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Manufacturing and Assembly Technology for Low-Cost Pultruded by olliegoblue30


									Manufacturing and Assembly Technology
for Low-Cost Pultruded Composites
Assembly of complex structures using lightweight
and low-cost composite panels
This project responds to Navy interest in researching
and adapting advanced materials and designs to reduce
weight, realize greater fuel economy and increase lifespan
in future naval ships.

To realize the reduced maintenance cost and weight
savings associated with composites, this effort will build
on the promising results of the ongoing NSRP pultrusion
joining project which has demonstrated the rapid assembly
of flat panels with integrated edge joints. This follow-on
effort will apply the same labor saving methodology to other
joints needed in complex structures, including four joints
(flat, “L”, “T”, and cruciform), plus a panel edge feature,
designed to mate with any of the four joint configurations.                          Objective
                                                                                     To apply new joining methodology to
Standardized pultruded joints will essentially permit the manufacturing process      four joint configurations (flat, “L”, “T”,
to more closely resemble snapping the panels together to make the structure.         and cruciform), plus develop a panel
                                                                                     edge feature, designed to mate with
Finite Element Analysis will be performed and each joint will be compared to
                                                                                     any joint configuration.
the corresponding joint constructed using the current standard Vacuum Assisted
Resin Transfer Molded (VARTM) process.                                               Performing Activities
                                                                                     Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding,
Pultrusion is a mature technology that is routinely used to produce high quality,    Material Sciences Corporation, Kazak
very low-cost composite parts in a reliable, continuous operation. In the            Composites, West Virginia University
pultrusion process the fiber or mat is coated with the resin, and then drawn
through a heated die that forms the part and cures the resin. The fully cured        Key Deliverables
part is then cut to form the final product. The process is readily automated,        • Preliminary Joint Design
significantly reducing the labor cost. Any composite structure with a constant       • Optimized Joint Design and Analy-
cross section can be manufactured by pultrusion.                                     sis
                                                                                     • Pultrusion Dies
Pultrusion technology has been shown to be well suited to the manufacture            • Joint Assembly Report
of flat sandwich panels at significantly lower production costs. Extension of        • Test Program Results
pultrusion technology to produce interchangeable joining parts has the potential
to transform the materials for composite structures into low cost commodity parts.   Point of Contact
                                                                                     Mark Losset
These standardized parts can then be rapidly joined into complex structures
                                                                                     Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
using operations that are analogous to metal shipbuilding practices.                 (228) 872-7459
This project involves a shipyard collaborating with a leading composites designer
and pultrusion manufacturer to engineer, optimize, and test a system of joining      DURATION: April 2008 – June 2011
parts that can be easily incorporated into the ship construction process.            INDUSTRY INVESTMENT: $1.1M
                                                                                     NSRP ASE INVESTMENT: $1.1M

                                                                         Shipyard Production Process Technologies 19

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