CERTIFICATION INFORMATION Sample 135 General Operations Manual by olliegoblue28


									 CERTIFICATION INFORMATION Sample 135 General Operations Manual

Applicants that utilize more than one pilot in their operation will need to submit a
General Operations Manual (GOM) containing the information required by Part
135.21. The Sample GOM below will assist you in developing a GOM tailored to
                                  your operation.

                               Section A: General
                        Section B: Weight and Balance
                     Section C: Operations Specifications
                 Section D: Accident Notification Requirements
                      Section E: Airworthiness Information
         Section F: Reporting and Recording Mechanical Irregularities
      Section G: Previously Deferred & corrected Mechanical Irregularities
          Section H: Obtaining Maintenance Away From Home Base
                   Section I: Use of Minimum Equipment List
                         Section J: Fueling Procedures
                         Section K: Passenger Briefing
                     Section L: Flight Locating Procedures
                      Section M: Emergency Procedures
                 Section N: Enroute Qualifications Procedures
               Section O: Approved Aircraft Inspection Program
             Section P: Hazardous Materials Recognition Program
                 Section Q: Emergency Evacuation Assistance
                  Section R: Company Policy and Procedures
                          Section S: Company Forms

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