EPISODE 1_ It's all about Carbon by hcj


									NPR: Climate Connection- It’s All About CARBON
EPISODE 1: It’s all about Carbon • How is carbon the “duct tape” of life? (Tell me about its attachment ability…)

EPISODE 2: Carbon’s special knack for bonding • What happens to the tight energetic connections carbon atoms formed once a creature dies?

• Explain what a fossil fuel is and how oil (fossil fuel) is formed using the “zooplankton” example.

EPISODE 3: Break a Carbon bond and – presto! – civilization • Paper has energy. Explain how this statement is true.

• Describe one way that you break carbon atoms on a daily basis.

• How did the breaking of carbon bonds (discovery of fire) ignite the start of human civilization?

EPISODE 4: When Carbon falls in love, the world heats up • How is carbon dioxide (CO2) released to the atmosphere? 1. 2. 3. • Where does the invisible CO2 from the air go (2 places)?

EPISODE 5: What we can do about Global Warming • What forms of energy can we use as an alternative to carbon (fossil fuels)?

• In the future, why would we want to put CO2 from smoke stacks and the sky under the ground?

Correction: The on-air version of this story stated that energy is released when carbon-atom bonds are broken. To be more precise, energy is released after the bond is broken and carbon atoms grab on to other atoms.

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