Student Centre Induction Manual by olliegoblue28


									Engaging New Staff In A
   Service Culture

        May 2007

              Why an Induction Manual?
• Six staff undertook the Diploma of Business
  (Frontline Management) in 2006 & decided this
  was an opportunity to work together on a project
  beneficial to Student Administration
• The team discussed a number of ideas, and
  decided that the project outcome for Student
  Administration would be a localised induction
                  • Reasoning included:
                     – New staff needed clearly defined information
                     – Concise information about Student Administration did not exist
                     – Student Administration’s location was away from the main
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                     How did we make it?
• Student Administration Induction Manual
         – In working on the manual, we found:
                  • wealth of information available on the web on
                    induction at local and higher levels
                  • staffs own experiences
         – Ten categories were eventually included

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                  What does it look like?
•           Student Administration Induction Manual
         1. Overview
         2. Induction
         3. Equipment, Computer, Software & Other
         4. Human Resources
         5. Staff Training
         6. Occupational Health & Safety
         7. Customer Service
         8. Student Administration Processes
         9. Change Management
         10. Evaluation

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1 Overview
       – Organisational summaries & structures
                  •   University
                  •   Students Portfolio
                  •   Academic Registrar’s Group
                  •   Student Administration
       – Summary of activities for each Student Admin unit
       – Floor plan of Student Administration
       – Phone and location directory of all Student Admin

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2 Induction
         – An induction schedule for a new staff member
           outlining their first week of activities
         – RMIT Strategic Plan
         – Academic Calendar
         – Campus Map
         – RMIT Induction Checklist

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3 Equipment, Computer, Software &
  Other Requirements
         – Swipe card access
         – Computer logins, policies, procedures & the
         – Telephone and voicemail
         – Photocopy and fax locations
         – ARG equipment
         – Stationery
         – Mail
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4 Human Resources
         – Hours of work / lunch breaks
         – Public holidays
         – Annual leave / sick leave
         – Employee Self Service (ESS)
         – Pay
         – RMIT Commuter Club

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5 Staff Training
         – Within the staff workplan including:
                  • Information Technology Services (ITS) training
                  • Open Program
                  • Short Courses

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6 Occupational Health & Safety
         – Emergency procedures
         – Health and Safety
         – First aid
         – EO Online
         – Staff Assistance
                  • Ergonomics

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7 Customer Service
         – Student Administration stakeholders
         – Service orientation
         – Compliance
                  • Privacy of information
         – Useful websites
         – Acronyms

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8 Student Administration Processes
         – Student Administration Working Party
                  • Defining roles and responsibilities for the Student

          Process Name                                Process Name
          Student Enquiry & Applications              Manage Student Relationships
          Applications, Selection and                 Student Programme of Study
          Student Enrolment                           Confer Awards
          Student Financials                          Reporting
          Exams and Results                           Cross Country

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8 Student Administration Processes cont.

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9 Change Management
         – Change to improve our working environment

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10 Evaluation
         – For staff to complete within two weeks of
         – To ensure the Student Administration
           Induction Manual has the most relevant
           information needed for new staff

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                    Final Product
• The Induction Manual is created on CDs
         – Has a PowerPoint interface directing staff
           through a word document on induction and
         – Opens automatically when inserted into the
• 5 hard copy Induction Manual folders for
  borrowing have also been created

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• Each new staff member receives:
         – Electronic copy of the Induction Manual on
           CD to keep
         – Hard copy folder to borrow for 2 weeks
                                               Student Admin
                                             Induction Manual

                                                       May 2007

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                  Where to?
• The Future
   – The Induction Manual is a living document to
     be updated at least quarterly.
   – The task of updating the manual and CD has
     been allocated to one unit within Student
   – Currently being updated to include all of the
     Academic Registrar’s Group (about 130 staff
     in 4 branches)

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                  The End

                                 Student Admin
                               Induction Manual

                                         May 2007

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