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The following model of the U3 which has been loved as a steady seller has been released. The concept of the U4 is litmus. It means light spreads.

1. Specification Size wise, it’s slightly bigger than the U3. Of course, as the bigger size, the battery capacity has become larger about 1 hour playing time. Also, by supporting the DNSe 2.0, it’s much better than the U3 in the sound. U3 U4 25.4 X 80 X 11 mm, 22.8g 27 X 83 X 13mm, 27.5g 250mAh 300mAh 15hour 16hour

2. Packaging The recently released S3 box is adopted. Only the bottom case which has different height has been changed.

3. Composition Because, the U4 I got is not an official model, there was no install CD. The most different thing is the bundle earphone EP380. It’s now on sale, and it makes wider sound than the EP360.

4. Part introduction The arrangement of buttons is the same as the U3. The array of the touch changed more elegant. The different thing is that with 3 LED, it shows dimming effect.

5. USB download speed The reading speed has been doubled from the U3. It has the fastest speed of all USB MP3 players I’ve seen. upload 4.0MB/s 7.3MB/s download 1.5MB/s 2.0MB/s

U3 U4

6. Screen GUI With the 4 lines Gray OLED, it shows smooth screen. Although it’s difficult to see due to the small size, it supports album art. (Refer to the picture below)

Sparkling type menu which was adopted in the S3 has been adopted.

The impressive thing is that LED light with bubbles in the screensaver mode. Supporting themes are watch, sparkling, and wave.

7. Booting speed. Booting time which has been an weakness of Yepp products is improved in the U4. (I think the U4 has adopted the stand-by mode like the iPod.) U4 U3 2.15sec 6.15sec

8. Conclusion The upgraded U4 with improved Booting/USB speed, DNSe 2.0. I think it’s great for customers who want to buy a new MP3 player for vacation.

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