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SCI Australia Transport Questionnaire by olliegoblue36


									SCI Australia Transport Questionnaire

SCI Australia seeks your input on any transport problems and/or suggestions you have leading up to the review of the
Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT) that begins in 2007. It is important that your views are
represented during this process.

The DSAPT can be viewed at:

The questionnaire is not designed to identify issues such as bad service, rude drivers or dirty trains etc.

Please complete this form and return it via the enclosed prepaid envelope. If there is insufficient space to provide your
answers please use a separate piece of paper. Alternatively you can complete the form online at

Please return the completed questionnaire to:

SCI Australia
PO Box 397
Matraville NSW 2036                           or by fax to 02 9311 3713

If you are aware of other people who would like to provide feedback on transport issues please provide them with a copy
of the questionnaire, or it is available at or from SCInfo call 1800 819 775.

About you
Are you a member of SCI Australia?            Yes               No

What is your postcode?

Do you live in a                        Capital city             Regional centre             Rural area

Do you have a disability?                     Yes               No

Do you have a mobility disability             Yes               No

Do you use a               Manual wheelchair              Yes            No               Power wheelchair           Yes        No

                           Electric scooter               Yes            No               Walking aid                Yes        No

If you use a wheelchair, with you seated in it,
                                                     Length                       Width                 Height             Weight
what is the combined

What types of public transport are available to you?                   Taxi          Bus           Train           Tram       Ferry

What type do you most commonly use?                                    Taxi          Bus           Train           Tram       Ferry

What influences this choice?                                           Cost          Location             Accessibility     Availability

What do you most commonly                         Work               Recreation              Shopping              Medical appointments
use public transport for?
Transport—General (continued)
How often do you take this form of transport?                          Daily       Weekly             Monthly

What is the typical single fare for this journey?

Is there any subsidy/concession for this journey?                      Yes         No

How frequent is the service in your area?                              More than once per hour        Hourly    Daily   Weekly

What is your experience of a
typical ride: sense of safety,
accessible position?

If you are a wheelchair user, are the allocated                      Yes          No
spaces provided large enough?

  If NO is it in a              Taxi          Bus            Train         Tram        Ferry

Transport—Wheelchair Accessible Taxis
When you travel in wheelchair accessible taxis are the allocated spaces provided large
enough to accommodate your wheelchair?

            Flash cab                  Yes         No         Chrysler Voyager         Yes           No
In a
            Mercedes Vito              Yes         No         Toyota Tarago            Yes           No

                                                                                       Yes           No

Do you have a preference for the type of vehicle/s used for wheelchair accessible taxis?                         Yes     No

                        Flash cab            Yes        No           Chrysler Voyager          Yes         No
       If YES
       is it            Mercedes Vito        Yes        No           Toyota Tarago             Yes         No

                                                                                               Yes         No

       If YES have you had difficulties hiring wheelchair accessible                     Yes          No
       taxis that cater for this requirement?

       Please give details
Transport—Wheelchair Accessible Taxis (continued)
Do you book your wheelchair accessible taxi via a private arrangement with the          Driver   System
taxi driver or through the wheelchair accessible taxi booking system?

Do you experience problems with the wheelchair accessible taxi booking system?          Yes      No

    If YES please give details

Each Australian State and Territory provides a taxi transport subsidy scheme to         Yes      No
assist with the cost of taxi transport. Is it sufficient for you?

    If NO please give details

Transport—Timetable, Information and Connections
When you travel by train, is there an interconnecting accessible bus or wheelchair        Yes      No
accessible taxi available within 15 minutes of arriving at your destination?

What form of transport would you prefer to use       Taxi      Bus         Train        Tram     Ferry
if it were available to you, both in terms of cost
of journey and reliability?

How easy is it for you to get timetable              Easy     Not easy      Difficult
information for accessible transport?

How reliable is that information?                    Good      Bad           Useless

Do you experience problems with the process          Yes       No
of booking or paying your fare?

    If YES please give details

What three things do you like about your most frequent travel option?




What three things do you dislike about your most frequent travel option?



Have you flown?                    Yes           No

   If YES how oflen do you fly?          Daily        Weekly       Monthly         Yearly

                                         Other ,
                                         please specify

Have you been affected by wheelchair stowage restrictions on any aircraft?                  Yes        No

    If YES how, and on
    what type of aircraft?

    How was the issue

Please make any other
comments about
accessibility of public
transport in your area

           Thank you for taking the time to complete and
           return this questionnaire. Your participation is
        valuable for the future of accessible public transport.

                                  Spinal Cord Injuries Austalia, P.O. Box 397, Matraville NSW 2036
                                             Tel: 02 9661 8855          Fax: 02 9661 9598
                      SCI Australia is a public benevolent institution--Charitable Fundraising Number. 12817

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