An Occupational Therapist can help! by olliegoblue23


									Occupational Therapy helps people of all ages with "skills for the job of living."
Occupation is anything that you do in a day! Children, like adults, have "occupations."
The main occupations of children are:

        Playing                    Learning to care for            Attending (Pre) School
  (leisure activities)            themselves (self-care)               (productivity)

  Sometimes because of illness, injury, disability, or developmental delay, a child may
     struggle to learn, develop, and participate fully in these day-to-day activities.

                         An Occupational Therapist can help!

                                 When an occupational therapist is asked to see a child, the
                                 therapist focuses on what is important to the child and
                                 family. This is called "family-centered practice." If the
                                 child is in school, the therapist may also address what is
                                 important to the teacher.

Occupational therapists (OTs) look at a child's ability to do the day-to-day tasks that
make up 'occupations'. OTs consider the strengths and challenges of the child. They also
consider the task and how the environment makes tasks easier or harder.


                         Child                                Task
        To do this, an OT may assess and provide intervention in the areas of:
           • fine and gross motor abilities                             "Intervention" means using
           • visual perception/visual motor abilities                   activities to teach a child a specific
                                                                        skill, adapting the task, and/or
           • sensory processing                                         modifying the environment to help
           • social and emotional abilities                             the child be more successful.

        The occupational therapist also considers the child's attention, behavior and problem-
        solving abilities.

          The ultimate goal is that children will be as independent as possible in their
            daily activities and lead satisfying lives that maximize their potential!

Jacob is 3 years old. His parents are
concerned because he shows little
interest in playing with toys. He has       Occupational Therapists
always been fussy, has difficulty              work with children in …
sleeping, screams during bathing and
hair washing, and is a picky eater. The
OT shares ideas with the parents that              Early Intervention
help them understand what activities and
toys are appropriate. She works with                  Preschools
them as they introduce new foods into
his diet and try different ways to help                                 Cody is 13 years old. He is teased at
him be less sensitive.                                  Schools         school and says he does not have friends.
                                                                        His parents are concerned. Cody is referred
                                                       Hospitals        to a social skills group that the OT holds at
                                                                        school. He learns how to relate to peers
                                                                        and to be more assertive when he is teased.
                                                      Home care

                                                    Private practice            Amanda is 20 months old.
                                                                                Because she has cerebral palsy she
                                                                                cannot play or eat by herself.
                                                                                Sometimes she chokes when her
        Sara is 8 years old and was hit by a car
                                                                                mother feeds her. The OT helps
        when riding her bike. She does not
                                                                                with special equipment so Amanda
        remember how to dress or feed herself or
                                                                                can sit independently and play
        to print her name. With the help of her
                                                                                with toys. Her mother learns about
        OT she re-learns how to put on her
                                                                                the type of food she can eat and
        clothes, use utensils, and to use a
                                                                                how to prevent choking.
        computer to print.

                    If you see a child with concerns in any of these areas,
    talk to your pediatrician or teacher about accessing Occupational Therapy services.

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