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									Another innovative industry solution for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Fresh transport ideas
The cool Sprinter...
Mercedes-Benz has always provided customers with
pioneering approaches to specific industry require-
ments. The new refrigerated Sprinter offers you an
innovative solution that does far more than merely
meet future statutory requirements. For even better
value for money and a secure investment. Available
from one source only – your Mercedes-Benz dealer…

A new dimension in insulation
                             1       For the first time, with Kerstner’s
                                     new manufacturing technology, it
                                     is now possible to create complex,
                                     three-dimensional shapes from a
                                     single mould (picture 1); these are
                                     particularly compact and have
                                     excellent insulation characteristics.
                                     The use of unmixed materials
                                     permits easy segregation at a later
                                     stage in accordance with the
                                     directive on end-of-life vehicles.

The advantages for you:
• Outstanding insulation value of less than 0.4 W/m2K. (This
  corresponds to the insulation properties of masonry approx.
  4.5 metres thick.)
• Special double seals on the cargo compartment doors improve
  the insulation properties (picture 2)
• Extensive range of standard equipment and great flexibility with
  specific equipment requirements
• Designed for transporting refrigerated and frozen goods
• The insulation easily meets the requirements of ATP and
  HACCP guidelines and already meets DIN 1815 specifications for
  refrigerated vehicles
• To facilitate closure of the rear and sliding doors, the insulation
  around the doors has ducts for releasing the excess pressure out
  of the cargo area

Fresh ideas, new technologies
  Through streets and alleyways. In pedestrian zones and
  inner-city areas. Fresh ideas for transporting perishable
  goods don‘t take long to catch on.
  The electrically operated, low-maintenance and powerful
  refrigeration unit is harmoniously integrated into the
  Sprinter design. Due to the low body height, the vehicle
  can pass through virtually all access areas and gates.

  Electrical refrigeration – quietly competent
  The aerodynamic Cool Jet 202 E refrigeration system from Kerstner is
  operated electrically and works completely independently of the
  vehicle engine.

  The advantages for you:
  • The electrical refrigeration unit does not impair the Sprinter’s
    proverbial agility in any way whatsoever
  • The refrigeration unit also operates without the engine running,
    which means there are no emissions when loading and unloading
    the vehicle
  • An additional battery increases the refrigeration period considerab-
    ly when the engine is switched off
  • Guaranteed start: an electronic circuit takes all the necessary
    precautions against a flat battery
  • Refrigeration when stationary:
    In order to ensure refrigeration even when the vehicle is parked, a
    230V auxiliary refrigerator is also available (picture 3)
  • Transportation of frozen goods:
    The electrical refrigeration system also has deep-freeze capability
    so there are no limitations on transporting frozen goods*
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration:
    In addition to the proper transportation of refrigerated goods,
    the optional air conditioning ensures that both the goods and the
    driver keep their cool
  • The Quick-Out system:
    If required, the refrigeration unit can be exchanged within minu-
    tes. Your goods remain in the vehicle and the temperature hardly
    changes at all (picture 4)
    *Available from spring 2003

                          3       4
Innovative ideas
Order, flexibility and cleanliness are fundamental                    ding innovative solutions. With the pioneering interior
requirements, particularly when it comes to a sensitive               concept, we are creating the space required for hygienic
topic such as fresh produce for everyday living. Tight                operation and short cleaning times, which is what makes
deadlines, ever-changing conditions of use and the                    day-to-day operations more economical.
desire to reduce downtimes to a minimum are deman-

Just load up                                                          The solution that satisfies every taste
Goods come and go but the cooled air remains. Easy loading and        Red wine at +18°C, vegetables at +4°C and ice cream at –20°C:
unloading. With the refrigerated-air curtain, several nozzles blow    the right temperature for every product. Simply fit the additional
out cold air to maintain a protective barrier each time the door is   partitions in order to create different temperature zones within
opened so that the cooled air in the cargo space stays where it       the cargo space.
belongs (see 1 and 2 below).
                                                                      The advantages for you:
The advantages for you:                                               • Each product is transported at the right temperature to ensure
• Loading and unloading without any significant loss of cooled air      that it is fresh and tasty when it arrives at its destination
• No fins to obstruct the loading process                             • Various products can be transported in the same vehicle in
• Unique equipment – exclusively in the Sprinter                        different temperature zones
                                                                      • Additional partitions can be used to create multi-chamber
                                                                        solutions for different temperature zones

                                                                                                      1       Zone 1 transports goods (for
                                                                                                              example, red wine) at +18°

                                                                                                      2       Fresh vegetables are best
                                                                                                              transported at +4°

                                                                                                      3       Ice cream transported at -20°
                                                                                                              in the third zone remains
                                                                                                              frozen throughout the journey

                            1                                                                             3                                   4



Ingenious shelving concept
Now you see it, now you don’t: the telescopic
shelf is a particularly flexible transportation
element. Operated via a pneumatic spring, the
shelf is extended and then locks into position
at the required height.

The advantages for you:
• The need for additional storage space does not
  pose a problem because the telescopic shelf is
  never in the way and yet is always on board
  (see 5 and 6 above)
• When not in use, it disappears below the roof
  of the cargo space. The entire cargo space can
  again be used to transport bulky goods

Space whichever way you look
Pallets here. Shelves there. The use of special
vacuum insulation panels on the wheel arches
ensures there is sufficient space to load Euro
pallets. The shelf rails that are integrated as
standard easily create order on different levels.

The advantages for you:
• Simple loading of Euro pallets using a fork-lift
  truck (picture 3)
• Both the cargo space floor and a rub strip that
  goes all the way round the interior of the vehicle
  are made of robust aluminium
• The cargo area floor and the rub strip are also
  available in stainless steel as an option
• Quicker loading and unloading since shelves
  can be fitted and removed in no time at all
  (picture 4)


No more elbow grease
The insulation fittings are quick and easy to clean.
A drainage system is integrated into the floor of
the cargo area as standard. In combination with
the optional anti-stain coating and self-cleaning
system, this considerably reduces the downtime
when cleaning.

The advantages for you:
• The channel (drainage system) that runs around
  the interior removes dirt and cleaning water
  from the cargo space (picture 8)
• On request, the cargo space can be covered with
  a special coating that has a micro-fine structure.
  Particles of dirt cannot gain a hold and are
  rinsed from the interior walls with the cleaning
• The optional self-cleaning system (rotating spray
  head) cleans every last corner of the cargo space
  (picture 7)

Everything under control
The user-friendly, digital control unit always keeps
the driver informed about the temperature in the
cargo area. The target temperature can be set and
then monitored and adjusted at will (picture 9).

The advantages for you:
• Memory system: an optional software package
  can be used to store the operating statuses of the
  refrigeration system for several days. The data is
  recalled via a notebook; a printer can be connec-
The Sprinter. The cool approach to transport
The refrigerated Sprinter. Agile and manoeuvrable.                                   and with lots of other detailed improvements, econo-
Modest and eager. In short: just the colleague you’d                                 mical use is guaranteed. By the way, only the refrigera-
most like to work with. Particularly when time is short                              ted Sprinter offers you the advantages of the latest
and you and your goods have to reach your destination                                Kerstner refrigeration and insulation technology. An
fast, and as fresh as when you set off. Good-looking                                 innovative solution from Mercedes-Benz.

There is more than one advantage...
The Kerstner insulation                                        Standard   Optional   The Kerstner insulation                          Standard   Optional
Insulation value below 0,4 W/mK                                   •                  Stainless steel rub strip                                      •
Double seals                                                      •                  Drainage system                                     •
Developed for transporting perishable and refrigerated goods      •                  Anti-stain coating                                             •
ATP-tested                                                        •                  Self-cleaning system                                           •
Meets HACCP guidelines                                            •                  Teleskopic shelf                                               •
Meets DIN 1815                                                    •                  Kerstner Cool Jet 202 E                          Standard   Optional
Cargo area ventilation                                            •                  Refrigeration without engine running                •
Refrigerated-air curtain                                                     •       Additional battery                                             •
Multi-chamber solutions                                                      •       Electronic protection circuit                       •
Euro pallet fits between the wheelbases                           •                  Auxiliary refrigerator, 230V                                   •
Integrated shelf rails                                            •                  Deep-freezing capability*                                      •
Shelves                                                                      •       Air conditioning system for the cab                            •
Aluminium floor panelling                                         •                  Quick-Out system                                    •
Stainless steel floor panelling                                              •       Digital control unit                                •
Aluminium rub strip                                               •                  Memory system for operating statuses                           •
                                                                                     * Available from spring 2003

... when driving a refrigerated Sprinter.
The refrigerated Sprinter. Your refreshingly innovative partner                      your refrigeration needs. Irrespective of which Sprinter you choose,
for successful teamwork.                                                             there’s no doubt that you’ve found a refreshing, innovative partner.
Your Mercedes-Benz dealer will tell you which Sprinter is best                       We’ll be pleased to advise you with regard to our comprehensive
suited for your intended use. He will also be pleased to show you                    range of engines and transmissions, as well as the possible wheel-
all the innovations and will help you to find the right solution for                 bases and roof variants.

                                                          And now, have a good journey

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