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					                                                                                                Penulis : Devia Listiyana
                                                                                                 Fakultas : Keperawatan
                                                                                       Program Studi : Ilmu Keperawatan
                                                                                                               IPK : 2.77
                                                                            Pembimbing I : Esty Yunitasari, S.Kp.,M.Kes
                                                                        Pembimbing II : Tiyas Kusumaningrum, S.Kep.,Ns

     Hubungan Mekanisme Koping dengan Tingkat Kecemasan Ibu
       Primigravida Trimester III dalam Menghadapi Persalinan
Abstrak :

  ABSTRACT The correlation of coping mechanism with anxiety level of primigravida in third trimester in
  R.S.I.A Sitti Aisyah Surabaya Cross Sectional Study By: Devia Listiyana Coping Mechanism is
  mechanism used by individual to face change in their lives. If mechanism of success koping, hence people
  can adapt to change happened. Mechanism of coping can be learn, since of stressor occurred until individu
  realizes impact of stressor ( Carlson, 1994). Ability of individual coping depend where temperament,
  perception, cognition and also the culture or place where individu growth ( Carlson, 1994). This study used
  cross-sectional design. Population consisted of primigravida in third trimester in B.K.I.A R.S.I.A Sitti
  Aisyah Surabaya. Samples were recruited using purposive sample. Respondents who met the inclusion
  criteria were 20 individuals. The independent variable was coping mechanism, while the dependent
  variable was the anxiety level of primigravida in third trimester. Data were collected using questionnaire
  then analyzed using Spearman Rho correlation test. The result showed there Is no the relation of coping
  mechanism with (p = 0,253), r (-268) of anxiety levelof primigravida in third trimester Psychosocial
  support from family, good information about pregnancy and labor process can be very helpful for these
  women to overcome anxiety in nearly partus. Further research are needed to examine the effect on the
  changes of oxytocin level which able to make headway street to born pursued to in third trimester.

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