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Department of Transport and Urban Planning by grapieroo5


									                                    Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
                                              JOB AND PERSON SPECIFICATION

 Title of Position:               Technical Java Team Leader      Directorate:             Corporate Services
 Classification Code:             AS06                            Branch/Section:          ICT Services
 Position Number:                 CD2429

                                            Job and Person Specification Approval

        All excluding senior positions                                           Senior Positions

                                                      / /                                                            / /
              CEO or delegate                                        Commissioner for Public Employment


1. Position Summary

   Briefly summarise the broad outcomes of the position. The following is an example only.

   The Technical Java Team Leader is accountable to the Team Leader, TRUMPS for:
                     undertaking the more challenging and complex programming tasks and/or technical      investigations;
                      providing expert technical advice on efficient information related business solutions based on
                      sound work experience

2. Reporting/Working relationships

   The Technical Java Team Leader
          reports to the Team Leader, TRUMPS;
          works an individual or part of a team;
          liaises with other key groups in Corporate Information (Infrastructure Management, Desktop Support
          etc) to ensure a consistent and cohesive approach to solutions;
          liaises with Business Services Unit team leaders to accomplish technical assignments;
          provides expert advice, training and coaching to other team members;
          provides expert advice to a wide range of clients and project teams across the organisation;
          liaises   with       government      agencies,      non-government       organisations,   customers     and       service

3. Special Conditions

   Some work outside normal hours and some intrastate travel involving overnight absences may be required.

     4. Statement of Key outcomes and associated activities

1.       Collaborate with the Corporate Information Section and key internal customers to identify corporate and customer
        information and system needs and plan for the introduction of information systems and technologies which supports
        changes to corporate and business directions by:

         a)       assisting in Information Strategy Planning and preparing proposals for information systems projects;

         b)       monitoring latest developments in the IT industry, interpreting and investigating these developments, identifying
                  possible operational improvements to be derived from them, and integrating them into existing or new applications

         c)       consulting with customers, analysing requirements, investigating options negotiating and making appropriate

         d)       providing expert information and technology related advice.

2.      Contribute to the development or implementation of efficient information systems by:

         a)       conducting investigations relating to the provision of timely cost-effective and quality computer systems;

         b)       conducting the analysis, design, specification, construction, acquisition and implementation of developed or (Java
                  based) information systems solutions;

         c)       building, testing, debugging and tuning J2EE applications ;

         d)       analysing and solving complex technical issues (including performing complex diagnosis, code and build fixes);

         e)       designing, building, optimising and maintaining databases in conjunction with Department for Transport, Energy and
                  Infrastructure’s database service providers;

         f)       developing object/component/protype specifications and software;

         g)       developing and executing test plans for software components;

         h)       investigating the effectiveness of new features of software products/technologies;

         i)       optimising the use of software products through the development of new standards objects and processes (including
                  re-use of code);

         j)       ensuring adherence to standards through technical reviews.

3.      Provide expert advice advice on the efficient use of technical and software to staff by:

         a)       maintaining an awareness of developments and Government directions in information and related technologies, and
                  where appropriate, investigating their application within the organisation;

         b)       training and instructing in the implementation of new technologies within Department for Transport, Energy and
                  Infrastructure to support business initiatives

4.      Manage significant information or technology projects which assist the achievement of customers’ corporate business
        requirements by effectively assembling and managing human and technical resources in conjunction with stakeholders
        and in close consultation with customers using proven project management and information systems techniques and

5.      Contribute to the efficient and effective operation and continuous improvement in Department for Transport, Energy
        and Infrastructure by:

        a)       Participating in the selection process for products and service providers, for maximum benefit, cost effectiveness and
                 acceptable risk;

        b)       Adhering to the organisation’s procurement guidelines and Financial Management processes and contributing to the
                 Section’s budget management processes;

     c)      Managing the preparation and operation of contracts and Service Level Agreements for
             information services between the Applications Unit, it’s customers and suppliers including implementing
             strategies for service enhancement and improved productivity and efficiency;

     d)      Participating   in   the   development    and    revision    of    appropriate    information   related   standards    and

     e)      Participating in Section and Unit planning, policy formulation and decision making;

     f)      Promoting and        demonstrating     leadership    in     best    practice     information    management     techniques
             and directions

6.        Ensure that a safe and healthy work environment, free from discrimination is provided for employees by:

     a)    Implementing departmental human resource policies

     b)    Ensuring that the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity, Customer Service and Ethical Conduct are a
          normal part of doing business

     c)    Managing industrial relations issues appropriately as they arise.

Examined                                                                                                                      / /
Acknowledged by occupant                                                                                                      / /
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1.        Essential Minimum Requirements

     1.      Educational/Vocational Qualifications

     2.      Personal Abilities/Aptitude/Skills, Experience and Knowledge

             a)     Interpersonal skills that:
                          -    foster the co-operation and support of others, particularly in a team environment
                          -    effectively lead and manage staff through a process of business and technical change
                          -    effectively communicate both verbally and in writing (included the demonstrated
                               ability to prepare clear and concise technical documentation)

             b)     Ability to work autonomously and plan and coordinate assigned activities to achieve outcomes
                    within clear timeframes, often in an environment of high work volume and conflicting priorities.
             c)     Demonstrated commitment to a high level of customer service and to the achievement of service

             d)     Ability and willingness to learn quickly new skills and investigate new technologies, and ability to
                    analyse and solve complex technical problems.

             e)     Experience in providing information or technology related consultancy services to a wide range of
                    customers including experience in the identification and analysis of customer requirements and

             f)     Knowledge of

                          -   project management principles and technologies

                          -   IT security considerations

                          -   issue related to web-based application development, including the web
                              enablement of legacy systems

                          -    The principles of application tuning, database design and optimisation
                               and capacity planning

                          -   Knowledge of current issues and directions within the IT industry

             g)     Specific experience in the design, development and management of Java and J2EE Object
                    Oriented application systems and distributed n-tier architecture.

                          - Minimum of 3 years experience in the design of Object Oriented Systems (particularly
                            Java Applications) and a minimum of 2 years experience of J2EE development, and
                            specific experience with implementing solutions that use design patterns such as Model-
                            View-Controller (MVC), Command and Factories

                          - Experience with the use of object oriented methodologies in the design of J2EE
                            applications and design patterns

                          - Experience in the development of applications with a known Java IDE and utilising
                            database technologies (eg Oracle MS/SQL)

                          -   Experience with the use and implementation of a source code control system, including
                              creation of releases and migration control

                          -   Experience in the use and application servers and web servers (preferably BEA
                              WebLogic), and associated technologies including Java, Javadocs, SQL, JDBC, EDBC,
                              J2EE, XML, JSP. Servers. Web based applications, GUI based applications, Web
                              Services, STRUTS, HTML, ANT

        h)           Demonstrated commitment to the principles and practices of Equal Employment Opportunity and
                     Ethical Conduct, and an understanding of, experience in, and ability to manage to the spirit and
                     principles of the Premier’s Safety Commitment and the legislative requirements of the
                     Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Act, utilising AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management, or to an
                     equivalent set of standards

       Desirable Characteristics

   3.     Educational/Vocational Qualifications

          a)         Appropriate post secondary qualifications or the necessary knowledge and skills
                     acquired through experience and/or in house training

   4.     Personal Abilities/Aptitude/Skills, Experience and Knowledge

          a)        Possess enthusiasm, initiative, flexibility and the ability to adapt appropriately to changing
                    requirements and situations
          b)        Experience in:
                              The development and maintenance of Java applications
                              The evaluation and selection of information technologies, services and/or products
                              Training others in the use of computing applications
                              The evaluation and selection of information related technologies, services and or
                              Monitoring and reviewing policies and practices
                              Analysing and solving complex technical problems
          c)        Understanding of techniques and aids available to improve programmer productivity
          d)        Understanding of quality management methodologies and procedures
          e)        Knowledge of
                              The information systems development lifecycle
                              N-tier information systems architecture
                              IT infrastructure and network communications
                               The role, functions, activities and organization of Department for Transport, Energy and
                  Infrastructure and ICT Services
                              The organisation’s information related technologies, standards and procedures
             f)      Awareness of current issues and directions within the Corporate Information
                     Section, Government and the IT industry.

Examined                                                                / /

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