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									Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
Anusandhan Bhawan, C-56/1, Sector-62, Noida -201307 (UP) Ph: 0120-2402551-60 Fax: 0120-2402569

Tender No: 6(7)/08-Admin

Tender for Cafeteria - Services in C-DAC, Noida Sealed tenders, in two-bid (Technical & Commercial), in separate envelopes, are invited from reputed and resourceful registered/licensed firms, having adequate experience in execution of Catering services, at under mentioned sites of C-DAC, Noida. Approximate Students/Staff to be catered to 450 200 1300 10 (Average) 22 06 Interested Sites of C-DAC, Noida

Administrative Block at Anusandhan Bhawan, C-56/1, Sector-62, Noida Hostel Mess at B-30, Sector-62, Noida Academic Wing at B-30, Sector-62, Noida Guest House at D-217, Sector 61,Noida C-25, Swarna Nagari, Greater Noida C-150, Kendriya Vihar, Sector-51, Noida

bidders may either download the detailed tender document from www.cdacnoida.in or collect personally from the above-mentioned address on all working days between 14.03.08 to 24.03.08 on payment of Rs.500/- towards Non-Refundable Tender Fee. Tender, complete in all respects with the EMD of Rs.25, 000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) & Rs.500/- (incase of downloaded forms) separately by DD favoring C-DAC, Noida should reach the Chief Administrative Officer at above address latest by 11:am on 25.03.08. All the pages of Tender document should be duly signed and stamped by the Authorized Signatory of the bidder. C-DAC, Noida reserves the right to accept or reject all or any of the bids without assigning any reasons.

Chief Administrative Officer

Scope of work and general conditions of contract 1. Project: Running of Hostel mess and providing catering services in C-DAC Office, at C-56/1 & B-30, Sector-62, and Guest Houses at D-217, Sector-61, Noida, C-150, Kendriya Vihar, Sector-51, Noida and C-25, Swarna Nagari, Greater Noida. 2. Timings: The Hostel mess shall function 7 days a week, early morning to late evening every day. The cafeteria shall function from Monday to Saturday 7:00am to 9.30pm. In case, it is required to keep the cafeteria open beyond the above working hours and on Sundays & Holidays, C-DAC, Noida will give prior intimation to the Contractor. 3. Services: To provide cafeteria/mess facilities to the students and employees of CDAC, Noida. Also to provide services for official meetings etc. in Conference/Committee Rooms, Executive Director’s Office and in the Rooms of Sr. Officers. Orders for official Tea/Coffee would be placed through a requisition and the contractor will raise the bill on monthly basis. 4. Quality & Hygiene: All the food items should be of high quality. The items are to be hygienically prepared and preserved. Neatness in the kitchen is to be accorded highest priority. The cafeteria/mess hall would have to be maintained neat and clean at all the times by the contractor. The designated officers/Cafeteria Committee (to be intimated) will have the powers to inspect the cafeteria/mess kitchen with regard to quality of items, cleanliness, maintenance of equipment etc. 5. Crockery & Cutlery: The contractor shall provide requisite crockery and cutlery, of good standard make, for serving tea, eatables etc. They shall also use their own utensils for cooking/serving various items, hot and cold. 6. Deployment of Staff: The contractor shall deploy adequate number of cooks, waiters and Cafeteria boys under the charge of a Manager to be positioned in each location separately, who will supervise all the jobs and attend to complaints personally. C-DAC, Noida has the right to direct the contractor to increase the number of persons, if so required, and such direction shall be binding on the contractor. The contractor shall be responsible for the discipline of staff deployed in the cafeteria/mess. The staff/employees of the contractor should be well trained in the catering management services and be physically & mentally fit for the job. They shall be abide by the general discipline, decorum and the security regulations of C-DAC, Noida. 7. The contractor shall be solely responsible for all the service matters of its staff/employees deployed at C-DAC, Noida. The contractor shall also be responsible for all statutory requirements and compliance with provisions of various labour laws and shall also abide by the provisions of Minimum Wages Act 8. Security Deposit: The successful bidder shall be required to deposit security deposit of Rs.25000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only). a) EMD will be adjusted against the Security Deposit of the successful bidder. The contractor will keep the Bank Guarantee valid for the entire contract/extend period of contract.

Security Deposit will be refunded after successful completion of the contract and submission of ‘No Dues’ from C-DAC, Noida and ‘No Claim’ certificate by the contractor. c) In case any violation of the contract, the Bank Guarantee if any, will be encashed and adjusted against the default. No interest will be paid on the Security Deposit. 9. Contract period: Contract shall initially be for three months on trial basis from the date of signing of the contract and may be extended up to one year based on the performance of the Contractor. 10. Rates: The rates quoted and negotiated with the contractor as per indicative list of items shall remain valid for a period of one year and no item shall be discontinued without approval of C-DAC, Noida. If any additional item is required to be introduced during the period of contract, rates will be mutually decided. 11. Wearing of uniform by cafeteria / mess staff: Each staff member of the cafeteria / mess shall be provided uniform (including cap and gloves), identity card and nameplate etc. by the contractor, invariably. In addition, the staff posted for serving refreshment in C-DAC offices, Conference/Seminar Rooms etc. shall also be required to wear cap, gloves, and neck-tie / bow. 12. Fines/Penalty: In case of violation of any of the terms & conditions, the contractor would be penalized upto an amount of Rs.1000/- (Rupees One thousand only) for each such violation depending upon the nature of such violation. 13. On completion or termination of the contract, the contractor will hand over formally all the belonging to C-DAC and make good the loss, if any from the security deposit or otherwise. 14. Facilities provided by C-DAC: The C-DAC, Noida shall provide Air-conditioned space for cafeteria/mess, electrical fittings (fans, tube-lights etc.) water, electricity, intercom, furniture, and basic kitchen equipments. Any other items required for efficient functioning of the cafeteria shall be installed by the contractor with prior permission of C-DAC. However, contractor shall not be allowed to make use of heater or any other electrical appliances, for cooking, except for keeping the food hot. The fuel charges shall be borne by the Contractor. 15. General: The contract is terminable by either side on giving one month’s notice. The contractor shall be responsible for faithful compliance of the terms & conditions of the contract. In the event of any dispute over the interpretation of any of the clauses of contract or any part thereof, including definition, the decision of the Executive Director, C-DAC, Noida shall be final and binding on the contractor. C-DAC, Noida reserves the right to engage one or more contractor to run the hostel mess or departmental cafeteria together or separately.


Pre Qualification criteria The BIDDERS must qualify the following eligibility criteria: 1. Must have at least 5 years relevant experience in providing quality-catering services. 2. Must have minimum Annual Turnover of Rs. 75 lacs per year for the last 3 years. 3. Must be registered with Sales Tax / Service Tax and other required authorities / departments like ESIC, PF Commissioner. 4. Must possess valid license, health as per statuary norms, issued by appropriate authorities. 5. The Bidder should be an income tax assess and should have filed IT return for the last three Assessment Years 6. The bidder should have an effective infrastructure / mechanism for the training, development and welfare of staff. Note: Attested Documentary proof in support of each of the above relevant pre qualification criteria should be attached with the technical bid. Mode of submission of bid The bid should be submitted in two separately sealed envelopes as follows: 1. Envelope-I duly superscribed, as “Technical Bid for Cafeteria with EMD” should contain all the required documents as per enclosed Annexure - A and refundable EMD of Rs. 25,000/-(Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) and Rs.500/(Rupees Five Hundred only) incase of downloaded forms favoring C-DAC, Noida through a DD payable at Delhi/Noida. EMD of the successful bidder will be retained and adjusted towards Security Deposit. 2. Envelope-II duly super scribed as “Commercial Bid for Cafeteria,” should contain only the commercial details. Both the envelopes to be sealed in a separate envelope duly super scribed “Tender for Empanelment of Cafeteria & Hostel Student’s Mess” should reach the Chief Administrative Officer, Anusandhan Bhawan, C-56/1, Sector-62, Noida-201307 latest by 11.00am on 25.03.08 Notes 1. Commercial Bids of only those firms technically qualified shall be opened. 2. C-DAC, Noida reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason. 3. C-DAC, Noida reserves the right to cancel / postpone the date of receipt and or opening of the tenders. 4. Any form of canvassing at any stage will disqualify the tender. 5. Bids received incomplete, without EMD or late shall not be considered.

Other conditions of contract 1. The Contractor's employees will be allowed entry into the specified areas of the premises of C-DAC, Noida with the specific permission of the CAO or any other Officer authorized in this behalf with valid photo identity card issued by the Contractor and displayed prominently. 2. The Contractor and all his employees shall at all times during the continuance of the contract, obey and observe all the directions and instructions which may be given by C-DAC, Noida concerning any aspect of Mess / Catering service. 3. In case the Contractor or any of his employees fails to fulfill his / their obligations for any day or for any number of days to the satisfaction of C-DAC, Noida for any reason whatsoever without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, C-DAC, Noida may levy penalty up to Rs.1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) per day on the contractor for number of days of default and shall be entitled to deduct such amount/amounts from the bills payable to the contractor. 4. C-DAC, Noida shall pay on monthly bills for the services that may be rendered by the Contractor to its fullest satisfaction. 5. The Contractor shall maintain good standard of services as indicated. The performance of the contractor will be reviewed on monthly basis and in case the services are not found up to the mark, the contract may be terminated even before the expiry of contract period by giving one month's notice. 6. The Contractor will be responsible for proper maintenance and safety of all furniture & fixtures, materials etc. lying in C-DAC, Noida premises. The cost of missing items / shortages of stocks / materials etc. will be deducted from the monthly payments / any others sum / deposit due to the contractors. 7. C-DAC, Noida shall be entitled to adjust or appropriate the security deposit or the proceeds of Bank Guarantee towards loss or damage caused by the Contractor or his employees or the amount of value of shortage or breakage or damage in the items / equipments entrusted to or caused to other assets of C-DAC, Noida by the Contractor or his employees or any other liability of the Contractor. The security deposit that may be made with C-DAC, Noida shall not carry any interest. 8. The Contractor will maintain its gadgets, equipments, etc. in good working conditions with all safety measures, its proper maintenance at its own cost and expenses. 9. C-DAC, Noida reserves its right the split the work or award the contract to more than one tenderer.

FORMAT FOR SUBMISSION OF TECHNICAL BID 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Full name of the Contractor firm / company Details of registration of the company e.g. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Pvt Ltd, Public Ltd etc. (Enclose documentary proof) Full Address, Telephone No(s), Fax(s), E Mail etc. of its Registered Office Full Address, Telephone No(s), Fax(s), E Mail etc. of its Local Office(s) in Noida Year of establishment Name(s) of the Directors / Partners / Proprietor with complete address and phone numbers / mobile numbers. Work experience in detail in providing quality catering services for last five years (enclose documentary proof) Details of existing reputed/major clientele with specific name, address and telephone numbers of contact persons. Enclose certificates/credentials of satisfactory functioning issued from at least four (4) reputed clients. Details of infrastructure, persons employed, number of offices / branches available with the Contractor (including Noida office) Details of Registration, Trade License, Health Certificate, Electric License, other valid license held or required to be obtained, to run the catering services, from concerned state / central government authorities (enclose Xerox copies) Name of 2 referees of repute with address & telephone number (enclose their certificates) Service Tax Registration No. (enclose copy of registration) Copy (s) of the State VAT / Central Sales Tax Registration Certificate. Enclose copies of Income Tax Return of the company submitted for last three years along with copy of PAN. Audited Statements of Accounts and Balance Sheet showing Annual Turnover for last three financial years. Name/s of Banker/s and their address/es Disputes / litigation, if any with brief details

9. 10.

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Declaration 1. I/We have read the instructions appended to The Tender Notice and I/We understand that if any false information is detected at a later date, any future contract made between ourselves and C-DAC, Noida on the basis of information given by me/us can be treated as invalid by C-DAC. We agree that the decision of C-DAC, Noida in selection of bidders will be final and binding on me/us. All the information furnished in the attached annexure is correct to the best of my/our knowledge. I/We also agree that I/We have no objection if enquiries are made about the services listed by me/us in the accompanying sheets or any other enquiry on the information furnished herewith in the accompanying sheets. Place: Date:

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