Blooming post-wonderful planter for veg or flowers by oferel


									Blooming Post
* Looks fantastic ! It provides a way of growing plants vertically * Up to 28 plants in the space of one pot! * Easy care: no weeding, less pests * No bending to pick herbs or veg! * Great for children and elderly. * Choice of 3 heights up to 1.84 meters * Maximise green house space * Perfect solution when having dogs/cats in the garden

Photos shown Blooming Post planted with petunia & busy lizzy also excellent for planting vegetables & herbs.
Products: Blooming Post  Short  Medium  High

UK Gardening Supplier
Height 100cm (39”) 133cm (52”) 184cm (72”)
Child & Pet Friendly Reduce Pests *100% Recycled Phone: 01630 673860 Fax: 01630 673860 9 Woodrow Way, Ashley, Market Drayton, Shropshire TF9 4LJ

*All plastic parts are recycled

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