CPB 2091 – Swedish silver cutler by fjzhxb


									Press release 2009-03-27

CPB 2091 – Swedish silver cutlery with an international design character by designer Carl Philip Bernadotte
For the first time for over 30 years the Mema/GAB company, renowned for its craftsmanship, is launching a new line of silver cutlery, handmade by the silversmiths in the Eskilstuna factory. The designer is Carl Philip Bernadotte, Prince of Sweden. - It has been a fantastic challenge and I am very proud over the result, says the designer, who had been assigned to think ”new and contemporary” when he drafted the new cutlery model. The Mema/GAB brand stands for the classic and timeless. Even the new cutlery CPB 2091, should be able to stand for a long time without becoming old fashioned. Designer Prince Carl Philip has, with the cutlery CPB 2091, drawn a modern icon for the set table. Inspiration is gathered from international cities and architecture. The design exhibits exciting symmetry and lets the material speak for itself. The cutlery’s elegant shape combines the beautiful and aesthetic with functional simplicity. CPB 2091 is easy to recognize because the knife, fork and spoon share the characteristically exact rounded shape. With its international character, CPB 2091 adds an extra essence whether you choose to arrange the table in a traditional or modern and trendy setting. - Silver as a material is extremely exciting to work with because of its tone and lustre, as well as the fact that it grows beautiful with age, says the designer. To draw a new product that so many people have a relation to is a dream assignment – we use cutlery every day and everybody wants an elegant table setting. Prince Carl Philip was educated as a designer at Rhode Island School of Design in USA and Forsbergs School in Stockholm. The silver cutlery is the first product to be launched under the brand name CPB. The numbers 2091 stands for the year and the model 1.
Facts Product name Product fact Items CPB 2091 Sterling silver 830 A total of 5 items; knife, fork, spoon, dessert spoon, coffee spoon

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