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									No.3, 2nd Street, Balaji Nagar Royapettah Chennai - 600 014. Phones: 28132731, 28133815 E-mail:

Bank of India Staff Training College

Notice Inviting Tender for providing catering services at our college
Sealed tenders are invited from the experienced caterers for providing catering services for our college canteen as per detailed terms and conditions incorporated in the draft tender document annexed herewith. The Interested vendors are requested to download the tender documents containing the general terms and conditions and draft of the agreement for providing catering services from the Bank of India website or obtain the same from our Resident officer Mr. A.K. Mallick and submit the most competitive offer along with earnest money in the form of Bank’s Demand Draft/Pay Order in sealed envelopes as instructed in the general terms and conditions of the tender document which should reach at the following address latest by 2 PM on 27th Nov. 2008. The Principal, Bank of India Staff Training College, No.3, 2nd Street, Balaji Nagar, Royapettah, Chennai - 600 014. Telephone No. 044 - 2813 2731, 2813 3815 Attn: Mr. A.K. Mallick (Resident Officer)

The tender shall be opened in the presence of the duly constituted Tender Committee at Bank’s Zonal Office at 30, Errabalu Street, Chennai - 600 001 at the time and date to be notified.


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No.3, 2nd Street, Balaji Nagar, Royapettah Chennai - 600 014.

NOTE: Tender Form to be issued on payment of Rs.100/- (non-refundable).


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FAX No. Cell Phone Nos. eMail Id:


2. 3.


EXPERIENCE IN THE LINE Sr.No. Name & Address of the Organisation / Department (Past & Present) Period From To

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GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR RUNNING THE CANTEEN ON CONTRACT BASIS INTRODUCTION: Bank of India is a Government of India undertaking having its Head Office at Star House C-5 „G‟ Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra(E), Mumbai 400 051. It has established a training college called Staff Training College at No.3, 2nd Street, Balaji Nagar, Chennai - 600 014 with accommodation and infrastructural facilities spread on ground plus 3 floors. The bank intends to engage services of an experienced and competent contractor for undertaking catering services to 40-50 participants on a daily basis, on the terms and conditions detailed in succeeding paragraphs, initially for a period of two years which can be extended (at Bank‟s discretion) for a further period of one year upon satisfactory performance. THIS TENDER FORM IS TO BE DULY SIGNED ON ALL THE PAGES AND ENCLOSED ALONGWITH THE TENDER 1. 2. 3. Sealed tenders are invited by the Principal, Bank of India Staff Training College, No.3, 2nd Street, Balaji Nagar, Chennai - 600 014. Tenderers are required to sign the terms and conditions of the tender and submit it along with the tender document. Tenders must be submitted in sealed cover, including the following : GENERAL : Detailed Bio-data of the Tenderer. Terms and Conditions duly signed by the Tenderer. (as per Annexure 1/3) Demand draft/Pay Order of Rs.10,000/- towards Earnest Money Deposit. Name/s of Proprietors and Partners, if any, of the Contracting firm with their names and residential addresses and telephone numbers. e. Attested copy of Trade Licence. f. List of establishments where canteen is being run by the tenderer along with certificates. g. Turnover for the last three years - audited / certified by a C.A. h. A copy of the proposed Tender Agreement, duly signed on each page by the tenderer, in token of having accepted the agreement draft (This agreement will be duly executed with the rates agreed if the tender is accepted). i. Rates for each item mentioned in “Required Menu” as per Annexure 2/3. j. Details of Bank Account - Name of Bank and Branch - of the firm (for getting Status Report of the firm, if required) as per Annexure 3/3. The Tender should be forwarded in a sealed envelope. The envelope should be superscribed as “TENDER FOR PROVIDING CATERING SERVICES FOR BOI STAFF TRAINING COLLEGE, CHENNAI”. This envelope should be addressed to the Principal, Staff Training College, Chennai, and should be either delivered in person to the Resident Officer of the College or sent by registered post so as to reach him latest by 2.00 PM on 27th November 2008. Tenders received after the appointed time and date shall be rejected forthwith Tenders incomplete in any respect or with any of the prescribed conditions not fulfilled are liable to be rejected. ****************************************************************************** Bank of India Staff Trg. College, Chennai Tender for Catering Services Page 3 of 13 a. b. c. d.

Canvassing in connection with tenders in any form is strictly prohibited No tender will be accepted unless full amount of tender deposit of Rs.10,000/(Rs. Ten thousand only) is paid. The names of the Proprietor and partners, if any, of the contracting firm should be specified in full with their office and residential addresses and telephone numbers. The tenderers are required to fill in the rates duly typed against each item of the Schedule. Only one rate should be filled in against each item. The rates should be legible in case it is filled in by hand. Tenderers must put their initials for any corrections and for striking out. If this is not done, the tender is liable for rejection. In case of acceptance of the tender, the tenderer will have to enter into an Agreement / Contract as per the specimen copy of the agreement / contract attached herewith (Annexure-I) on a stamp paper of Rs.100/-. In case of acceptance of tender, the prices quoted therein must be valid for two years, i.e. from the day the tenderer starts the CANTEEN. Tenderers must distinctly understand that : a) They will be required to strictly conform to the conditions of the contract as contained in each of its clauses and that the plea of “CUSTOM PREVAILING” will not on any account be admitted as an excuse on their part for infringement of any of the conditions. b) The contract deposit must be paid within the time specified and the contract must be signed on or before the date fixed and intimated. c) No subsidy will be given over the quoted rates. However, no charges will be levied on electrical fixtures, fans, refrigerators, water coolers and canteen space premises. However, cost of maintenance and repair of above equipment will be recovered from the caterer. Gas connection will be provided by the bank; however cooking gas / fuel / repairs will be at the caterer‟s cost. d) the caterer shall comply with any other operational instructions which may be issued from time to time by the PRINCIPAL The tenderer must produce necessary documentary proof about his bonafides, such as Banker‟s name, possession of the shop / hotel / canteen / office and godown. The Tender Committee is neither bound to accept the lowest tender, nor assign any reason for the same. I/We have read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and the same are acceptable to me / us.

(Tenderer’s Authorised Signatory) TENDERER’S NAME (Authorised Person): ADDRESS, Phone No. & Mobile:

__________________ __________________ __________________

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Annexure 1/3 AGREEMENT FOR PROVIDING CATERING SERVICES This agreement made at Chennai this ---th day of ------two thousand and eight BETWEEN Bank of India, a body corporate constituted under the Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Act 1970 and having its Head Office at Star House C-5 „G‟ Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051, hereinafter referred to as the Bank (which expression shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the context be deemed to include its successor – in interest and assigns) of the ONE PART AND M/s. / a sole proprietorship concern of Mr. _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Having its office at (address of the office) hereinafter referred to as the caterer of the OTHER PART. WHEREAS 1. The Bank has established a Residential Training College called Staff Training College at No.3, 2nd Street, Balaji Nagar, Chennai -600 014, 2. The Bank vide its Tender Notice dated ______________ in the Bank‟s website,, invited offers for providing catering services for its residential training centre, 3. The caterer carries a business of providing catering services and has submitted its proposal to provide the services as required by the Bank, 4. Bank has agreed to avail the services of the Caterer subject to the following terms and conditions agreed to by the caterer, NOW IT IS HEREBY AGREED BETWEEN PARTIES HERETO AS FOLLOWS:

1. Quality The caterer will ensure that high quality of service is maintained and for this purpose either the caterer or a Manager as appointed by the caterer will always be present in the dining hall during the service of breakfast, lunch and dinner and at the residential training college at pre-lunch and post-lunch tea/coffee breaks. The caterer/ Manager will also discuss with the Official or Canteen committee designated up by the Principal as and when required to discuss the arrangements / complaints, if any, regarding the catering services.

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2. Adequate Staff with Uniform / Service level: a. The Caterer will engage adequate number of bearers / waiters in the dining hall and cooks having experience in preparation of all types of Indian food for the kitchen. The bearers shall be provided with neat and clean seasonal uniforms by the caterer at his own expense and caterer shall ensure that the waiters are in neat and clean uniform while on duty. b. The caterer shall provide an exclusive supervisor who shall oversee the cooking and serving at the canteen. 3. Medical Fitness of Staff : The caterer shall before rendering catering services and thereafter at every 3 months submit medical certificates from Bank‟s doctor to the effect that the cooks / bearers are medically fit for the duties they perform. This condition shall be meticulously followed. 4. Staff Behaviour: The Caterer should engage able, efficient, healthy, honest and well-behaved persons for cooking, catering etc. as per his absolute discretion at his cost and responsibility and provide courteous catering services. These staff shall be considered for all legal and contractual purposes as the employees of the caterer himself. 5. Caterer to comply with all Statutory Acts for his staff and establishment: a. The caterer will be fully and exclusively liable for the payment of wages, P.F., leave wages etc. for the personnel employed by the caterer at the said residential training college and shall comply with the provision of the related Statutory Acts, Rules and Regulations as applicable to the performance of the work by them. The caterer shall keep the Bank indemnified against all penalties, claims and liabilities of every kind for any violation of the Statutory Provision, Rules & Regulations etc. b. The caterer will have to obtain / renew at his cost, the necessary permission / registration / licences for concerned authorities to run the catering establishment. 6. Accommodation for Caterer/Staff : No accommodation shall be provided by the Bank for the staff of the caterer. The caterer will also ensure that his staff does not trespass into the hostel premises except when on duty.

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7. Items of Food, quantity and service thereof: a. The caterer shall ensure that both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served as per the menu given in Annexure II. The various items of the menu will be frequently changed to provide variety as per Annexure II. b. The caterer shall keep the food duly and properly covered till it is served and use the kitchen hot case provided by the Bank. c. The caterer shall provide sufficient quantity of food and maintain high standards of quality and use quality raw material and AGMARK standard items only. d. Lunch and dinner will be served in the dining hall. Forenoon tea/coffee and afternoon tea/coffee will be normally served in the canteen but may have to be served in the class room when required. Appropriate meals will be served to the sick persons in their respective rooms. Tea / coffee on all occasion other than bed tea / coffee will be served in cups and saucers / mugs of good condition and quality. e. The caterer shall ensure that his cooks/serving staff are segregated from the cleaning staff, and that the cleaning staff are never employed for either cooking or serving in between the day. f. The staff should wear fresh/clean and quality-gloves if serving by hand or use neat and clean ladles for serving the food-stuff. g. The caterer shall have to provide packed lunch whenever required, when trainees go on field visits organized by the College. (Such requirements will not be more than one or two per week). h. The residential training college shall have full right to refuse the service of any item of food without any notice but giving reasons for such refusal and the decision of the Principal shall be final. 8. Cookware/Serving Vessels/Plates & Cutlery: The caterer shall use his own CLEAN cooking utensils, appliances, crockery, cutlery, table linen etc. which must be of good quality. 9. Maintenance of Cooking, Serving and Wash areas: a. The caterer shall keep the premises of cooking, serving or wash areas clean through his own staff. b. The caterer will provide clean towels and soap / liquid soap near the wash basin in the dining hall. The towel should be changed thrice during a day.

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10. Bank‟s Assistance: The Bank will provide furniture, requisite number of dining tables, chairs, kitchen hot case, cabinets in the dining hall, and a refrigerator if required. The Bank will also provide water supply and electricity free of charge. 11. Liability in case of inedible/bad/smelling food : In case any food is found contaminated or unfit for consumption or in case of refusal by the residential training college or by the trainees collectively not to take their meals or any preparation due to meager quantity or poor quality or for any other valid/similar reason attributable to the caterer, then no payment for such breakfast / lunch / dinner / tea etc. would be made and, additionally, cost of any food purchased for trainees and staff on that day shall be borne by the caterer. The decision of the Principal or the person holding charge in this regard shall be final for which purpose an investigation (if required) would be done by one of the instructors as decided by the Principal or the person holding charge of the college. 12. Bank discretion: The Residential training college reserves the right to get the quality of food and sanitation checked by the Health Department or any competent authority and it will be the sole responsibility of the caterer to keep the kitchen / dining hall in good sanitation with proper use of disinfectants. 13. Store Room facility: The Bank will provide one room-cum-store to the caterer for his use. The caterer will ensure that no other person/outsider is allowed to use the room allotted for this purpose. 14. Use of Bank-allotted space: The caterer or his employees shall not use the premises allotted to him for any purpose other than for preparation of food, storing and servicing the trainees and shall not in any manner cause any nuisance or annoyance to the residential training college, the trainees and/or the college staff. 15. Fuel Arrangement: The caterer will have to make necessary arrangement for the fuel / gas required for cooking and the recurring charges for the use of fuel / gas or any other fuel used by the caterer will be borne by the caterer. Caterer is not entitled to use electricity as fuel for any cooking, heating, etc.
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16. Catering Rates and Taxes : a) The caterer will be paid Rs._______/- (Rupees _____________________ only) per trainee, per day inclusive of all taxes and service charges in respect of residential trainee and Rs.___________(Rupees _____________________-only) if the trainee is non-residential, for providing the food as mentioned in the “Required Menu” annexure. The Bank shall deduct / recover tax at source while settling the caterer‟s bills / claims. Whenever any occasion requires special lunch or dinner to be provided by the caterer, with additional dishes/arrangement, extra charges as mutually agreed to, in advance, would be paid by the Bank to the caterer. b) The Principal shall have the discretion to change the menu for special meals or in respect of regular meals, on monthly basis subject to availability of seasonal vegetables. c) The residential training college has a capacity of 45-50 trainees but the caterer will be reimbursed for minimum 5 persons or actual strength, whichever is higher, to enable the caterer to meet the overheads for the period covered in the training calendar for the residential training college. d) The Principal or one of his representative(s)is authorised to take food/dinner every day for test checks and no charges will be paid in this regard. However, Bank‟s official guests and trainees will be charged at the rates mentioned for the trainees. e) When seminars, conferences, special programmes etc. of non- residential nature are held which requires utilisation of partial services only i.e. lunch and tea etc., the caterer would be paid only towards actual service availed on the agreed rates. f) No charges will be paid to the caterer when training programmes are not being conducted as per training calendar for the residential training centre or is suspended due to any circumstances. 17. Timings of Catering: The catering timings will be observed as under: Bed Coffee / tea Breakfast Forenoon tea Lunch Afternoon tea Evening tea with snacks Dinner : : : : : : : 06.00 a m to 06.30 a m (in rooms) 08.15 a.m. to 08.45 a.m. 10.15 10.30 a.m. 01.05 02.00 p.m. 03.15 03.30 p.m. 04.45 05.30 p.m. 08.00 09.30 p.m.

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a. The above timings are, however, subject to change/adjustments, as per training needs. b. The Principal shall have the discretion to change the timings whenever warranted with prior information to the caterer. 18. Security Deposit Required: The caterers shall deposit a sum of Rs.20,000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand only) as security deposit which will be refunded on expiry or termination of this agreement. Such deposit will be deposited in Bank in the form of FDR / DBD made in the favour of Bank A/c the caterer, duly discharged by the caterer. 19. Caterer‟s Liability for Loss of Bank‟s Property: In case of any loss to the Bank‟s property arising out of negligence, carelessness, connivance or criminal act of the caterer or staff of the caterer, the caterer will be held liable to make good the loss forthwith and the Bank will be entitled to quantify the loss and recover/adjust/set-off from the security deposit or other charges payable by the Bank to the caterer. 20. Indemnity to Bank: The caterer shall keep the residential training college indemnified against claims, as mentioned in various clauses of the agreement. 21. Inter-se Relationship of Parties: The relationship between the Bank and the caterer is that of licensor and licensee and not that of landlord and tenant or principal and agent. Neither the caterer nor his employee shall be treated as employees. The Bank shall have no liability whatsoever concerning the persons employed by the caterer and the caterer shall keep the bank indemnified against all types of damages or liability arising out of or imposed in the course of employment of the persons employed by them. 22. Notice period for termination: In the event the contractor prefers to terminate the agreement for any reason whatsoever, he shall give the Bank two months‟ notice, but shall continue till the Bank makes alternate arrangements. Bank is also at liberty to terminate this agreement by giving 15 days‟ notice to the contractor for breach of any of the conditions mentioned herein or for any other reason whatsoever.

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23. Arbitration: In the event of any dispute regarding the liability of any one party hereto and arising out of this agreement, the same shall be referred to the Arbitration of the General Manager of the Bank or the person nominated by him and his decision shall be final and binding on the parties. The provision of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 shall apply to such arbitration.


Signed for and on behalf of BANK OF INDIA by its Constituted Attorney Mr Duly authorised in that behalf In the presence of Mr. Signed for and on behalf of Tenderer by His contstitued attorney/authorised representative Mr. In the presence of Mr.

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VEG. Time of Service NON-VEG Rate/Head Rs. ***

Item/s to be served
Bed Coffee / Tea /Milk 1 Breakfast : Any 1 item on rotation basis from the following list (a) Idly/Veg. Idly with Chutney & Sambar, (b) Dosai with Chutney & Sambar, (c) Onion Uttappam with Chutney & Sambar, (d) Adai with avial & Chutney, (e) Pongal & vadai with Chutney & Sambar, (f) Puttu/Idiyappam with chana and coconut milk Veg : Bread with Veg Sandwich Non-Veg : Bread with Omlette One fruit (banana / guava) Coffee / Tea/Lemon Juice One cup of sprouts (with participant's prior intimation) Mid-Morning Tea / Coffee/ Lemon Juice Normal Lunch: On Week days excepting Tuesdays & Thursdays 1 Soup : Tomato /Vegetable/Sweetcorn Veg : 1. White Rice 2. Chapathi / Poori 3. Veg. Curry (Cauliflower / Gobi / Beetroot/ Beans/ Banana Trunk etc.) 4. Masala Curry (VegKoorma or Kofta/Paneer/Paneer Palak)/ Dal Fry 5. Sambar / Kootu (Vazhai thandu, keerai, beans, etc.) 6. Rasam (with Tomato / pine apple / dhal /veppampoo) 7. Curd 8. Papad 9. Pickle 10.Green Salad Non-Veg. item : Chicken Curry /Egg Masala/Chicken Koorma/Egg Curry / Fish Desserts: 3 days:(fruit salad/sweet/ice cream); 3 days: (banana/guava) (For Non-Veg : One item out of 5 Non-Veg items, by rotation) Special Lunch : On Tuesdays & Thursdays 1 Soup : Tomato /Vegetable/Sweetcorn Veg. Items :1. Veg. Pulav/biryani/Fried Rice/ Tamarind Rice/Lemon Rice 2. Poori with Koorma / Chole Batura with chole 3. Curry (Cauliflower / Gobi / Beetroot/ Beans/Banana Trunk etc. ) 4. Bissibela Bhath 5. Curd Rice 6. Papad 7. Pickle 8. Green Salad Non-Veg. item : Chicken Curry /Egg Masala/Chicken Koorma/Egg Curry / Fish Desserts: 3 days:(fruit salad/sweet/ice cream); 3 days: (banana/guava) Tea / Coffee/ Lemon Juice Tea / Coffee with one of the Snacks from the list below : Snacks : Veg. Cutlet, Bonda / Ulundu Vadai, Onion Vadai, Sundal (3 different items of sundal for 3 days)

Rate/Head Rs.

06.00 a.m. 08.15 a.m.





2 3 4 5 6 10.15 a.m. 01.00 p.m.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***




3 4

*** *** ***

*** *** ***






3 4 03.15 p.m. 04.15 p.m.

*** ***

*** ***

08.15 p.m. Dinner: similar to Normal Lunch, but with different items. & rotation of choices Note :Other than Rice and Chapathi/Poori, items served for Breakfast / Lunch / Snacks on one day will not be repeated subsequently during the week.

( Authorised Signatory with Stamp )

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Annexure: 3/3

Name of the firm Name/s of Prorietor/Partners Bank Account particulars Name of Bank Name of Branch Type of Account

: :

: : :

We authorise you to make enquiries and obtain Status Report, if required, in connection with the tender submitted by me in ______________ 2008.

( Authorised Signatory ) with Stamp

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