WebQuest_ Geothermal Energy by hcj


									WebQuest: Geothermal Energy 1) What is geothermal energy? http://www.geo-energy.org/aboutGE/basics.asp 2) What are the different ways in which geothermal energy can be used? http://www.geo-energy.org/aboutGE/basics.asp 3) How much geothermal energy is currently supplied to the U.S. ?

4) Is geothermal energy a renewable or nonrenewable resource?

5) Can geothermal energy help reduce the effects of global warming? http://www.geo-energy.org/aboutGE/environment.asp 6) When was the first large-scale geothermal electricity-generating plant opened around the world? How about in the United States?

Slide Show: http://geothermal.marin.org/GEOpresentation/ Then click on “Click here to view slide show” 7) What are the three types of geothermal power plants? What is the most widely used? 8) What are some benefits of geothermal energy? 9) In the United States, how many megawatts of electricity are being generated by geothermal plants? How many people are supplied through this method? 10) How can residential houses use geothermal energy?

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