Advocacy for Change A Manual for Action by olliegoblue27


									Advocacy for Change: A Manual for Organizing
Al Condeluci
Advocacy is the process of taking things into our own hands—of working to make a change so that good triumphs over bad, injustice gives way to fairness and honesty, and so that policies and situations are improved and people treated fairly in the exchange. Advocacy for Change is a primer on the basics of advocacy so that readers will learn how to speak up for and fight for their interests. Topics covered in the manual include:  Types of Advocates  Understanding Change  Understanding Power  Basic Principles of Advocacy  Collective Advocacy: Organizing Others  Taking it to the Streets Author Al Condeluci, PhD, is one of America's leading consultants on human services and community issues. He speaks to national and international audiences reaching over 10,000 people each year. UCP of Pittsburgh’s current executive director, he has 28 years of service at UCP of Pittsburgh and is internationally recognized as a leader in human services.

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