Customer Loyalty in E-Commerce by clickmyadspleaseXOXO


									Customer Loyalty in ECommerce
• This is the key component to the success or failure of online companies • Most successful online loyalty companies •The perfect blend of offline/online programs •Consumer safety concerns

Customer Recruitment
• Main focus is converting shoppers into buyers • Free-flowing transactions = quick purchases • Promotional deals • Email campaigns

Potential Risks
• When hosting online purchases:
– Require website membership – Capture, verify, and retain customer email – Issue hotel confirmation codes/ cancellation codes – Capture and retain IP addresses and be familiar with ISP

5 Present Challenges
1. Customer Trust – always skeptical 2. No self-selling products 3. Small window for eagerness to purchase 4. Integration of e-commerce software to IT systems 5. Imitators/ Falsified Websites

Future Challenges
• Integration of e-commerce software to Internet • Increases in business may be destructive • Credit card fraud and identity theft • Brick and Mortar retailers

Future Trends
• • • • • M-commerce Intelligent Software Agents Increased internet users Direct debit e-commerce New models of e-commerce
– Micro-commerce – Co-marketing – Cross-selling deals

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