Earthdog Test Procedural Manual by olliegoblue26


									Earthdog Test Procedural Manual
How to Plan and Run an Earthdog Test

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Planning

Chapter 2: Applications and Judges' Panel Questionaire

Chapter 3: Committee Duties in Preparation for and During Event


This manual is designed to assist you in conducting an AKC Earthdog test from
start to completion. No single publication can cover every issue that may occur.
Guidelines will be laid out with suggestions, timeline, equipment lists and other
materials you will find helpful in planning and holding your Earthdog Event.
Should you need more information, we urge you to contact us; we are here to


The American Kennel Club's Earthdog Test Regulations became effective
October 1, 1994. The Earthdog Program has seen a brisk growth since its
inception. Each year new clubs have formed and been approved to host
Earthdog events. Annually, the number of dogs participating in Earthdog events
has risen. This growth rate has necessitated changes in the Earthdog Program.
The American Kennel Club works closely with Earthdog clubs, evaluating their
progress and working with them on any troublesome areas. Periodically,
Advisory Committees have been established to address issues and changes that
have been suggested by the fancy. Through this process, the sport has
continued to flourish while raising its standard of performance.

AKC Code of Sportsmanship

PREFACE: The sport of purebred dog competitive events dates prior to 1884, the
year of AKC's birth. Shared values of those involved in the sport include
principles of sportsmanship. They are practiced in all sectors of our sport:
conformation, performance and companion. Many believe that these principles of
sportsmanship are the prime reason why our sport has thrived for over one
hundred years. With the belief that it is useful to periodically articulate the
fundamentals of our sport, this code is presented.
   •   Sportsmen respect the history, traditions and integrity of the sport of
       purebred dogs.
   •   Sportsmen commit themselves to values of fair play, honesty, courtesy,
       and vigorous competition, as well as winning and losing with grace.
   •   Sportsmen refuse to compromise their commitment and obligation to the
       sport of purebred dogs by injecting personal advantage or consideration
       into their decisions or behavior.
   •   The sportsman judge judges only on the merits of the dogs and considers
       no other factors.
   •   The sportsman judge or exhibitor accepts constructive criticism.
   •   The sportsman exhibitor declines to enter or exhibit under a judge where it
       might reasonably appear that the judge's placements could be based on
       something other than the merits of the dogs.
   •   The sportsman exhibitor refuses to compromise the impartiality of a judge.
   •   The sportsman respects the AKC bylaws, rules, regulations and policies
       governing the sport of purebred dogs.
   •   Sportsmen find that vigorous competition and civility are not inconsistent
       and are able to appreciate the merit of their competition and the effort of
   •   Sportsmen welcome, encourage and support newcomers to the sport.
   •   Sportsmen will deal fairly with all those who trade with them.
   •   Sportsmen are willing to share honest and open appraisals of both the
       strengths and weaknesses of their breeding stock.
   •   Sportsmen spurn any opportunity to take personal advantage of positions
       offered or bestowed upon them.
   •   Sportsmen always consider as paramount the welfare of their dog.
   •   Sportsmen refuse to embarrass the sport, the American Kennel Club, or
       themselves while taking part in the sport.

Chapter 1: Planning

For an event to be successful, a great deal of planning is involved. The first
organizational meeting is a time to consider many things.

A. Scope: The first consideration is the scope of your Test. Be realistic. Will your
event draw club members only? Is your area one with a large number of the
Earthdog fancy allowing you to expect a large entry? A safe plan would be to
hold a small event that will grow over time, as your club's experience and the
interest in the sport grows. Planning for too large of an event in the beginning can
deplete your work force as well as your finances. Surmise what classes your
area can support then determine the size of event to hold.

B. Work Force: The number of people able to work the day of the event should
also be a strong consideration when planning the scope of your Test. The
majority of club members will want to run their dogs. This causes them to have
much to do the day of the event in that they will have responsibilities as members
of the committee, in addition to running their dogs.

C. Timeline: Development of a timeline will be beneficial to all Committee
members. When an event is separated into tasks, with start and completion
dates, it allows an event to be tracked. The timeline will help to ensure tasks are
completed on schedule. Monitoring the timeline will make you aware of possible
problem areas and situations that can be resolved before they become critical.

There is a logical flow to planning an Earthdog Test. Determining the scope of
your event and appointing/electing a Test Committee are the first two steps.
Before a site can be considered classes offered, and the size of your event must
be determined. Before prospective judges can be contacted or the site secured
the date must be decided. The Committee officers, dates of the event, when. or
if, to close entries, when to draw for run order if you offer Master, as well as your
judges, location, classes being offered, and emergency contacts (Disaster and
Emergency Plan form), must be established before you complete your
application to hold an event. Before ribbons and awards are ordered you must
know the classes being offered. Examine your event site to know equipment
needed and the amount of work involved preparing the site. Your equipment list
will be directly related to the type and size of your Event. When a timeline is
followed, all the information and work are in place and ready for the next step.

D. Chairperson: The Chairperson as well as the other committee members must
be members of the club, know the Earthdog Regulations, possess strong
organizational skills, and have the ability to delegate jobs, positions and work.
The Chairperson must be able to prepare schedules and encourage Committee
members to work within designated time frames and budget. An individual with
good people skills and time to communicate with committee members is highly
desirable. It is also necessary that they be able to enforce AKC rules and
regulations with site owner, judge and contestants. The Chairperson must also
understand how each den and den area is properly laid out according to AKC
regulations. They must examine the test site, evaluate the equipment and
understand the work involved in making the site ready. The Chairperson shall
appoint and oversee both a set-up and clean-up committee.

E. Committee: The Committee may be appointed or elected and must consist of
at least five club members including the Chairperson. Every Committee member
shall have a copy of and be completely familiar with the Earthdog Regulations,
Dealing with Misconduct and the Disaster and Emergency Plan.
F. Secretary: The Secretary need not be a member of the club. The Secretary
must be completely familiar with the Earthdog Regulations. The Secretary or a
club officer may complete the event application. The Secretary must be supplied
with all the information to be published in the Premium List. All entries will be
sent to the Secretary. The Secretary will make the Event Premium List. All event
information, questions or other concerns from The American Kennel Club
regarding the event(s) will be sent to the Secretary. The individual selected
should be well organized with strong secretarial and people skills.

Because the Secretary need not be a club member, consider hiring an individual
who has experience in this area. If you decide to do this, have a contract. This
contract should cover all areas the Secretary will handle including the event
timeline, the work expected, reimbursement for expenses (i.e., postage,
telephone, copying, Premium List, office supplies, etc.) and the secretarial fee.

G. Publicity Chairperson: Select a creative person to devise ways of advertising
your club's event. This person will supply information to magazines, dog club
newsletters, etc., while adhering to publishing deadlines.

H. Chief Steward: The Chief Steward will coordinate a crew of individuals
responsible for the event-day operations. This requires assigning persons to
ensure the Judge has Timers, Den Stewards, and refreshments. This person
also assigns Gate Stewards, Runners, Parking Attendants and other helpers as
the event and facility may require. One of the main responsibilities of this position
is to ensure the individuals understand the role they have been assigned.

I. Awards Chairperson: The Awards Chairperson will be responsible for securing
all ribbons and trophies as set forth in the Earthdog Regulations. A list of awards
and a brief description of each trophy must be given to the Secretary to be
included in the Premium List. Should the club wish to have sponsorship of
awards, the Awards Chairperson will secure these sponsorships.

J. Hospitality Chairperson: This important position requires making arrangements
in advance for Judges' lodging, transportation (to and from the airport if
necessary), as well as meals and refreshments during the event. If a banquet,
Judges' dinner, or other club activity of this nature is planned, the Hospitality
Chairperson is responsible for making the arrangements.

The Hospitality Chairperson could also be assigned to acquire all the information
for the Disaster and Emergency Plan. This information must be to the Secretary
in a timely manner and should be distributed to all Committee members.

K. Budget: The budget is one of your first considerations. You must project your
expenses, establishing realistic figures within which all Committee members can
work. Obvious expenses are site rental, the Judges' expenses, AKC application
and recording fees, insurance, publicity, ribbons and awards. Other expenditures,
some of which may be donated, borrowed or rented, are: rats, feed, bedding,
watering and feeding equipment, fencing, t-posts, shade for holding areas and
other equipment necessary for setting up den areas. Also required are signs to
the event; secretarial office supplies, clip boards, calculator, carbon paper, file
folders, portable file box, copying, telephone bills, pens, contestant numbers,
rubber bands, display board to post scores; printing and postage for Premium
List, garbage cans, bags, poop scoopers, disposal; rest room facilities, toilet
paper; public address system; and stop watches. Power sources may also
require extension cords. The entry fees for your club's event will be determined in
large measure by the costs involved in hosting the event. Divide total expenses
by a conservatively estimated number of possible entries. The resulting figure is
your minimum entry fee.

L. Date: The date selected for your club's event is important. Careful
consideration should go into selecting the date. Weather may be a prime
consideration. Try to avoid severe weather periods. Avoid dates that are in
conflict with other dog-related activities, this could affect your attendance or your
work force. Teaming up with an existing event is also a possibility.

The Hospitality Chairperson could also be assigned to acquire all the information
for the Disaster and Emergency Plan. This information must be to the Secretary
in a timely manner and should be distributed to all Committee members.

M. Facility: The Classes you are offering will determine the facility you select.
Measure all den areas to ensure they meet the sizes as specified in the Earthdog
Regulations. Check that all fences are in good repair. If repairs or other changes
are necessary, negotiate with the facility owner. A club workday spent repairing
fences could lower the cost of the facility. The contract for rental of the facility
should include the date(s), price, insurance information, and equipment that will
be included - dens, electricity, rest rooms, etc.

N. Judges: Judges must be on the list of active Earthdog Judges. You may obtain
a copy of the Earthdog Judge Directory by calling the Performance Events office
or by going to The American Kennel Club web site at

O. Classes:
Test Classes: In all the regular Classes no portion of the den, including the release
point, should be less than 20 feet from the edge of the den area. These classes
need not be fenced. However, the Junior den should be located well away from
major activity to allow the novice dogs every opportunity to work. You should
demarcate a spectator area for all classes, where spectators WITHOUT dogs
may watch the classes. All dens will need to be at least 100 feet from the holding
areas. And you will need fencing for at least the Introduction to Quarry den area.

Master: If you are having the Master Class you will need to be sure you have
adequate space for a min. walk up of 100 yards. You will want to provide a walk
up that is challenging. That could mean bringing in obstacles like materials to
make brush piles, etc.

Introduction to Quarry: Be sure you have an area that is either protected or well
away from the rest of the test area to give the Introduction to Quarry class a quiet
den area. It should be securely fenced as the dogs entered in this class will be
novices. Be sure the den area meets, or exceeds, the minimum of no less than

P. Quarry Be sure to have adequate rats for all classes offered. Take into
consideration the weather and number of entries expected. The hotter it is and
the more entries you have, you may want to have more than one pair of rats per
Chapter 2: Applications and Judges' Panel Questionaire

A. Licensed and Member Events                          Suggested Timeline
   •   The Event Secretary or a Club Officer
       may fill out the Application and Judge Panel    Items on this list may be
       Questionnaire. A Club Officer must sign         accomplished earlier
       this application.                               than time suggested.

   •   The application fee is $35.00 per day at        Secretary or Club Officer
       this writing and must accompany the
       application and be received at AKC a            9 months prior to Event:
       minimum of 90 days prior to the event.          Request an application
                                                       form from The American
   •   If you are planning an event with back to       Kennel Club. If your Club
       back Tests, one following another, each         has given an event in the
       day must have a separate application form.      past, your Club Secretary
       If you are planning one event that will cover   was mailed a turn around
       multiple days, you will fill out one            form and the Application
       application form for each day.                  and Judges' Panel
                                                       Questionnaire. Build dens.
   •   Read the application carefully to ensure
       you understand the specific information         16 weeks prior to the
       being asked in each area. When                  Event: Contact
       completing the application, print clearly or    Committee members to
       type. Avoid the common error of confusing       have them begin gathering
       the Event location address, the Secretary's     all the information
       address and the location for Drawing for        necessary to complete the
       running order address. It is important to       Application and Judges'
       check the box indicating whether your           Questionnaire.
       Event will be open to all breeds or to a
       single breed (specialty clubs only).            16 weeks prior to the
       Following the judge's number and name,          event: Contact club
    clearly and specifically list the classes the   treasurer for application
    judge(s) will judge. Ensure all addresses       fee. Fill out form.
    and phone numbers have been entered
    accurately.                                     14 weeks prior to the
                                                    event: Send the
•   A current membership list of the event-         application packet to: The
    hosting club must be sent to The American       American Kennel Club
    Kennel Club. Be sure to include an updated      Performance: Event
    list of club officers as well as members.       Plans, 5580 Centerview
    This guarantees that The American Kennel        Dr., Raleigh, NC 27606-
    Club has the most current list of your club's   3390
    officers and members. This should be sent
    to AKC, 5580 Centerview Drive, Raleigh,
    NC 27606 to the attention of the manager
    of Registration Operations, Station 2.

•   Disaster and Emergency Plan: A
    separate Disaster and Emergency Plan
    must be completed for each event or
    multiple events. This form requests names,
    addresses and telephone numbers for an
    ambulance service, the local fire
    department, the police department and
    hospital. The plan should also include
    information concerning disasters specific to
    your area (i.e. earthquake, tornado, etc.)

•   Make copies of the Disaster and
    Emergency Plan for Club members.
    Keep at least one copy readily available at
    the Secretary's table during the course of
    the event. The information on this form is
    important, and will save valuable time in an
    emergency situation.

•   Send all paperwork for your Event in
    one package. This includes the
    Application and Judges' Panel
    Questionnaire, fee(s), Disaster and
    Emergency Plan and current
    Officer/membership list. Make at least
    one copy of the completed application for
    your records. It is suggested, while not
    required, that you send the application
    using a traceable form of mail service (e.g.,
    USPS Express Mail, UPS or FedEx). This
       will be an added expense, but one well
       worthwhile should the application become
       missing. A simple phone call can trace your
       application, eliminating frustration.

   •   Application form and all accompanying
       paperwork must be sent to arrive no
       less than 90 days prior to the event.

   •   You will be sent notification when The
       American Kennel Club has processed both
       your club's application and Judges' panel.
B. Application for Sanctioned A and B                   Secretary or Club Officer
   •   The majority of the above information for
       Licensed or Member Tests applies to              16 weeks prior to Event:
       Sanctioned Events also.                          Make sure you have the
                                                        Sanctioned Test
   •   The Sanctioned A & B application was             Application form. If not,
       sent to you when you applied to Club             request this form from The
       Relations to become an Earthdog Club.            American Kennel Club,
       Answer all questions on the form. Print          Performance Events.
       clearly or type.
                                                        8 weeks prior to Event:
   •   The sanction fee is $15.00 per day; the fee      Contact Committee
       must accompany the application form(s).          members to get them
                                                        gathering all the
   •   Send all paperwork for your Event in one         information necessary to
       package. This will include the Application       fill out the Application and
       and Judges' Panel Questionnaire, fee(s),         Judge's Questionnaire.
       Disaster and Emergency Plan and current
                                                        6 weeks prior to Event:
       membership and Officer list and a copy of
                                                        Contact Club treasurer for
       the Premium List. Make at least one copy of
                                                        application fee. Fill out
       the completed Application for your records. It
       is suggested, while not required, that you
       send the application using a traceable form
                                                        5 weeks prior to the
       of mail service. The US Express Mail, UPS
       and FedEx are a few of the possible methods      Event: Send the
       to send your application. This will be an        application packet to:
       added expense, but one well worth the
       expense should the Application become lost.        The American Kennel
       A simple phone call can trace your               Club
       Application, eliminating frustration.              Performance: Event
                                                          5580 Centerview Dr.
   •   This form must be sent to arrive no less
                                                          Raleigh, NC 27606-
       than 4 weeks prior to the Event.
   •   Sanctioned A Premium Lists must be
       approved by The American Kennel Club prior
       to their distribution.

   •   Sanctioned B Events do not require a
       Premium List; a flier is sufficient.

Chapter 3: Committee Duties in Preparation for and During Event

A. First meeting:                                     12 to 18 months prior to
   •   First organizational meeting select/elect      event: Have
       Chairperson and each committee's               organizational meeting

   •   Determine scope of eventand necessary
       work force. Make a list of preferred judges,
       possible event facilities, and dates.
B. Chairperson:                                       Chairperson
   •   Communication is important to conducting a
       successful event. Establish a line of          Throughout planning
       communication with the club and committee      and during the event:
       members. This can be accomplished by           Keep an open line of
       telephone, postcards/letters, email            communication with all
       (remember all members may not have             Committee Heads.
       access to this form of communication) or
       frequent committee meetings.                  10 to 18 months prior to
                                                     your event: Contact
   •   Develop Timeline - Establish Budget -         prospective Judges.
       Determine Entry Fees. Give Committee          Forward contracts and
       Heads position-specific information, timeline Judge's Affirmation Form
       and budget.                                   to judges immediately
                                                     following their agreement
   •   Encourage Committee Heads to solicit club to judge.
       members to serve on the various
       committees.                                   Monthly, contact
                                                     Committee Heads: Give
   •   Contact prospective Judges as soon as         and receive progress
       the date has been determined.                 reports.

   •   A contract should be sent to the Judge         10 weeks prior to event
       with all terms agreed upon between parties.    date: Work on the
       This includes travel arrangements, judging     Application Form(s)
       fees (if any), accommodations, meals and       should begin. Monitor its
       other expenses. It should specifically name    progress until mailed 14
    party responsible for all expenses and if the        weeks before the date of
    judge will pay, then be reimbursed by the            the event.
    club, or if the club will be directly responsible.
    Forward to judge, with self-addressed                6 months to date of
    stamped envelope, two copies of the                  mailing: Track progress
    contract, one for his/her records and one to         of the Premium List.
    be returned to the club with signature.
                                                         On the date and at the
•   The Judge's Affirmation Form should                  location specified in the
    accompany the contract or be sent by the             Premium List: Attend
    Secretary at a later date. If you do not send        "draw for run order." Give
    this form, be sure that it has been completed        Secretary a schedule, per
    prior to the start of the event. Again, two          day, that classes will run.
    copies of the form are helpful, one for the
    Judge to keep and one to be signed and               7 days prior to the
    returned to the Club.                                Event: Contact all
                                                         Committee Heads to
•   Monthly, contact all Committee Heads to              ensure that everything is
    give and receive progress reports. Offer             ready for set-up day and
    assistance if needed.                                the event.

•   Arrange for Event Application to be sent             On the date set by
    to The American Kennel Club. The Event               Course Director: Attend
    Secretary may complete the Application but           the Event set up.
    the form must have the signature of a club
    officer.                                             The day before event:
                                                         Gather all equipment.
•   Gather the necessary information from
    Committee members to have Application            The day of the Event:
    completed.                                       Arrive early. Check that all
                                                     Committee members are
•   Check that application has been mailed at in position and everything
    least 14 weeks before the event.                 is ready to begin on time.
                                                     Correct any problem
•   Contact Secretary for Premium List               areas.
    progress, monitor and assist as necessary.
    Ensure Premium List is mailed on time.           Throughout Event: Be
                                                     available to Committee
•   Plan class sequence. Master should run           members and assist as
    first while scenting conditions are good and     needed.
    dens are fresh. Junior and Senior may run
    with a staggered start after Master is           End of the day: Clean the
    completed, if you have enough dens.              facility to be in better
    Introduction to Quarry may begin at any time, condition than before
    preferably before Junior as many novice          event.
    dogs will run in both classes. By starting Intro
       first, you will alleviate conflicts with the Junior Following Event: Contact
       class.                                              Secretary for progress
                                                           report on event records to
   •   Attend the "Draw for run order." Give the           The American Kennel
       Secretary the Event Schedule, if this has not Club; see that all bills
       been done.                                          have been paid; write
                                                           thank you notes; event
   •   Check that you have insurance and that              and financial report to
       premium has been paid.                              club.

   •   The week prior to Event contact all
       Committees to ensure all assignments are
       completed and everything is ready for set up
       day and event. Offer assistance with any
       problem areas.

   •   Equipment for the Event that will be
       beneficial: Two-way radios for the
       Chairpersons; others may be at Secretary's
       desk, with the Judge(s), Gate Steward, Chief
       Steward. Earthdog Regulations - necessary
       for each Committee member Dealing with
       Misconduct - necessary for each Committee

   •   Day of Event - Just before the first
       orientation, it is a good idea to have a brief
       general meeting to introduce judges,
       committee members, AKC representative (if
       in attendance), inform contestants about the
       site, and where dens and spectator areas are

   •   Following the Event, check with Secretary
       to ensure all event information has been sent
       to be received by The American Kennel Club
       in a timely manner. Make sure there are no
       outstanding expenses to be paid. Write notes
       thanking each Committee member.

   •   Next Club meeting submit a report of the
       event, including possible improvements and
       financial statement.
C. Secretary                                            Secretary
   •   When your Event package arrives, open it
                                                        14 weeks prior to the
    immediately to ensure you have the                Event: Send Judges'
    necessary paperwork for your event. Check         Affirmation forms to all
    each item on the shipping list against the        judges.
    contents to ensure all necessary forms,
    paperwork and other information has been          6 months prior to
    included. Next, compare the contents with         Premium List mailing
    your schedule of events to ensure you have        date: Schedule deadlines
    everything you need for each class. If you        for when you are to
    find anything missing, contact AKC                receive information. Begin
    immediately.                                      mailing list.

•   Event packet. The American Kennel Club            1 month to 6 weeks prior
    provides a variety of forms for use at            to Premium List mailing
    Earthdog Events. The actual paperwork may         date: Begin creation of
    vary, as will the type and number of forms.       Premium.
    The forms and paperwork are continually
    monitored and updated as necessary to             Event packet: Open
    facilitate growth of the Program. Check the       immediately upon receipt.
    date at bottom left hand corner of form to
    denote that you are using the most recent         Have Premium List
    form.                                             proofread upon
•   Copies: You will receive one original of each
    form to reproduce, as your event requires.    1 week prior to entry
                                                  opening date: Mail
•   Prepare Premium list: The following           Premium List.
    American Kennel Club certification statement
    must appear on one of the first three pages: Do not accept entries
                                                  before entry opening
    "Permission is granted by The American        date.
    Kennel Club for the holding of these events
    under The American Kennel Club Rules and Label all entries: Note
    Regulations."                                 the date each entry arrives
                                                      and the order received.
    Also include the specific address of the
    event's location; the date of the event(s);       Catalog: Begin updates
    whether it held by an American Kennel Club        as entries arrive.
    Member or Licensed Club; the name of the
    Club or Association offering the Test, and list   Do not accept entries
    of eligible breeds. The Premium List shall        following closing date
    include the following information: names,
                                                      and time.
    addresses, and telephone numbers of the
    Earthdog Test Secretary and Chairperson as
                                                      Run order: On date and
    well as the veterinarian on duty or on call
                                                      location specified in the
    during the Test. Also to be included are
                                                      Premium List have
    names and addresses all Committee
                                                      drawing for run order.
    members; all Club Officers; Judges and
    which segments of the event they have been        The week preceding
    assigned; list of Classes being offered, dates    Event: Fill in score sheets
    entries will be accepted; date, time and          and other paperwork;
    location of closing and drawing of run order      gather all the necessary
    for Master class; times the grounds will be       supplies and equipment.
    available; detailed map and/or explicit
    directions to the site; at least one Official     The day of the Event:
    American Kennel Club Earthdog Entry Form          Arrive early.
    (fill in the appropriate information for your
    club), a list of all placement awards, ribbons    One hour prior to the
    or rosettes and trophies (trophies must have      starting time. Have entry
    brief description). You may include contact       table ready; Paper work
    information for local restaurants, lodging with   for each Class is
    rates, and whether they accept dogs. As well      prepared.
    as club planned dinners or banquets, lunch
    arrangements, if any special activities.          At the conclusion of
                                                      each Class: Have
    Make a list of all information you will need      placement, award
    for the Premium List. Give each Committee         information and awards
    Head a written copy of the information            ready. Be sure the starting
    pertaining to their committee. Require the        and ending time for each
    information be sent in document form to           Class is recorded on the
    eliminate errors. Include the date the            Sheet for Judge's Books
    requested information must be received by         and that the Judge signs
    you. Begin gathering names and addresses          all paperwork.
    for the Premium List mailing.
                                                      At the end of the day:
•   Check to ensure each committee has given          Ask treasurer to write
    you the information necessary to complete         check for American
    the Premium List. Contact particular              Kennel Club fees; make
    Committee Head for missing information.           sure the Judge has signed
                                                      all paperwork; clean
•   The "Judge's Affirmation Form" should             facilities.
    accompany the Judges' contract or may be
    sent out by the Secretary at a later date. It   To be received within 7
    must be sent to the judge approximately 14      days: Mail results to The
    weeks prior to the event or earlier. It must be American Kennel Club.
    completed and signed by the Judge and
    Secretary before the event. Two copies of
    the form are helpful, one for the Judge's
    records and one to be returned to the club
    with signature.

•   Have the Premium List proofread by
    several people before printing.
•   Take Premium List to printers. When
    ordering, remember to include Premium Lists
    to be sent to The American Kennel Club,
    judges, entire club membership and
    committee members.

•   Make address labels for the Premium from
    your mailing list, including one to be sent to
    The American Kennel Club, and to each

•   All Premium Lists for an Event shall be
    mailed at the same time. Premium Lists
    should be mailed at least one week prior to
    opening of entries, allowing all prospective
    contestants to receive the Premium List
    before the opening date. If there are to be
    day of test entries, the earlier you get your
    premium out, the more time people will have
    to plan to attend your event.

•   Back up help is valuable to this position.
    The job requires a great deal of time and
    typing. Assistance proofreading and with
    coordinating Premium Lists and address
    labeling can be extremely helpful. This can
    train someone to be Secretary at future
    events. Help at the entry table on the day of
    the event, is essential.

•   The draw for run order in Master is to be
    open to the public and shall be officiated by
    the Secretary or the Chairperson. This is to
    be a random drawing. However, when
    possible, individuals with more than one
    entry will be separated by at least one dog.

•   Preparing Paperwork.

•   Score sheets: One judging sheet for each
    class will be sent in your packet. Copies must
    be made of the judging sheets to
    accommodate the number of entrants per

•   Contestant numbers. Develop a filing
    system so it is easy to hand out contestant
    numbers. Writing the name of the dog and
    owner on the back of contestants' numbers
    can be helpful.

•   Gather all supplies you will need the day
    of the Event:

    Portable file box
    Clip boards (6 or more)
    Protection from the weather
    Paper weights
    Score Sheets
    File folders
    Pens - pencils (lots)
    Contestant numbers
    Display board
    Correction fluid
    Rubber bands
    Event paperwork
    Paper clips
    Garbage container
    Event information labels for ribbons

•   Arrive early, set up tables and have
    everything ready at least one hour before the
    scheduled starting time. Hand out contestant
    numbers and mark the dog as present on the
    drawing board to be posted at the den area.

•   Remind the Judge to record the starting and
    ending time for each Class.

•   Sheet for Judge's Book: You will receive
    the Judges' sheets in your Event packet from
    The American Kennel Club. The Judges'
    sheets are signed and certified by the judge
    and Test Secretary and sent to the AKC to
    be received within 7 days of the completion
    of the event.

    The Sheet for Judge's Books require the
    beginning and ending time for each Class be
    recorded. Avoid the most common error; not
    recording this information as it happens. It is
    difficult to record this information accurately
    at the end of the day.

•   At the conclusion of the day, have the
    Judge sign all paperwork.

•   Secretary's Report Form: The Test
    Secretary Report form is completed at the
    end of the day. A separate Secretary's report
    must be made for each event. When filling
    out the portion for the number of dogs, this is
    the number of dogs entered in the regular
    classes, not the number that actually ran.
    Dogs run in non-regular classes are not
    counted. Be sure to also record the number
    of each breed entered. This form will be sent
    to The American Kennel Club. It is wise to
    copy this completed form, keeping it with
    your Club's records of the Event.

•   American Kennel Club Recording Fees: A
    recording fee for each dog entered must be
    sent to The American Kennel Club. Before
    leaving the grounds, have the treasurer write
    the check to The American Kennel Club. The
    check must accompany all reports.

•   Submission of Event Records: To be
    received within seven days of the completion
    of a Licensed or Member Earthdog Event,
    the Secretary shall forward to The American
    Kennel Club a completed Secretary's Report;
    the Official Sheet for Judge's Book(s), The
    American Kennel Club Junior Handler
    Certification (for those Junior Handler(s) that
    received a Qualifying score) and all recording

•   It is suggested, while not required, that
    you send the Test Results using a
    traceable form of mail service. The US
    Express Mail, UPS and FedEx are a few of
    the possible methods to send your
    application. This will be an added expense,
      but one well worth the expense should the
      Event results package become lost. A simple
      phone call can trace your Event result
      package, eliminating frustration.

  •   Maintaining Records: All original entry
      forms are to be kept by the hosting Clubs for
      six months and be available to The American
      Kennel Club should they request them. It is
      wise to make copies of all the information
      sent into Event Records at the completion of
      the Test in the unlikely event they become
      lost in transit.
D. Chairman                                              Chairman
  •   Inspect facility and measure to ensure the
      den areas are within the sizes specified in        6 - 12 months prior to
      the Earthdog Regulations and. Check to see         Event: Inspect facility;
      that fences are in good repair and livestock       make list of repairs.
      tight. Make a list of any repairs that may be
      necessary.                                         6 months prior to Event:
                                                         Order Earthdog
  •   Appoint work crew for set up, day of Event         Regulations from The
      den changes or repairs if they become              American Kennel Club or
      necessary, and to take down and clean the          get them from secretary.
      Event site. Dividing the work crews to set up
      individual dens will expedite the set up time.     2 months prior to Event:
      Give each member of the set up crew a copy         Check all equipment,
      of the Earthdog Regulations with the den that      make repairs.
      they will be responsible for setting up
      highlighted. (Many hands make fast work of a       1 - 2 weeks prior to
      large job but not if the owner wonders what        Event: Gather tools, dens
      he should be doing or waiting for a needed         and supplies.
                                                         Day of Event: Instruct
  •   The fencing and dens for each class will           Crewmembers when
      vary so be sure workers are aware of               changes will be made to
      changes to dens and requirements for each          the dens. Ensure the
      class.                                             necessary equipment is
  •   The tools and supplies necessary for
      setting up, changing den set ups during the        At the end of the Event:
      Event and take down following the Event are        Clean facility, leave it in
      important. You may find you need equipment         better condition than when
      not listed in the following due to your facility   you arrived.
      and its special requirements.
   •   Suggested Equipment List:

       100' tape measure (at least one)
       25' tape measure (several, one for each work
       T-post driver (one for each work crew)
       T-post puller (one or more)
       Material to attach panels to T-posts or fence;
       suggested materials: nylon ties, baling twine
       or wire, duct tape
       Pocket knives
       Wire cutters
       Hammer (several)
       Nails - staples
       Fencing for spectator locations
       Garbage cans (several in various locations)
       Poop scoopers or plastic bags
       Earthdog Regulations, one for each
       member of the set up Committee.

   •   Setting up for the Event. Distribute tools
       and equipment. (Bring extra Earthdog
       Regulations in case someone forgot to bring
       their copy.) Get crews started by first doing
       the overall measurements, then the
       placement of dens.

   •   Day of Event. Give the set up crew
       responsible for making den changes a copy
       of the schedule. Go over each den change.

   •   Clean up. Leave the facility in better
       condition than when you arrived.
F. Publicity Chairperson                                Publicity Chairperson
   •   Use your imagination.Creative ideas can
       get the word out about your Event in fun and     6 to 12 months prior to
       interesting advertisements. Send Event           your opening date: Begin
       information to clubs in surrounding states for   advertising
       inclusion in their newsletters. Research
       magazines that carry event lists. Some
       Earthdog facilities have web pages with
       upcoming Events. Send your information to
       any appropriate email dog Lists. Your Event
       will be listed in The American Kennel Club's
       Gazette Supplement Events Calendar, and
      on the AKC web site located at
      following the processing for your application.
G. Chief Steward                                       Chief Steward
  •   A large work crew is required to operate
      efficiently. The people filling these positions 1 month prior to Event:
      can make everyone's day more pleasant and Give Committee members
      the Event run smoothly.                         job description
  •   Each member of this Committee must
      know and understand their job. At least a        Day of Event: Arrive
      month before the Event give each member a        early.
      written job description. Give Rat Stewards
      information on their class requirements. Give    Parking Attendants:Be
      Gate Stewards information on running order       on site 1½ hours before
      and rules regarding change of running order      starting time.
      according to AKC Regulations.
                                                       Chief Steward: Be at the
  •   Equipment List:                                  Secretary's table to meet
                                                       Judges ½ hour before
      Stop watches                                     Event start.
      Batteries for above
      Pens                                             Gate Steward(s): Have
      Clip boards                                      first dog at the gate when
      Umbrellas                                        Judge arrives at den to
  •   Timers, one per Judge. Another position
      that offers a great opportunity to learn. The    Runners: Ready to work,
      Timer should check with the Judge before         collecting score sheets
      the test begins to see exactly when to start     and delivering
      and stop the time.                               refreshments.

  •   Gate Stewards. A good Gate Steward will          Throughout the day:
      keep the proper line up of dogs at the holding   Check to ensure your
      area and ready to run. The Gate Steward          Committee is keeping
      should have a list of dogs entered by their      everything running
      run order for every Class. Some clubs have a     smoothly.
      board near the gate where this order can be
      recorded. The Gate Steward can cross off         Following Event: Clean
      dogs as they enter the den area. The Gate        facility, leave it in better
      Steward should have one dog in the den, one      condition than when you
      on deck and one in the hole at all times.        arrived.

  •   Runners. Seems like you can't have too
      many of these. This is one position kids love
      because it is an active job. One Runner per
      den is advised so that anything the judge
      needs can be provided, e.g. stopwatch, pen,
      refreshments, etc.

  •   Parking Attendants. If your parking space is
      limited, the use of Parking Attendants.
H. Awards Chairperson                                  Awards Chairperson
  •   Sponsorship for Class and special
      awards. The Awards Chairperson can make          1 to 12 months before
      a major contribution to the Event finances by    the Premium List is
      getting all or most of the awards sponsored.     sent: Get Class and
      This may be done by soliciting Class or          awards sponsors.
      breed award sponsorships in the Club,
      personal phone calls or letters. Don't forget    1 to 12 months before
      to contact local businesses for sponsorships.    the Premium list is sent:
      Businesses are best contacted in person.         Purchase trophies and
                                                       send a brief description to
  •   Be creative in thinking of ways to induce        Secretary.
      and reward individuals and businesses
      that sponsor Classes. Recognizing                1 month before Event:
      sponsors in the flyer is one idea; paint signs   Order ribbons.
      with their names and addresses to set
      around the facilities; use your imagination.     1 week prior to Event:
      This should not take the place of a personal     Make labels for back of
      "Thank you" note following the Event.            ribbons or rosettes.

  •   Make a form to be filled out by the              Day of Event: Set up
      contributor. This will help recording            trophy table. Assist in
      contributions and ensure correct spelling of     handing out all ribbons
      names and addresses, plus the amount             and trophies.
                                                       Following Event: Clean
  •   Trophies may be awarded for individual           facility very well.
      breeds, the oldest dog with a Qualifying
      score, breed Champions with Qualifying
      scores, etc. Only dogs with qualifying scores
      can be awarded trophies at American Kennel
      Club Events.

  •   All special awards and trophies must be
      listed with a brief description in the Premium

  •   The type of trophy is limited only by your
      budget. Practical items: buckets, collars,
      leashes, feed dishes, and picture frames
    make great trophies. Fancy is great too;
    silver plaques and service items, engraved
    glassware and portraits of the dog can be
    wonderful to receive.

•   Ordering ribbons or rosettes. See the
    Earthdog Regulations for qualifying ribbons
    as well as information required on ribbons.
    Be sure to order enough ribbons for both
    non-regular and regular classes.

•   Name of the class, date, location of Event
    must be included on the back of each
    ribbon/rosette. Having this printed on each
    ribbon/rosette is an added expense and
    ribbons/rosette not used at this Event cannot
    be used at a future Event. A simple solution
    is to make self-sticking labels to attach to the
    back of ribbon/rosettes with the necessary
    information for each set of placement
    awards. These labels will be attached just
    before awarding of ribbons/rosettes and to
    only those used. This leaves all
    ribbons/rosettes not used unmarked and
    available for the next Event.

•   A list of all awards and trophies with a brief
    description must be sent to the Event
    Secretary, in writing, at least six weeks prior
    to the Premium List mailing date. Ask the
    Secretary when she wants the information
    and have it to her on time.

•   Equipment:
    Table to display awards and any decorations
    you wish.
    Labels to attach to the back of each

•   Presenting ribbons and awards. Work
    closely with the Secretary so you will have all
    ribbons and other awards ready following
    each Class. Attach information labels to the
    back of each ribbon before the award
    ceremony. Hand the ribbons and awards to
    the Judge, not the contestant.
   •   Write thank you notes to everyone who
       sponsored an award. If finances allow,
       many sponsors enjoy a picture, taken during
       the presentation of awards.
I. Hospitality Chairperson                             Hospitality Chairperson
   •   Gather all the information required on the
       Emergency plan form. Make sure you have         16 weeks prior to Event.
       all the addresses and phone numbers             Get Emergency Plan
       correct. This information must be provided to   information.
       the individual making out the Event
       Application. Make copies of this form to        3 to 12 months prior to
       distribute to all Committee members the         Event. Make all Judges'
       morning of the Event. Check with local Red      transportation and lodging
       Cross for information regarding disaster        arrangements.
       precautions for specific area.
                                                       Secretary will set the
   •   Make Judges' arrangements as agreed             date. All motel and
       upon in the contract. (You can get this         restaurant information
       information from the Chairperson.) They may must be in; be on time.
       include booking airline flights, transportation
       to and from the Event and motel                 4 to 5 months prior to
       accommodations.                                 Event. Arrange Judge's
                                                       dinner or banquet, make
   •   Locate several motels in the area that          reservations.
       accept dogs; get rates, the addresses and
       phone numbers to include in the Premium         Several months before
       List.                                           the Event. Arrange for
                                                       lunches and refreshments.
   •   Contestants new to the area always
       appreciate a list of good restaurants with The day the Judge
       addresses and telephone numbers. This           arrives. Be on time to pick
       information is a joy to find in the Premium     up from airport.
       List. This information must be given to the
       Secretary in writing. The Secretary will give   Day of Event. Get
       you a deadline. Have information in on time. directional signs up early;
                                                       Emergency Plan to all
   •   Judge's dinner or banquet may be                Committee members;
       scheduled for the Event. Make all               provide refreshments,
       reservations. You can add this information to lunch.
       the Premium List and Catalog.
                                                       Following Event. Clean
   •   Refreshments and lunches during the             facility; leave it in better
       Event depend greatly on the facility, work      condition than when you
       force and budget. Some clubs provide coffee arrived.
       and doughnuts in the morning, either free or
    for sale.

•   Water, coffee and soda for Judges and
    workers should be available at all times.

•   Lunches can be a lunch wagon, a local
    club (4-H, school group), or a group willing to
    set up a lunch. Of course, if you have
    enough workers, your Club can provide
    lunches. Most clubs provide a free lunch to
    all workers as well as the Judge.

•   Equipment and supplies necessary depend
    on what your Club has decided concerning
    refreshments and lunches.

    Direction signs to Event location
    Tables and table cloths
    Coolers and ice for cold drinks
    Thermoses for coffee or hot water
    Eating utensils
    Coffee pot
    Extension cords
    Paper towels
    Coffee and cold drinks
    Cream and sugar

•   Pick up Judge(s) at the airport, pay for

•   Put up signs to the Event site.

•   Give all Committee members a copy of
    the Emergency Plan. Tell each Committee
    member where the closest telephone is

•   Coordinate with Chief Steward for a
    Runner who will check with and deliver
    refreshments to the Judge(s) and all working
    Committee members (don't forget the Rat
    Stewards). The Runner should make the
    rounds frequently.
•   Clean facility, pick up all trash, and take
    directional signs down.

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