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									Report for the Tyne and Wear Trading Standards Joint Committee 30 August 2007 Report and Statistical Return for the Quarter Ending June 2007
Derek Quinn, Group Director, Development and Enterprise, Gateshead Council. Purpose of the Report 1. To inform the Committee of the work of the Joint Metrology Laboratory for the quarter ending June 2007. Metrology Laboratory Operational 2. During this period, meter measuring systems used to deliver liquid fuels from road tankers continued to be submitted for test. One meter measuring system was tested and passed for trade use. Aid and Advice to Industry 3. Local weighing machine repairers continued to submit their test weights for calibration, including individually identified weights used to calibrate weighing machines to satisfy the requirements of ISO 9000 - The British Standard for Quality Systems. Weights were also calibrated on behalf of:    5. A creamery Two manufacturers of pharmaceutical products A company that manufacturers industrial gases


Length measures were submitted for calibration by:  A company that has technical equipment for hire


Test weights were hired on two occasions by:   A company offering calibration services to industry A weighing machine repairer

EC Verifications 7. Notified body status, which allows Local Authorities to verify weighing Instruments with an EC type approval, was pursued and achieved as a joint initiative. During this period, two requests for EC verification were received resulting in five EC approved weighing instruments being verified for trade use. -1-

UKAS Calibrations 8. Weights continue to be submitted for calibration and issue of UKAS Calibration Certificates. During this period 506 weights were calibrated. Toy Safety – UKAS Tests 9. EN71 – 3 Specification for Migration of Certain Elements EN71 – 3 Specifies the requirements and methods of test for the migration of the elements antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium from toy materials. Toy material includes paint coatings, polymeric materials, paper and board, textiles, metallic materials and materials intended to leave a trace, e.g. Graphite in pencils, ink in pens, wax in crayons etc. The analysis of the toy material is carried out using the atomic absorption spectrometer at the laboratory. 159 samples of wax crayons, pencils, paint coatings, chalks and modelling clay were analysed. 4 samples were found to be incorrect. North Tyneside Abacus 1. Yellow Paint High Lead Content. Standard not more than 90mg/kg. Result 923 mg/kg. High Chromium Content. Standard not more than 60mg/kg. Result 102 mg/kg. Green Paint High Lead Content. Standard not more than 90mg/kg. Result 368 mg/kg.


Abacus (Re-sample) 1. Yellow Paint High Lead Content. Standard not more than 90mg/kg. Result 967 mg/kg. High Chromium Content. Standard not more than 60mg/kg. Result 137 mg/kg. Green Paint High Lead Content. Standard not more than 90mg/kg. Result 351 mg/kg.




Electrical Complaint Samples a) North Tyneside : Notebook power supply unit The power supply unit (P.S.U) failed the Plugs & Socket etc. (Safety) Regulations in that the 3-core flexible cord was fitted with a European style 2pin plug and not a 13A 3-pin plug. The P.S.U was supplied with a travel adaptor to convert the 2-pin plug for use with the UK style mains socketsoutlets. It was found that when used with the travel adapter the earth conductor from the P.S.U. would not be connected to the earth on the mains socket outlet. b) Newcastle : Electric heater - Partial melting of the plastic casing. Examination found that a metal heat-sink on which an electronic component was mounted had overheated and partially melted the plastic casing. As a result the metal heat-sink was accessible from the outside of the heater. The electronic component had also overheated and tests found the insulation between it and the metal heat-sink had broken down. As the electronic component was supplied with mains voltage there was a serious risk of an electric shock if the metal heat-sink was touched. c) Newcastle : Power Juicer - Intermittent operation Test found the locking mechanism to secure the lid to the extraction chamber had not been aligned correctly with the internal safety cutout switch. With the locking mechanism in its correct position the unit operated satisfactory. The unit was supposed to be fitted with a safety micro-switch, which prevented the unit from operating if the jug containing juice was removed. No micro-switch was fitted. With the jug removed the unit could be switched on and the cutting blades were accessible via the opening for the jug. It was also found that the opening where the fruit was inserted was larger than the specification in the relevant safety standard. It was possible to touch the cutting blades through the opening. Statistical Return


The statistical return for the quarter ended June 2007 is contained within Appendix 1. A break down of the Tyne & Wear Trading Standards Support Vehicle usage is contained in Appendix 2. Recommendation


The Committee is recommended to note the report and statistical information.



Hire of Weights

2 occasions Total:


Road Tankers

Meter measuring systems passed for trade use Total:



S.74 (4)(b) Total:


Length Measures

S.74 (4)(b) Total:


UKAS Accredited Calibrations

Weights Total:



Number of weighings


EC Verifications

Weighing Instruments Total:


Total Income

£15,195 (£12,966 Total exc. VAT)


Statistical Return – UKAS Tests

Safety of Toys EN71- 3. Specification for migration of certain elements UKAS Newcastle Paints (Coatings) Modelling Clay Balloons Wax Crayons Pencils (Paints) Pencils (Cores) Chalks Paper & Board Varnish TOTAL North Tyneside Paints (Coatings) Varnish TOTAL South Tyneside Pencils (Paints) Pencils (Cores) Paints (Coatings) Varnish Paper & Board Foil TOTAL Gateshead Paints (Coatings) Varnish TOTAL Submitted 5 8 6 5 17 17 12 2 1 73 Submitted 19 5 24 Submitted 6 6 22 1 1 1 37 Submitted 21 4 25 Correct 5 8 6 5 17 17 12 2 1 73 Correct 15 5 20 Correct 6 6 22 1 1 1 37 Correct 21 4 25 Incorrect 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Incorrect 4 0 4 Incorrect 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Incorrect 0 0 0


Statistical Return – Non UKAS Tests

Sunderland Textiles Paints (Coatings) Rubber TOTAL

Submitted 4 1 1 6

Correct 4 1 1 6

Incorrect 0 0 0 0

Safety of Toys EN71- 7. Finger paints – requirements and test methods

Gateshead Finger paints TOTAL

Submitted 6 6

Correct 6 6

Incorrect 0 0



Tyne & Wear Trading Standards Joint Committee Support Vehicle Usage - by number of occasions utilised
KEY: H = Heavyweights P = Petrol Appt S = Seizures 2007 January February March April May June TOTAL H P S H P S H P S H P S H P S H P S 3 3 2 1 6 3 2 2 2 1 1 2 28 3 1 1 3 1 1 10 1 1 1 2 4 5 14 2 1 1 2 1 1 8 3 3 3 1 2 1 1 1 2 17 1 3 0 3 3 5 15

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