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Food & Bev: Date rec: St No: Pay: P/L: St Loc:

(Please print details and send or email back by Friday 1 August 2008 , thanks!)

Food and Beverage Stall Booking Form Coast Fest 5th, 6th, 7th September 2008 st

Contact Persons Name: Miss / Mrs / Mr_______________________________________ Mail Address:___________________________________________________________ Organisation/ Business Name:_____________________________________________ Phone:___________________ Fax:_________________Mobile:__________________ Email:_____________________@__________________________________ Website (if applicable):_________________________________________________

Have you had a stall at Coast Fest before? If so what year? ________________
Insurance provider: ____________________Date of Cover Period:____/___until ___/____
(attach copy of insurance certificate to this form)

Goods for Sale:
N.b.- Please be specific, items not listed will not be able to be sold over the weekend*:
(This will also help us to determine the best area for your stall ie. Near your target market!! ):

____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
*In keeping with the family friendly eco friendly festival ethos… sale of toy guns, glow toys, weapons, commercial show bags or environmentally damaging items will not be allowed. This includes food plates, cutlery and cups. We can help source alternatives if necessary!

Stall Requirements:

(Please tick applicable boxes)


Electricity please bring your own tagged extension lead, power board with overload protection, and “gaffer” tape to secure your cord to the ground.

Access to water Late Night Trading (from 10pm onwards)

Vehicle access (for set up and pack up)
Packages for Food & Beverage Stalls:

Early Morning Trading (before 8am)

(please tick one)

3 x 3mtr stall : $250 (all 3 days) 6 x 3mtr Stall: $350 (all 3 days)
A food business must obtain an „Approval to Operate a Temporary Food Business‟ from council prior to the event. A fee of $129.80 applies. You are invited to contact Wyong Shire Council, Environmental Health Officer, Jason Thorne or Gary Eaton, Tel: 02 4350 5555, Fax: 02 43 511 096, Email: prior to the day and advise that
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you are having a food stall. Dept of Health: It is also your legal obligation to notify NSW Health of the operation of your stall at Electricity: $45.00 for festival duration and supply your own extension leads, 10 amp eg; eft, lights, till ie; light load. For higher load eg; pie warmers, urns etc, please contact so you requirements can be assessed. Includes Waste Disposal and Recycling services onsite.

Larger Sites and Venue Hosting are available upon request.
Please email with enquiries Payment Details: (please tick one)

Direct Credit Money Order  Cheque [Payable to

Please provide us with a brief floor map of your set up with dimensions included:

Food Packaging: (please tick one)  Yes! We have environmentally friendly/recyclable plates and cutlery!  No…please help us find environmentally friendly/recyclable plates and cutlery.

Tickets: As stall costs have been kept low, all Stall Holders and their staff are required to purchase their entry tickets in the form of Festival membership. There will be no extra charge apart from this for your entry to the festival.
There are no “Day passes” for Stalls or Stall Holders- sorry!

$50 per person for the weekend. (Accompanied children under 14 yrs are free, 14 to 18 youth rebate of 50%) We require _____________ (number) tickets @ $50 ea = $_______total Please supply the names for the tickets below. First Name Last Name ________________________ _______________________ ________________________ _______________________ ________________________ _______________________ Camping - Stall Holders agree to camp at their own risk. Camping within the confines of your stall is permitted and is included in your stall fee, however if you wish to take advantage of our waterfront or bush camping areas you will need to book this and will be charged $15 per person (children under 5 FREE). Limited Cabin and lodge accommodation is also available which can be booked via the CoastFest website or by contacting:
(Please note these are NOT included in your stall fees)

No. of Camping Tickets required. _________ x $15 = (Total amount ) $ _________
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As our festival is built on diversity, community, music. We are, for the first time this year, providing stall holders with the opportunity to participate and demonstrate within the festival! To help our co-ordinators in each area please indicate below if you are interested in the following:

Running a workshop. (ie. “How to”) Details:____________________________________________ Giving a Lecture/Talk (ie. cultural info) Details:__________________________________________ Giving a display (ie. cooking or dance) Details___________________________________________
We cover all aspects of life: Environment, Music, Culture, Dance, Food, Poetry, Health and Healing, Kids Activities etc…. We create a safe area in which to share and learn. What can CoastFest learn from you?

Stall Holder Guidelines
General Guidelines  No dogs on site please  No alcohol is to be brought into the festival. Licensed facilities are available  Follow all directions from the market co-ordinator, market staff and promoters at all times.  Site and program details are subject to change Power Use Guidelines  All power cords and electrical equipment are to be in good condition, well insulated and to be approved and tagged by a qualified electrician  Any power cords posing risk will be disconnected and removed without notice and returned after the market is closed  Stall holders should have appropriate safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, etc  Stall holders will co-operate with the market co-ordinator in managing power supply Food Guidelines  Stalls must have the required approvals from relative authorities. All food must be handled in accordance with the NSW Food Act and Regulations.  Heating appliances and fryers, etc. are to be out of public reach  Use of gas for cooking is preferred as there is limited electricity supply  Menu boards, cleaning and hygiene facilities, cold and hot storage facilities are to be supplied by the stall holder  Tables and chairs for customers use are to be provided by the stall holder (limited numbers will be supplied by the promoter and will be distributed at the discretion of CoastFest organisers) Camping Guidelines  Stall holders can camp in their stall site FREE OF CHARGE  Campers are to comply with all festival guidelines  Camping is allowed only in designated areas  Open fires are NOT allowed anywhere but in the designated fire pits onsite.

For more information on the festival see our website

Terms and Conditions of Stall Holders Parking and Site Access – ALL STALLHOLDERS NEED TO BE ONSITE AND SET UP BY 2PM FRIDAY 5TH SEPTEMBER WITH NO FURTHER TRAFFIC MOVEMENT AFTER THAT TIME. Any cars to be parked next to stall site must be included in stall measurements as space is limited. Insurance – Current and inclusive insurance [$10 MIL] is required from every stall holder without exception.
Coastfest and its organisers are exempt from liability for stalls and their staff. Stall Size and Location – Stall sizes must be strictly adhered to and must include attached vehicles or structures. The location of stalls is at the festivals absolute discretion.

Festival Trading hours Friday 5th September: 6pm till 10pm Saturday 6th September: 9am till 10pm Sunday 8th September: 9am till 5pm
Trading outside these hours (early morning and/or late night) is fine but we ask that no one cease trade outside above hours unless extenuating circumstances occur.
Refunds will not be issued for no-show or early leavers. Goods for Sale – CoastFest reserves the right to disallow the sale of any items not listed in the Stall Holders declaration. Safety – Each stall is required to have fire and safety measures in place for use in an emergency. (Extinguisher recommended) Power – All stalls are to state their power requirements before the festival and to come prepared with the appropriately tagged leads to access them. Cancellations and Substitutions – CoastFest is not obligated to reimburse cancellations within 7 days prior
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to festival opening. The Festival will not provide refunds in the instance of bad weather and is not responsible for damage to property or stock in the instance of wind and/or rain. Camping – Stall Holders agree to camp at their own risk and are welcome to camp within their stalls boundaries.

Food Preparation, Service and Handling – Stallholders are responsible for the Occupational Health and
Safety of both staff and patrons during the CoastFest event and indemnify CoastFest and its volunteers from any legal action taken upon them in the event of their misdemeanour.

Yes I understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Guidelines of Stall Holders at the 2008 CoastFest. I have current and inclusive insurance to cover my stall and staff and take responsibility for my involvement in the event. Remember setup by 2 pm Friday 5th……. Signed:______________________________________ Date:_________________
(E-mail applications can be signed at the festival before commencement.)


General Info:
Cheques etc. should be made payable to CoastFest and ALL payments are to be made with application and by 15th August 2008 or your site will be reallocated. Direct deposits: BSB: 633 000 Acc: 130 258 692 Acc name. CoastFest Branch: East Gosford Bendigo Bank Please return this form with payment to: CoastFest – Markets Fax; 02-4399 3755 or POB 2213, Gosford 2250 Cut off date for applications: 15TH August 2008. Applications not received by this date may not be considered. If your stall has not been accepted due to duplication or unsuitability, your payment will be refunded in full. Has my application been successful? You will be sent information and tickets on occasion of your successful application. We will process applications as quickly as possible. Those unsuccessful will be telephoned and monies returned.
EVALUATION To determine the effectiveness of the Festival format, we are seeking your evaluation of the day. You may hand your completed questionnaire to a CoastFest volunteer, the Festival Shop or Info Point. Thank you. We are confident you will have a successful and enjoyable time at the festival and we look forward to seeing you there.

Enquiries: Emily Holstein 0431 088 339 Stalls Co-ordinator (Phone Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6pm and 10pm to get my full attention and to keep my sanity  )

Checklist Have you attached / included?
Completed Stall Holders Application? Received an approval from Wyong Shire Council (Food business only) Stall Payment and Details? Current Public Liability Insurance Photocopy?

Chocolate or cookies for the Stall Co-ordinators?* (Better yet, Chocolate cookies! )
*all food bribes will be closely considered Page 4 of 4 Ver 200406-2