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Corner Greville and Chapel Streets Prahran Melways reference: Map2L- H:11


BOOKING ARRANGEMENTS Following their initial inquiry, we invite new hirers to make a tentative booking prior to inspecting the venue. Due to strong demand tentative bookings can be held for up to one (1) week only, after which time, they are cancelled without notice. After visiting the venue, hirers need to contact the Stonnington Halls Unit to confirm that they wish to proceed with the booking. At this time an Application for Hire package will be forwarded to the hirer. The hirer must complete the Application for Hire form and return it together with their $300 deposit within 14 days. Failure to forward the deposit and paperwork may result in the booking being cancelled. Full payment of the account balance is required no later than one (1) month before the date of Hire. PRE EVENT MEETINGS All hirers are required to attend a pre-event meeting with staff from the Stonnington Halls Unit to ensure that the correct requirements are provided for your event. You should have all requirements relating to your function before this meeting. These include:  Insurance Certificate  Liquor Licence  Floor plan  Food Permit  Catering details

This meeting is usually held one week prior to your event and a representative from the Stonnington Halls Unit will contact you to make an appointment. CATERING Our preferred caterer, Customised Catering & Events Pty Ltd can provide you with information on food and beverage packages suitable for all occasions. Menus are available for buffets, cocktail parties or formal sit down dinners. All crockery, glasses, cutlery and linen are included in the catering packages. Alternatively, you may bring in your own caterer who must supply all food and table requirements including linen, cutlery, crockery etc. Catering and set-up access is from 12.00 noon on the day of the function. Caterers are responsible for the removal of all rubbish from the kitchen and tables at the end of the function. FOOD /CATERING REGULATIONS Hirers may be required to obtain a food permit for their function. Applications for Food Permits must be lodged with Stonnington Council’s Community Health Department a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the event. Please contact that department on 8290 3393 for further information or visit and type “temporary food permit” into the search box. The following table may assist you. In the case of a registered caterer providing your refreshments, a copy of the Caterers Registration Certificate must be provided with your completed Application for Hire.


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TYPE OF FUNCTION Private Party (Guests not paying to attend the function eg birthday party, wedding etc.) Private Party (Guests paying a fee to attend the event eg social club events, fundraisers.) Public Event (Open to all members of the public. Food may be sold or given away.) Corporate Events (Functions for invited guests only, eg conferences, staff meetings.) KITCHEN FACILITIES




 Yes

 Food prepared at home  Food prepared in Hall by persons other than Registered Caterer  Registered Caterer  Food prepared in Hall by persons other than registered Caterer  Registered caterer  Food prepared in Hall by persons other than Registered Caterer  Registered Caterer  Registered Caterer

 No  No

 No  Yes

 No  Yes

 Yes

 No

 Yes  No

Our kitchen is equipped as follows: QUANTITY 1 2 1 1 1 2 3 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 EQUIPMENT 6 x burner commercial gas stove (Goldstein) Commercial two basket deep fryer (Goldstein) Salamander (Goldstein) 2 x wok cooker (B & S Commercial Kitchen) Char grill (Goldstein) Combi oven steamers Hot Press (Food warmers) Commercial hotplate (Goldstein) Walk in cool room 210 litre upright freezer Commercial dishwasher 40 litre instant hot water facility 30 litre portable urns 650w domestic microwave


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BAR AREA QUANTITY 1 1 1 1 1 LIQUOR LICENCE Hirers may be required to obtain a Limited Liquor Licence. A liquor licence is required where liquor is being sold – either directly or as part of an inclusive charge. Is your function or event described below? If so, you may need to apply for a limited licence.      Dinner Dance Wine & Cheese Nights Fete or Fair Art Exhibition Caterer supplying liquor to a Social Function      Wine Tasting Other non-profit functions Religious or Cultural Event Theatre Production Caterer supplying liquor to a major event EQUIPMENT 5 shelf pie-warmer Large two door glass front fridge Three door underbench fridge Glass washer 5l litre instant hot water facility

How to Apply You may obtain a Limited Liquor Licence Application Form from Liquor Licensing Victoria. Currently the cost of the licence is $50. (Subject to change without notice) Information can be obtained from the Liquor Licensing. Level 2 Nauru House 80 Collins Street Melbourne 9655 6696 The Stonnington Halls Unit must receive the licence no later than 4 working days prior to the event. Please note that the consumption of alcohol outside of the Prahran Town Hall is strictly prohibited and is in breach of the Local Law. Offenders can be fined. SECURITY It is a Condition of Hire that at least 1 Security Guard is in attendance at each evening function. At functions where alcohol is to be consumed the ratio of Guards to Guests will be 1:100 whilst at functions without alcohol there will be one Guard on duty. Guards commence duty ½ an hour prior to the start of the function and finish 1 hour after the end of the function. A Tax Invoice for the cost of Security Guards will be provided when the number of guests attending the function has been supplied. Please note that outside security companies may not be used. RED CARPET RUNNERS Red Carpet runners can be provided in the aisle and entry into the Town Hall. QUANTITY 1 SIZE 24 metres long

90cm wide


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EQUIPMENT The following equipment is available without additional fee:  flip chart  whiteboard Audio System Our PA system is equipped with the following  three microphones with stands  two radio microphones  two cordless microphones POWER SUPPLY There are two, three-phase power outlets located on the stage and two additional points located in the lighting box. There are three single and five double power points located in the main room, five single power points in the annexe and two single and one double power points in the foyer area. LIGHTING The ceiling ledge light fittings in the hall have a dimmer facility installed, which is operated from the stage. TELEPHONE AND EFTPOS LINES There are three EFTPOS lines and one telephone line available. An account for telephone usage is forwarded to the client at the completion of the event. PIANO A Yamaha Baby Grand Piano is located on the stage. Hirers wishing to have the piano on the main hall floor may do so at their own cost and are also responsible for the cost of re-tuning the piano once it has been placed back onto the stage area. CHAIRS There are 545 green plastic moulded chairs available as the standard chairs used for functions. Chair covers are available at an additional cost. Our staff will be pleased to provide a quotation for you. CANDELABRAS The venue has two, six foot high, black floor candelabras and 38 three pronged, black table candelabras available for use at no additional charge. Hirers are responsible for providing their own candles.  five-disc capacity DVD/CD player  laptop / ipod / mp3 plug  lectern  domestic projector screen (approx 2m x 2m)


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SEATING The Prahran Town Hall seats up to 600 guests theatre-style for concerts, seminars etc. Set up is twenty-eight chairs across with an aisle down the centre and sides, commencing two metres from the stage. The aisles are 1.2 metres wide. For functions requiring a larger stage, hirers may arrange a stage extension. This however reduces the seating capacity of the Hall as follows: EXTENSION 1 metre extension 2 metre extension 3 metre extension TABLES TABLE DESCRIPTION 10 foot trestles 5 foot trestle 4 foot fold downs 12 seat rounds 10 seat rounds TABLE SET UPS The Town Hall is able to seat up to 474 guests dinner style or 414 people with a 13 metres x 13 metres dance floor. For samples of floor plans please contact the Halls Unit on 8290 3246. N.B Max set up requires a combination 10 and 12 place table settings. Max set up with only tables of 10 and a dance floor is 360 guests. TOWN HALL DIMENSIONS WIDTH LENGTH (Stage edge to back wall) FLOOR SPACE STAGE DIMENSIONS WIDTH LENGTH HEIGHT HEIGHT FROM FLOOR FLY BAR LENGTH FLY BAR WEIGHT CAPACITY 14.6 metres 6.8 metres 8 metres 1.32 metres 9.60 metres 680 Kg 16 metres 29 metres 464 sq metres WIDTH 0.6 metres 0.6 meters 0.6 metres 1.8m diameter 1.5m diameter LENGTH 3 metres 1.5 meters 1.2 metres QUANTITY STOCKED 69 8 8 40 10 NUMBER 522 444 392


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ANNEXE DIMENSIONS WIDTH LENGTH FLOOR SPACE FOYER DIMENSIONS WIDTH LENGTH TOWN HALL SIDE ENTRY DOOR DIMENSIONS WIDTH LENGTH REAR ENTRY DOORS DIMENSIONS WIDTH LENGTH STAGE TO FLOOR STEPS A set of stage to floor steps can be provided to give access from the floor of the Town Hall to the stage. The steps are 2.20 metres wide and give access to the stage height of 1.30 metres and may be placed anywhere along the front of the stage. When using these steps, consideration needs to be given to the impact of the planned hall seating. STAGE CURTAINING The House curtains are Jade Green in colour and the rear curtains are Black. WALLS We do not allow the sticking of any paper or any other material to the paintwork of the Prahran Town Hall. CLEANING The venue is serviced and cleaned following your event at no additional charge. LOAD IN AND OUT Provision for unloading and loading is available at the rear of the Town Hall. Trucks less than 5 tonne can access laneway off Chapel St to the rear of Town Hall. BANNERS AND POSTERS Council does not permit the hanging of Banners or Poster s on any of its venues. Two “A-Frames” may be placed on the corner of Greville and Chapel Streets. “A-Frames” must be made up to the City of Stonnington’s specifications and their display is subject to the appropriate conditions and guidelines. Specifications, conditions and guidelines are available from the Halls Management Unit on request. 1.75 metres 2.15 metres 2.88 metres 1.66 metres 11 metres 9 metres 5.2 metres 20.4 metres 106.08 sq metres


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CAR PARKING Prahran Town Hall has limited parking for event organisers in the rear of the building. The usual allocation is three spaces for vehicles to remain on site during office hours. After hours an additional forty spaces are available. Please advise staff of vehicle make and registration numbers when completing your Application for Hire, in order for parking permits to be authorised. Permits cannot be ordered on the day. Additional car parking at approximately $5.50 per day is available at Wilson Car parking in King Street. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 6am to 10.00pm, Saturday 8.00am to 7.00pm and closed on Sunday. Also in King Street is a car park with sixteen car spaces available 24 hours a day with a maximum charge of approximately $5.00 per day. (Prices subject to change without notice.) PUBLIC TRANSPORT Trams 78, 79 (Chapel St) and 6 (High St) and Prahran train station provide convenient public transport access. DISABLED ACCESS Disabled access is provided via the main entrance to the venue or through the car park entrance at the rear of the venue. “THE EXTRAS” We can arrange chair covers and linen, for you if required. We will be pleased to provide a quote based on your individual requirements. FLOOR PLAN The attached floor plan provides an illustration of the layout of the venue.


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correct as at 7 June 2007

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