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					Step	5:	Create your resume
An up-to-date resume       What is a resume?                                        What to include
is a very important tool
for finding cadetships,    A resume is a description of your education, paid        What you include in a resume depends on your individual career
and other jobs all         employment, volunteer activities (including school       goals and the needs of the employer. A resume provides:
throughout your career.    activities), general interests and personal strengths.   >   initial information to an employer to get you an interview
                           Each resume will be slightly different depending
                                                                                    >   a summary of your work history, skills, achievements and experience
                           on to whom it is written and which style of resume
                           suits your needs. It should be kept up-to-date.          >   information about how you perform in different work situations
                                                                                    >   information about what you have accomplished.
                           Resumes can be submitted on paper or electronically.
                                                                                    A resume should answer the employer’s question:
                                                                                    ‘How will I benefit from employing this person?’

Your resume is
a tool that you
will use across
your working life
to entice people
to hire you.

     Finding yourself a cadetship: A GUIDE FOR INDIGENOUS STUDENTS
What not to include                                         Handy hints                                              What you need to get started
>   Don’t say you have done something that you haven’t.     >   Modify your resume for each cadetship you            Before you start writing, collect all the resources you need.
>   Don’t include anything that relates to your                 apply for and include your relevant skills.
                                                                                                                     Resources	checklist
    personal life (except contact details).                 >   Use a simple layout, headings and
>   Don’t include age, height, weight, marital status,          basic fonts such as Arial.                           Use this checklist to prepare for writing
    number of children, condition of health, or religious   >   Use good quality A4 paper.                           your resume. You’ll need:
    or political beliefs (except where religion or          >   Don’t put too much information on one page.             job descriptions of past jobs you’ve had,
    political beliefs are important to the position).
                                                            >   Have someone check your resume before you send it.      including part-time work or work experience
>   Don’t include negative reasons for leaving
                                                            >   There are lots of Internet sites which help,
    previous employment such as ‘asked to                                                                               an action word list to help you write your resume
                                                                such as
    leave’ (fired) or ‘sick of travelling’.                                                                             (go to for an action word list)
                                                            >   Use a spell/grammar check.
>   Don’t focus on any barriers to getting a cadetship.
                                                                                                                        copies of performance reviews or reports
>   Don’t make the resume too long.                                                                                     about tasks you’ve undertaken

                                                                                                                        records of your educational achievements

                                                                                                                        certificates or records of seminars/conferences
                                                                                                                        you’ve attended. Include courses undertaken
                                                                                                                        out of school hours (e.g. swimming
                                                                                                                        instructor, or computer courses)

                                                                                                                        letters of appreciation you’ve received. Don’t
                                                                                                                        forget thank you letters or cards.

                                                                                                 Finding yourself a cadetship: A GUIDE FOR INDIGENOUS STUDENTS                
Sections of a resume                                       Types of resumes
The section headings of a resume match the job/cadetship   There are three types of resumes:
advertisement. The most common headings are:               >   reverse chronological
>    contact details                                       >   functional
>    objectives                                            >   combination.
>    summary of experience
                                                           The table on the next page sets out the characteristics,
>    competencies
                                                           advantages, disadvantages of each type of resume, and
>    education and training                                gives you some tips on when and when not to use them.
>    work experience
>    activities and interests
>    referees.

However, there are alternative names that you can
use, such as ‘career goals’ for ‘objectives’
and ‘employment history’ for ‘work experience’.

    8   Finding yourself a cadetship: A GUIDE FOR INDIGENOUS STUDENTS
Resume                                      Reverse	chronological                              Functional                                      Combination
comparison                Characteristics   >   Most recent work history is listed first.      >   Work experience and skills listed in        >   Combination of reverse chronological
                                                                                                   a way that relates to the strengths             and functional resumes.
chart                                       >   Provides a short and snappy
                                                                                                   important to the employer.
                                                picture of where you’ve been                                                                   >   Focus is on skills, accomplishments
Examples                                        and what you’ve done.                          >   Focus is on what you have                       and work history.
                                                                                                   done, not where and when.                   >   Usually begins with a profile or key
The example on the                                                                                                                                 skills followed by work history.
following pages shows
                          Advantages	       >   Easy to write.                                 >   Brief.                                      >   Highlights relevant skills that
a ‘combination’ resume.                                                                                                                            are supported by a strong
                                            >   Shows employment history.                      >   Highlights accomplishments.
                                                                                                                                                   employment record.
                                            >   Most commonly used.                            >   Groups together similar jobs.
                                                                                                                                               >   Emphasis is on transferable skills.
                                                                                               >   De-emphasises unstable work history.
                                                                                                                                               >   Highlights accomplishments.
                                                                                               >   Can use headings featured
                                                                                                   in a job description.

                          Disadvantages     >   Emphasises gaps in employment.                 >   Doesn’t provide a work history.             >   Longer than other formats.
                                            >   Doesn’t effectively reveal skills.             >   No emphasis on loyalty, continuity          >   Work history is usually on
                                                                                                   or recency of experience.                       the second page.

                          Use	when	…        >   Showing career progression.                    >   Entering the workforce for the first        >   Each position you have had involved
                                            >   Showing continuity in a                            time or after a long absence.                   a different job description.
                                                particular career path.                        >   Work history is varied or unrelated.        >   Demonstrating a depth
                                                                                               >   Changing fields.                                and range of skills.

                                                                                               >   Emphasising skills not
                                                                                                   used in recent work.

                          Don’t	use	if	…    >   You’re looking for a job for the first time.   >   You want to highlight career progression.   >   Experience is limited.
                                            >   You have employment gaps.                      >   Your recent jobs have had limited           >   There are large gaps in
                                            >   You’ve changed jobs often.                         responsibilities and functions.                 your employment.

                                            >   You’re changing careers and your
                                                work history does not relate to
                                                the job you are applying for.

                                                                                                    Finding yourself a cadetship: A GUIDE FOR INDIGENOUS STUDENTS                         
                                                                                                      Kathy Porter
                                                                                                    1 Looking Street
                                                                                                 North Adelaide SA 500
                                                                                                  Phone: (08) 8555 555
                                                                                               Own Car and Driver’s    5
                                                                                                                    Licence                                        Contact details say who you
                                                   Career Objective                                                                                                are and how you can be contacted.
                                                   I am looking for emplo                                                                                          Make sure they are up to date
                                                                           yment as a cadet in
                                                   my current studies in                        the
                                                                          psychology. I enjoy wor human resource management field to                               and accurate.
                                                   to give 100 per cent                                                                   complement
                                                                        will be an asset to you king with people. I believe my positive
                                                                                               r business.                              attitude and willingnes
Objective tells an employer what
position you are seeking , the kind               I am computer literate
                                                  skills are of an excelle have typing skills and experience in filin
of work that you are looking for and                                      nt standard. I am flex                       g and reception duties.
                                                                                                 ible, reliable and hig
                                                                                                                        hly motivated to suc My communication      Summary gives the ‘big picture’
the next step of your career path.                                                                                                          ceed.
                                                  Key Competencies                                                                                                 very briefly, of what you do.
This section is optional.
                                                                         l Skills
                                                  > Experienced in
                                                                      handling profit and loss
                                                  > Knowledge of ma                                reports.
                                                                         nual pay
                                                     (taking out tax and doin roll duties
                                                                                g pays for employee
                                                 > Able to work und                                    s) as well as using MYO
                                                                        er pressure and prio                                        B.
                                                 > Knowledge of com                            ritise tasks.
                                                                          puter packages, MS
                                                 > Sound typing and                              Windows, Word, Pub
                                                                         keyboarding skills.                               lisher, Internet and
                                                > Able to handle cou
                                                                         nter enquiries in an
Competencies are about your                     > Experienced in                                efficient and profess
                                                                    writing letters and typi                             ional manner.
                                                > Highly developed                             ng up invoices.
abilities and are targeted to the job                                   organisational and tim
                                                > Experienced in                                 e management skills.
you are applying for. This section                                  general bookkeepin
                                               > Able to carry out                         g and records keepin
convinces the employer that you                                       general office functio                         g.
                                               > Knowledge of con                              ns.
are capable of doing the job.                                          fidentiality practices.
                                               > Experience with
                                                                     the use of multi-line
                                               > Confident telepho                           phone system.
                                                                      ne voice and manne
                                              > Neat and legible                             r and experienced in                                                  Education and training show you
                                                                     handwriting.                                      taking accurate tele
                                                                                                                                              phone messages.
                                              > Able to fill orders                                                                                                have the educational requirements
                                                                      and forms.
                                              > Able to use variou                                                                                                 to do the job. Include your most
                                                                      s office equipment incl
                                              Communication Skills                              uding fax and photoc
                                                                                                                          opier.                                   recent educational qualification and
                                             > Ability to commu
                                                                    nicate with a variety                                                                          subjects you have studied that are
                                             > Ability to use com                           of people from all leve
                                                                     mon sense and wor                                 ls.                                         relevant to the position.
                                             > Experience in trai                           k through problems
                                                                    ning new staff.                                .
                                             > High standard of
                                                                    written and oral skil
                                             Tertiary    2004 - current
                                             I am currently in my
                                                                  second year of a Bac
                                                                                       helor of Psychology
                                            Secondary Senior Cer                                           at Flinders University
                                            North Adelaide High tificate 2003
                                            > Business Maths
                                            > Dance                            >    Child Studies
                                                                               >                                   >    Nutrition and Lifestyl
                                                                                    English                                                   e

  0      Finding yourself a cadetship: A GUIDE FOR INDIGENOUS STUDENTS
                                        Work History
                                                                 (casual): 2002 – current
Work experience explains past and       Replacement Receptionist
                                        Hoover Home Improvemen
                                                                   ts                                                       taking messages
present work activities. It should                                                                > answering phones and
                                                                  ices                                           keeping and banking
include full-time, part-time, casual,   > typing letters and invo                                 > filing, book
                                        > assisting in payroll—
contract and temporary jobs; self
                                                                    – current
employment; and positions you           Kitchen hand (casual): 2002
have held as a volunteer or student.    Mama’s Pizza House                                    phone > taking phone orde
                                                                    face to face and over the
                                        > customer service both                                     > money handling
                                                                     a dough
                                        > making pizzas and pizz                                    > general cleaning
                                        > EFTPOS and credit card                                                                                        Activities and interests help
                                                                  t (on call): 1999   – 2003                                                            an employer build a picture of
                                         Customer Service Assistan
                                                                                                                                 s                      you. Activities and interests also
                                         Jay’s Catering                                            > serving food and beverage
                                                                                                                                                        highlight initiative, communication
                                         > taking orders                                           > washing dishes
                                         > handling money                                                                                               and organisational ability and
                                         > collecting glasses                                                                                           skills you have gained which
                                                                                                                                                        may be important if they are
                                                                       Jan – Sept 2002
                                          Clerical Assistant (casual):                                                                                  relevant to the job. Activities are
                                          Protocol Crash Repairs                                    > reception duties                                  structured pursuits (e.g. clubs
                                          > filing, sorting, photocop
                                                                         ying                                                  ents, writing cheques
                                                                                                    > banking, accounts paym                            and voluntary organisations). List
                                          > money handling                                          > doing the payroll— sorting out tax and
                                                                                                                                                        the organisation, your role and
                                          > office cleaning                                            pays for employees
                                           > general bookkeeping
                                                                                                                                                        years of participation. Interests are
                                                                                                                                                        unstructured individual pursuits
Referees are people who can                Activities and Interests                                                                                     (e.g. sewing, reading, running,
                                                                                                     >   reading
                                                                                                                                                        football). List the interests and your
provide details of your experience         >     Treasurer – North Adelaide                          >   looking after young children
                                                                          current                                                                       involvement (i.e. writing poetry is
and can comment on your                          Hockey Club: Sept 2003 -                            >   listening to music
personal qualities. It is common           >     going to the beach                                  >    going out with friends                        different from reading it).
to include three referees. Provide         >      cooking
accurate details of their name,
                                            Referees                                                                             rvisor
employer, phone number and                                                                            Josie Plack – current supe
email address (if available), along         Brian Dash – former emp                                   Manager
with a brief statement explaining           Owner                                                     Mama’s Pizza House
how the referee knows you.                  Protocol Crash Repairs                                    Phone: 8999 9999
Make sure you have the referee’s            Phone: 8922 2222                                           Email:
permission to provide their name
and contact details.                           Ryan Morris - current supe
                                               Hoover Home Improvemen
                                               Phone: 8333 3333

                                                                                                           Finding yourself a cadetship: A GUIDE FOR INDIGENOUS STUDENTS                 1

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