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Policy Manual University of North Texas by olliegoblue27


                            Policy Manual                               Number: 18.5.2

                           University of North Texas                 Date Issued: 1990; 8/93
                                                                                  8/97; 8/01;



The University maintains an on-campus Student Health and Wellness Center which
includes Primary Medical Care, Wellness Resource Service Health Resource Center
(Nutrition Counseling, Personal Fitness Evaluations, Women’s Education, Massage
Therapy & Substance Abuse Resource Center), Laboratory, Full Service Pharmacy,
Psychiatric, Radiology, and Allergy/Immunization Services. Prior to an initial visit patients
are required to complete a medical questionnaire or submit results of a physical
examination (except in extreme emergencies). Examinations by a Physician, Nurse
Practitioner, or Nurse are by appointment.

Students who have paid the Student Health Medical Service fee for the current semester
are eligible to use the services of the Health and Wellness Center. During Summer
School, a continuing, non-enrolled student may use the SHWC Center and Pharmacy
after paying a use fee for the needed service in the semester following enrollment.
Employees of the University or others who have their fees waived are not eligible for
services. When presenting for treatment a student must show a valid UNT Student ID

Payment of the student medical services fee allows the students access to medical
services at the Health and Wellness Center. The fee does not cover charges such as
pharmacy, taking x-ray exams, laboratory tests, dressings, hospital filling medication
prescriptions, casts, crutches, splints, exams, minor surgery, injections, etc. If a student is
referred to a specialist or is hospitalized, the student is responsible for payment of those

The Health and Wellness Center Pharmacy can only fill prescriptions for students paying
the medical services fee and their dependents. Prescriptions from physicians not
employed by the Health and Wellness Center may be filled at the Pharmacy. However,We
do not fill any schedule II(narcotic) prescriptions.

A complete listing of services and hours of operation are provided in at the Health and
Wellness Center and Wellness Health Resource Center website: brochures.

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