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Globalization and the 3rd World and John Rawls

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And the 3rd World

John Rawls


Law of People

Develops a social contract tradition to justify principles guaranteeing equal liberties, equal opportunity, and a distribution of economic goods that makes the worst off well off as possible.  Idea called decent people.

John Rawls
Duty of Assistance;
There are two societies the first industrializes and capitalizes, and the second society does not. Some decades later the first society is twice as wealthy as the second. Assuming that both societies, and their peoples free and responsible, and able to make their own decisions, should the industrialized society be taxed to give fund to the second society? NO!


International Borrowing Privilege.
Refers to the way in which governments may freely borrow on behalf of the country and the country is obliged to repay debts.


International Resource Privilege.
Refers to the way in which governments may freely dispose of their countries’ natural resources in a way that is legally recognized internationally.


Rawls supposes that states are sufficiently independent of one another, so that each society is held responsible for the wellbeing of its citizens.

Thomas Pogge 1953

Duty of Assistance, continued
According to Thomas Pogge the wealthier society has a duty to help or support the poorer society. Global Resource tax- a 1% tax on resource goods traded among wealthy nations, and given to the poor nations.


Problems with Rawls Globalization

Rawls assumes that representatives of people are interested in justice of domestic institutions and care nothing about the well-being of a member beyond what is essential for just domestic institutions.

Problems with International Privileges


According to Pogge, “Local governments have little incentive to attend the needs of the poor, because they continue in power by attending to the needs of the elite, foreign governments, and corporations. And that the Law of Peoples that Rawls endorses might be unstable, because it allows tolerance of unjust regimes.


Green Revolution

Effects of Green Revolution

Modern Fishing

Clean Coal Project

Shell versus Nigeria