Vocational Rehabilitation and Traumatic Brain Injury

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Vocational Rehabilitation and Traumatic Brain Injury
This 2 day course focuses on the impact that Traumatic Brain Injury has on successful engagement in vocational activities and aims to increase awareness of the prevalence of TBI in the work place. Content will explore common impairments and functional challenges that impact on occupational performance in vocational settings and will discuss strategies for assessment, education and management to promote successful outcomes for both client and employer. Who should attend? Any rehabilitation professional or case manger working within specialist vocational rehabilitation services or is involved in general rehabilitation provision where obtaining employment or returning to employment is a goal for their neurological client. Topics covered:               TBI injury mechanisms and classi cations – concussion, PCS and mod to severe brain injuries Recognising undiagnosed TBI in the workplace Consequences of TBI Identifying and managing risk Screening and assessing with limited resources Models of vocational rehabilitation & International return to work outcome statistics (linked to models) Client requirements Employer requirements Education – who and what? Education versus rehabilitation Predictors and inhibitors of successful return to work Different professional roles & support services ACC contracts and rehabilitation delivery- making it work Identifying other resources in the community

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