Urban Transport and Socio-Economic Development

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					TranSECon Symposium,
Divani Palace Acropolis Hotel,
20-21 November 2003

   Urban Transport and Socio-Economic Development


Day 1:    Thursday, 20 November 2003
09:00     Session 1: Opening Session
          Chair: Dr Nikolos Bogiazides, University of Thessaly
          Rapporteur: Dr Roman Klementschitz, BOKU-ITS

09:00     Welcome address by representative of the Greek Minister of
          Transport, Dr Caralambo Fokas, Adviser to the Minister
09:15     Introduction to TranSEcon overall methodology and aims of
          the Symposium, Prof Gerd Sammer, Project Director, BOKU-
          Institute for Transport Studies
09:40     Keynote address by Pierre Laconte, President Foundation for
          the Urban Environment and Honorary Secretary-General of
          UITP, “Social and Economic Development Aspects of Urban
          Transport Systems”
10:10     Address by Dr Alexandros Deloukas, Attiko Metro, TranSEcon
          Steering Committee Chair, Representative of Athens case

10:30-11:00    Coffee Break

11:00     Session 2: Setting the Scene – the role                of   Socio-
          Economic Assessment in Urban Transport
          Chair: Prof Andres Monzon, UPM
          Rapporteur: Dr Roman Klementschitz, BOKU-ITS

11:00     Review of Available Evidence on Urban Transport and Socio-
          Economic Development Impacts – David Gane, Faber Maunsell
11:30     The Common Analytical Framework of TranSEcon – Matti
          Keranen, Viatek
12 :00    TranSEcon Information Sources and Databases – Claude
          Rochez, Stratec

12:30     Discussion

13:00-14:00    Lunch
14:00     Session 3: Specific Results by Theme
          Chair: Peter Güller, Synergo
          Rapporteur: Aggeliki Bouziani, University of Thessaly

14:00     Public transport investment and long term changes in mobility
          demand and transport system – Prof. Patrick Bonnel, LET,

14:30     Employment Effects – Prof. Friedrich Schneider, Johannes
          Kepler University Linz
15:00     Economic Development Effects – Prof. Günter Haag, STASA
15:30     Discussion

16:00-16:15     Coffee Break

16:15     Session 4: Specific Results by Theme (continuing)
          Chair: David Gane, FaberMaunsell
          Rapporeur: Aggeliki Bouziani, University of Thessaly

16:15     Policy Impacts – Peter Güller, Synergo
16:45     Urban Regeneration Effects – Dr Nikolos Bogiazidis, University
          of Thessaly
17:15     Supporting Policy and Organisational Frameworks         –   Dr
          Corinne Mulley, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
17:45     Discussion

18:15     End of first day

20:30     Conference Dinner at Dyonissos Restaurant, opposite the
Day 2:   Friday, 21 November 2003
09:00    Session 5: Key Results and Comments from Case
         Chair: Prof Patrick Bonnel, LET, ENTPE
         Rapporteur: Oliver Roider, BOKU-ITS

09:00    Metro Systems:

         Athens:     Dimitris Gerakinis, University of Thessaly
         Lyon:       Muriel Monsigny, ISIS SA
         Brussels:   Claude Rochez, Stratec
         Helsinki:   Matti Keranen, Viatek
         Madrid:     Carlos Cristobal-Pinto / Luis Alvarez-Vazquez,
         Vienna:     Sigrid Oblak, City of Vienna

09:45    Light Metro/S-Bahn:

         Stuttgart:       Prof. Günter Haag, STASA
         Tyne & Wear:     Mike Smith, University of Newcastle
         Zurich:          Peter Güller, Synergo

10:10    Tram/LRT Systems:

         Manchester:      David Gane
         Bratislava:      Peter Raksanyi

10:35    Other Measures: Delft Bicycle Network
         Kees van Goeverden, TU Delft

10:45    Discussion: Zurich: Ruedi Ott; Madrid: Jose-Georgio Briz,
         Athens: George Nathenas; Tyne & Wear: Richard Holland,
         Stuttgart: Ulrich Steimer; Helsinki: Niilo Järviluoma;
         Bratislava: Milan Skyva; Brussels: ; Manchester:

11:00    Coffee Break

11:30    Session 6: Overall Socio-Economic Effects, Policy and
         Chair: Prof Gerd Sammer, BOKU-ITS
         Rapporteur: Oliver Roider, BOKU-ITS

11:30    Results of the Overall Socio-Economic           Evaluation   in
         TranSEcon – Prof Andres Monzon, UPM
12:00    Public Transport and Sustainable Development: Lessons from
         the Millennium Cities Database - Mr Mohamed Mezghani, UITP
         Programmes and Studies Department
12:30    Evaluation of Urban Transport Projects Financed by the
         European Investment Bank – Mr Juan Alario, European
         Investment Bank
13:00      Discussion

13:30-14:30      Lunch

14:30      Session 7: Conclusions, Discussion and Summing-Up
           Chair: Manos Vougioukas, EuroTrans consulting ltd
           Rapporteur : Stauroula Divane, EuroTrans consulting ltd

14:30      Conclusions of each Session by the Session Rapporteurs
14:45      Panel Discussion amongst city representatives and invited
           experts, moderated by Manos Vougioukas, including:
              Pierre Laconte, Foundation of the Urban Environment
              Prof Stratos Papadimitriou, Chairman of Hellenic Centre for
               Investements and former Managing Director of Athens Area
               Urban Transport Organisation (OASA)
              Mr Juan Alario, European Investment Bank
              Mr Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Programmes and Studies

15:45      Summing-up by the Project Co-ordinator
16:00      End of Symposium

16:00-16:15      Coffee Break

Parallel sessions:

16:15-17:00      Steering Committee Meeting (City and Operator
                 representatives only)

16:15-18:00      Management Board Meeting