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									Montessori Services School Wish List!!
Dear Montessori School of Middleburg families, We hope you are finding fun present ideas in the Montessori Services flyer coming home! As requested we have made a “Wish List” for the school and have it on here! These are items from the small flyer to make it easier! There is a larger catalogue (you are welcome to see, if you wish, for our group order as well, just ask!!!) that we order out of it regularly and we will definitely use any credit points we earn from our group order towards one of those purchases in the future. Christy Donovan is coordinating these items here so please contact her regarding these things for the school! or 592-7295 We thank you in advance! Page 2: Christmas Cookies D452 Cookie Sheet w/ cooling rack D453 Page 3: B. Bamboo Leaf Rake C626 C. Snow shovel Q40 Holiday Books ALL!!!! C560, 562, 562, 564, 566, 568 Small glass juicer D322 Mini Colanders D350 Bamboo cutting boards D354 and D358 A. 2 ring organizer Q50 B. 1 ring organizer Q51 Push broom Q32 mini clothespins W43 Page 12:Gardening w/ Children SC519 Page 13: The Vegetables We Eat D32 Page 17: Flip, Float, Fly SC415 Where the Wild SC107 Extra coupons for 5 larvae SC923 Whole world R212 Evergreen, Everblue M102 This Little Light of Mine M442 My Favorite Things M444

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Page back of book: Personal Pizza Pans D463 Feeling Thankful R133

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