer is moved over them. Assignments that are not available will
have no link. Once an assignment has passed the deadline, you will not be able
to access or submit that assignment.

The policies for all homework for this course are as follows:
• Problems may be worked and submitted a maximum of three times. Your
   highest score will be recorded in the instructor’s Grade Book. Once you have
   made three attempts at a homework assignment, if the assignment is still
   available, the link will be active, but you will receive a message indicating that
   you have used all your attempts if you try to work the assignment again.
• There is no time limit for working on an assignment.
• A passing score is 70/100. This score is not required to submit an
   assignment, but should be helpful to you in assessing your progress—if you
   are not achieving passing scores on homework, it is unlikely that you will pass
• Most assignments are algorithmic, meaning that each time you work the
   assignment, you will use different numbers.

                                                                                  F 08
Selecting an Assignment

To work on an available assignment, simply click the assignment link in the
Homework Manager Home Page. You will then be prompted to enter your Login
and Password. After typing this information, click Enter.

The first screen that appears indicates the number of attempts you have made
for that chapter. Click Yes to proceed.

Navigating, Checking, and Saving Homework Assignments

Each assignment is made up of three to seven exercises and problems. Each
exercise or problem will appear on a separate screen. Follow the instructions on
each page to complete the problem.

At the top of each assignment, you will see the following toolbar:

The first three buttons allow you to navigate from one question to another within
the assignment.
       Back = go back to the previous assignment question
       Next = go forward to the next assignment question
       Jump To = jump directly to a particular question

Anytime you click Back, Next or Jump To, your information is saved. For
example, if you completed questions 1 & 2 and are ready to move to question 3,
clicking on Next will save the current answers for questions 1 & 2. However, if
your computer unexpectedly powers down while you are in the middle of
question 3, your question 3 answers will not be saved, unless you have clicked
Back, Next, or Jump To.

The Save my work button will save your information any time this button is
clicked. It would be a good practice to click this button periodically so none of the
work you complete is ever lost due to an unexpected termination of the program.
At any time while you are working a problem, you can check your work by
clicking the How am I doing? button at the top of the screen. You will receive
feedback on correct, incorrect, and incomplete data for the problem as well as
your score at that moment.

You may want to take a break from working an assignment. For short breaks, be
sure to click the Save my work button before leaving your computer. For longer
breaks, click the Quit & Save button. Clicking this button will allow you to save
the work you have completed and return to the same problem later without losing
an attempt. Be sure to return, complete, and submit any work you have saved
before the due date for the assignment expires.

                                                                                 F 08
When you have satisfactorily completed an assignment, click the Grade button.
If you don’t submit your assignment by clicking the Grade button before the
deadline, you will get a zero on that assignment and the assignment will be
unavailable to work again. Once you hand in an assignment for grading, it will be
graded immediately and your score will be entered in the course grade book.
You can view feedback on graded assignments by clicking the View Details link
on the Grade Report. To exit the Grade Report, click Quit and Save.

Viewing Grades

To check grades on submitted assignments, click the View My Grades link from
the Homework Manager Home Page. You will be asked to log in again to view
this report.

Details on each attempt you have made on an assignment will appear on this
report. Remember that your highest score will be recorded by your instructor.

Homework Manager Support

If you have technical support questions, contact the Homework Manager Tech
Support line at

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