People love to look at quality cutlery place settings and they enjoy purchasing these items as well. These pieces are often showcased in department stores and of course shoppers are dazzled and buy them. The idea is to recreate the same effect at home. This often does not happen; the pieces are relegated to the chests and drawers at home.

There is long and fine tradition of rules and etiquette for fine dining that holds sway today and there is an established method for arranging the cutlery pieces and dinnerware with every meal. Many people find that it is easier and quicker to eat and run with food usually in their hands, and in this manner they can eat in a very speedy manner. This manner of eating is perfectly acceptable, but there is much to be said for taking the time to arrange your table properly.

Meal times are to be shared with those we love and to spend time with them while enjoying good food and conversation. These times can be shared and made even more memorable if we not only set a proper table, complete with cutlery arranged properly, and teach our children the proper method also. In this way you will both be able to convey a sense of proper decorum and they will learn useful skills that will serve them well in the future.

When you take advantage of normal mealtimes to set a table with cutlery, you will have the chance to practice this art. Your family and friends will appreciate your efforts as well and you will be getting praise from all at the table. You will also have the chance to enjoy your cutlery and use the pieces, which is how it should be. Once you are used to setting the table, this skill will be remembered and you will never be daunted by setting a table again.

There is a method to the madness of cutlery placement. It is to be done so that the appropriate utensil is immediately at hand that the guest will need for the food in order of each presentation of the courses. In the past this made tremendous sense. In the days of the Victorians, meals themselves were elaborate presentations with much pomp and splendor and there were numerous individual courses.

Table settings still follow many of the same rules that have existed for years. The most basic rule of all is knife and spoon on the right and forks on the left. This is the most basic of all requirements. With this rule to guide you, you can't go wrong. This means that on your far right is your soup spoon and to the right of that, is a knife with blade facing inward. There is an exception with a seafood or cocktail fork, if this is used, it will be to the far right. This arrangement allows for the implements for each dish to be readily available for soups, salads and main courses. There are even more rules that can be learned for the proper setting of a table but this gives you the basic understanding to expand upon.

You will want to be certain that the entire table look as good as possible so you will need a fine linen cloth, beautiful cutlery and a nice centerpiece. Flowers or a fruit bowl will both make nice and attractive additions to your table. You should have a service plate for each guest. This is a large, flat bottomed piece that will have each setting placed upon it. These are also known as chargers and may be china or even metal. Today the fun is in offering a slight restructuring to the entire styling of the table while still enjoying most of the rules of etiquette with fine dining. The newest dinnerware and cutlery are styled in such lovely geometric patterns you will not fall short on ideas for restructuring your table.

You can create the table setting that you wish and you can accomplish this with style and flair. Make it as complex or as innovative as you wish. You need only follow a few simple rules to show off your dinnerware to everyone.

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