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					~~~Opposite Sex Friendships~~~ There was something in the paper yesterday on opposite sex friendships. I am thinking about including it, with permission, on my website. I kind of agree with parts of it, however it claims that almost always men are secretly wanting sex with the friend. I admit I would much to prefer to cuddle you than any male friend. But if I wanted sex - then why would I be friends with someone who I may never meet in person or not for a long time? The answer is I am more interested in the trust and communication, not the sex. The report also claims that girls think "I bet he secretly wants me for sex, and if not, then why not? Am I unattractive?" What do you think? How do you feel about it? ~~~Women Explained~~~ Well what is it like to be a girl? I guess I'd have to say I like it, for one thing, I believe the female figure is like the color of a male bird,, it is the more beautiful of human kind. ie think about the human form and how the female has all the curves. I like male figures too of course, ie I'm strait,, but as an artist I can tell you it's nice to be the naturly pleasent looking half of the speices. Also girls have a larger range of emotions,, including the ones related to romance, this is proven, we use more chemicals to feel than the male giving us the ability to feel a range of things at once,, where the male has more of a tunnel vision with emotions. Not to say that men don't feel things deeply too. I know they do, but being a woman with very strong and large ranging emotions, sometimes it is hard to communicate feelings to a man, like he simply is unable to understand hard as he trys. We also have a greater obsession with love and not sex, although sex is alway a consideration. We have strong instincts to find a caring man who will protect us, and that we can protect in a motherly fashion. When a girl preens a man or fixes his tie or cradles him in her arms, these are the motherly things I'm speaking of. We also generally frown upon the whole testosterone competitions men get into, but must let men do their thing. Violence does not appeal to us and we are often husband hunters and baby lovers. It's instinctinctive. I have wondered what it is like to be a guy, namely protecting certain things hanging between the legs, but I don't realy care about that, I mean I have things hanging in plain view that I have to protect too. I'm more interested in knowing what a man thinks about besides sex and competition. I want to understand what a man feels when he's in love. This is something I'm working on now and I've found you guys have more in comon with us girls than you think. It's just that your often unwilling to admit it or even face up to it internally. - Lyndsay. ~~~Men In Love~~~ You asked about what a man feels when he's in love. Well I have been in love twice before although not for many years. From what I remember

I just felt like I wanted to hold the girl, protect her and be with her always for the rest of our lives. When a man is in love he's not thinking about sex - that would be lust. He'll want sex eventually but will be happy to wait months, or years for the right girl. I think there is a book called "Men in Love".

80m unwanted pregnancies each year. 20m unsafe abortions each year (out of 50m) resulting 78,000 deaths. 47% of births or not attended by professional medical staff 30% of women giving birth in developing countries (38m women) receive no after-care. 1 in 3 (33%) of all women in the world have been beaten, co-oerced into sex, or abused in some way. 60m girls are in some sense 'missing' as a result of either infantcide or neglect. 2m girls age 5-15 become prostitutes each year. 5000 girls are murdered in each year in "honour killings", e.g as sacrifices.

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