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									                           PeopleSoft Budget Types

Budget Types

       Appropriation Budget
       An appropriation establishes a budget authorized for expenditures for a specific
       purpose during a specific period of time.

       Allotment Budget (not using at this time)
       An allotment represents a portion (or the full amount) of an appropriation, and
       makes it available for encumbrance or disbursement over a specific period of

       Organization Budget
       An organization budget tracks or controls spending of a budget at a lower level of
       detail than an appropriation.

       Revenue Estimate Budget
       A revenue estimate budget tracks revenues recognized and cash collected against
       estimated revenues.

       Project / Grant Budget
       Project / Grant budgets can be established at different levels. Using project
       levels, you can establish a structure that records and reports direct and indirect
       costs for each level. You can enforce budgetary control at these levels, or track
       activity without budgetary control.

What Revenue Operations will use.

Appropriation (two different types):
  ½ Linked to Organization (and / or Project / Grant) budgets and functioning as a risk
     management tool to control total expenditures for the entire Fund.
  ½ A stand-alone budget established by a program that creates budget equal to

Organization for expenditure and encumbrance activity.

Revenue Estimate as a management tool to compare actual revenue with projected

Project Grant as a tool to manage activity that crosses fiscal years or Funds.


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