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									Goth Energy Management Limited
Integrated Quality, Business Ethics and Sustainable Development Policy Statement Goth Energy Management Limited is committed to providing carbon and management consultancy services to the highest standards within its areas of competence. The company aims to meet its clients’ requirements in full, whilst minimising negative impacts upon the built and natural environments and safeguarding the health and well being of staff, the public and other stakeholders. Goth Energy is committed to achieving full compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation and to providing advice that will assist its clients to do so. The company is a signatory to the consultants’ codes of conduct of the Carbon Trust, the Energy Institute, the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers’ Low Carbon Consultants register and others relevant to its sector. It ensures that its financial relationships do not give rise to conflicts of interest and prohibits its staff to either offer or accept gifts of material value that may be interpreted as an inducement. Goth Energy is committed to the sustainable development of its business and to achieving continuous improvement in its quality, health, safety and environmental performance. The company plans all projects to meet its exacting standards and follows processes of checking and corrective action relating to project outputs to ensure that this is achieved. This policy statement and the procedures and practices that derive from it will be reviewed annually. To achieve these aims Goth Energy Management Limited will: o o o o o o o o o o execute its services professionally within its areas of competence support staff training and continuous professional development deliver all services using members of professional bodies identify, minimise and manage risks to staff health and well being contribute towards the development of sustainable communities devote a proportion of its time to environmental research & charity work minimise its use of natural resources and promote biodiversity minimise its carbon emissions use renewable sources of energy in preference to fossil fuels organise travel arrangements to minimise carbon emissions

Goth Energy Management Limited is committed at senior level to the achievement of these objectives and ensures the continued provision of an appropriate management structure, management systems and cost effective resources to support this. Signed

Jamie Goth Managing Director 30th August 2007

Brenda Mullen Company Secretary 30th August 2007


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