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					clever organised stylish VARINO The variable internal organisation system

There is beauty in organisation
VARINO is the VARiable INternal Organisation system for Miele kitchens. With VARINO you can realise your dream of perfect order in your kitchen. Cutlery, crockery, utensils, pots and pans can all be arranged so that they are visible and accessible.

Based on a building-block principle, drawers and pullouts can be arranged according to taste – either with our logically designed VARINO sets, or with individual VARINO elements. Interior lighting for the drawers and pull-outs is also an option, enabling you to find things with ease when it is dark. Ask your Miele Dealer to help you plan the ideal system to meet your individual requirements.

Planning example for a 50 cm wide drawer: One of several intelligent features: Integrated weighing scales

Planning example for a 60 cm wide drawer: Space-saving cutlery insert with compartments in different widths

Planning example for a 100 cm wide drawer: The wooden parts combine perfectly with the metal components

Planning example for a 120 cm wide drawer: Aluminium foil can now be stored away tidily

VARINO offers a wide range of flexible storage solutions for both drawers and pull-outs in every width and depth.

Planning example for a 60 cm wide drawer: Cutlery insert with washable textile inlays, and a separate knife insert

Planning example for a 60 cm wide drawer: One of several solutions for storing spice jars and other small kitchen items

Planning example for a 100 cm wide pull-out: Space for all your large kitchen utensils - perfect storage for your hand blender

Planning example for a 120 cm wide pull-out: Items practically arranged in boxes, jar holders and in between wire dividers

Planning example for a 60 cm wide drawer: Perfect in every detail: felt inlays for silver cutlery

Planning example for a 90 cm wide drawer: The ideal storage solution for your herbs and spices - boxed compartments and a spice jar holder, or extra storage space

Planning example for a 90 cm wide extra deep pull-out: Storage shown here with an aroma seal lid and a sliding wooden box at the back

Planning example for a 120 cm wide large capacity plinth pull-out: Space for bulky, heavy items like drinks crates (up to 60 kg) and textile dividers for trays and baking sheets

Planing tips
VARINO is a versatile building-block system consisting of a wide range of boxes and elements for creating the perfect storage system to suit your needs. The system is made up of filler and storage elements. Each drawer or pull-out requires a filler element, and the remaining space is then fitted with storage elements in a 5 cm grid. The wooden storage elements and wood or metal base plates are available in
0,7 + 25 + 25 30,7 + 20

a variety of widths to fit neatly into the drawer or pull-out. The metal base plate can be used in conjunction with a variety of storage elements placed to the left or right of it. The base plates have anti-slip stoppers which can be removed to insert wire dividers, beech pegs or beech dividers with wire holders which can be arranged in many ways.
0,7 + 30 + 20

It is important to remember that you don’t need a separate box for each individual storage function. Even the space in between two boxes can be used to maximum effect. Bridging elements between two boxes can be turned into useful storage space by using stainless steel pegs to fix them to the boxes either

0,7 + 20 + 30

0,7 + 10 + 15 + 15 + 10

side, and boxes can be sub-divided with wood or metal dividers.

Special additional elements are available such as felt inlays for silver cutlery, aroma seal lids made of satinised glass and stainless steel spice jars with acrylic lids. There is also a set of kitchen scales to complete the system. So you can select individual elements to make up the ideal storage system where you can see everything at a glance.

0,7 + 10 + 10 + 15 + 15


5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

for drawers


Cutlery insert

Box with knife insert

Box with felt inlay

Box with spice rack

Spice jar holder

Spice jar rack

Box with scales

Ribbed base

Box for household foils

Latticed insert

Wooden base

for front pull-outs


Storage jar holder

Beech dividers with wire dividers

Latticed insert

Exceptional design
With VARINO putting things away in a drawer or pull-out is always a pleasure. Clear design and top quality materials such as wood, metal, glass and textiles are proof of the superiority of this internal organisation system. It comes as no surprise that VARINO has received a number of top design awards.

Experience a Miele kitchen for yourself: something to cherish for a lifetime.

VARINO is easy to fit retrospectively and to add to when needs change
The modular nature of VARINO allows you to rearrange or add to your layouts whenever you want. You can also install VARINO retrospectively to all kitchens supplied after October 1995. Please contact your Miele Dealer for advice.

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