System Phone Label Template by olliegoblue25


									                                   Encore CX label Templates
    1. Click in any one of the label blocks,
       enter new text and then press Tab to
       move to the next text field.
    2. When finished editing labels, click
       anywhere outside of the labels to
       insure that all of your edits take affect.
    3. Click the Print button. Æ
    4. Cut labels along dotted line.
    5. Place in label holders on telephone.              ECX 1000 DIgital Telephone Set Template

                                                        ECX 2000 Digital Telephone Set Template

                                                    Direct Station Selection (DSS) Template

              Please ensure that the “Fit to Page” option in the printing panel is not ticked otherwise the scale
              of your templates will be incorrect. You will not be able to save the pdf once you have made the changes.

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