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China Tableware & Cutlery Industry
Published on November 2009

Report Summary
China's tableware and cutlery industry looks forward to higher overseas revenue in 2010 as the economic slowdown eases. Thanks to various cost-cutting measures and revised export strategies, many companies in the country have been able to sustain their businesses amid the global financial crunch. In fact, key product lines such as ceramic, porcelain and glass tableware, and flatware all experienced modest YoY sales growth in the first nine months of 2009. The increased focus on alternative foreign markets, as well as the shift to the midrange, a price segment that has become more popular during the crisis, helped cushion the impact of the recession. This report focuses on the main tableware & cutlery exported from China -- glass, ceramic and porcelain, and melamine dinnerware, flatware, and tabletop accessories such as placemats, condiment sets, and salt and pepper mills. What you'll get In-depth profiles of 32 major suppliers with a comprehensive look at their manufacturing and export capability, verified contact details, and more ' this information is not available anywhere else 125 full-color images that depict popular tableware & cutlery export models, complete with product descriptions, prices, minimum order requirements and delivery times Verified supplier contact details of an additional 29 exporters, including names, e-mails, telephone numbers and websites Supplier information in tabular format to help you compare companies at a glance Results of the custom-designed supplier survey, which forecasts industry trends for the next 12 months An extensive overview of the industry discussing the main challenges facing suppliers An in-depth examination of the supplier base highlighting key characteristics of different types of companies Details of the primary production centers An update of the latest trends in design, R&D, materials and components A review of the key factors that influence the price and quality of low-end, midrange and high-end products Comprehensive pricing tables featuring export price ranges

China Tableware & Cutlery Industry

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Find Industry reports, Company profiles and Market Statistics

Table of Content
INDUSTRY OVERVIEW '''''' 7 Supplier summary Main production centers Supplier demographics Glass tableware Flatware '''''. 17 '''''. 19 '''''. 21 '''''. 10 Ceramic & porcelain dinnerware ''''''''''.. 15 Tabletop accessories Melamine dinnerware Supplier survey '''''. 24

Export prices, export capability, price increase, export sales, challenges, target markets, product trends, capacity expansion SUPPLIER PROFILES Supplier locations Industry composition Exporter ranking Supplier matrix Production checklist Supplier profiles PRODUCT GALLERY ''''' 103 '''''. 27

Top-selling export products ADDITIONAL SUPPLIERS '''..''' 127 Key products, contact details

China Tableware & Cutlery Industry

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China Tableware & Cutlery Industry

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China Tableware & Cutlery Industry

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China Tableware & Cutlery Industry

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