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					Unions in DND/Treasury Board
Per Treasury board site http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/media/lru-mnc/index_e.asp. 18 unions are identified under the jurisdiction of Treasury board. Of these only a few are considered applicable to ASU(T) and it’s lodger units •Canadian Association of Professional Employees - http://www.acep-cape.ca/en/ •Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association - http://www.caut.ca/en/about/memberassociations.asp •Graphic Communications International Union - Local 588 http://gciu.org/index.shtml •International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Local 2228 http://www.ibew-fioe2228.ca/ •Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada http://www.pipsc.ca/ •Public Service Alliance of Canada http://www.psac-afpc.org/home-e.shtml The variety of unions are designed to maximize density in a particular sector The employer, Treasury Board, interfaces with various unions primarily through the National Joint Council Agreements and the Collective Bargaining process -The NJC Directives are normally considered to embody the agreements http://www.njc-cnm.gc.ca/doc.php?lang=e&DocID=142. Some commonly used examples are: The Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) The Travel Directive The Use and Occupancy of Buildings Directive The National Joint Council (NJC) Relocation - Integrated Relocation Program (IRP) Directive The Uniforms Directive The Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing Directive The Bilingual Bonus Directive. The Commuting Assistance Directive agreements that do not form part of the collective agreement include: Dental Care Plan Disability Insurance Plan -During Collective Bargaining, Treasury Borad deals with the bargaining agent in accordance with legislation and the unions regulations. (ie for PSAC bargainingRegulation 15 governs how bargaining is conducted in Treasury Board’s legislative framework.

The Department of National Defence (DND) deal either with the Bargaining Agent or the designated structure (ie for PSAC it’s Component, the Union of National Defence Employees (UNDE) is the primary contact on union matters.

Role of Unions
In Canadian, the Canadian Labour Congress is recognized as the governing body for unions. It’s role is to organise workers to improve working conditions and enhance the communities we live through an inclusive democratic process.

In Ontario the Ontario Federation of Labour serves as the coordinating agent of the labour movement Article II of its constitution includes 13 objectives including: …promote interests of its affiliates and generally advance the economic and social welfare of the workers of Ontario …to protect and strengthen our democratic institutions to secure full recognition and enjoyment of the rights and liberties to which we are justly entitled… In the GTA Toronto-York District Labour Council acts with coalition partners to facilitate collective actions.

In the PSAC constitution PSAC Constitution section 3 the unions objective is: To unite all workers in a single democratic organization; To obtain for all workers the best standards of compensation and other conditions of employment and to protect the rights and interests of all workers; and To maintain and defend the right to strike
Similar motherhood statements exist in the component and local bylaws

17Nov1966 Founders Day.
-PSAC membership is diverse and growing. While many of our 150,000 members work for the federal government or agencies, an increasing number of PSAC members work in the private sector in women’s shelters, universities, security agencies and casinos. In the North, the PSAC represents most unionized workers employed by the governments of the Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories and some municipalities. -The PSAC has over 230 bargaining units. Broken down by Tables for treasury Board ie table 1,2,3 & 5 for treasury board. All bargaining units are listed on the PSAC Website. -At this time, collective agreements are only published on PSAC site for units of over 100 members. If agreements exist in English and French, both versions are provided. If not, only the version in which the agreement was negotiated is posted. As it is the responsibility of the employers to provide the PSAC with the final version of the collective agreement, it is not always possible to post these agreements in a timely fashion. -In Ontario Almost 50% of the membership is in Non Treasury Board Locals, Including Directly chartered Locals such as Core of Commissionaires for GTAA, or the Teaching Assistance of Western University…


Role of Union Representatives
Union representatives are elected, acclaimed or appointed by the local to: •serve the interests of the membership; * uphold applicable bylaws and constriction of the union; and * ensure utilization of and compliance to the collective agreement (CA) •Verify compliance with Departmental Note: Management is required to be advised by local of Representatives and their Jurisdiction. This is currently done by the Annual Report. Representative Selection to committees are ratified at the next General membership committee. are Management General Safety Organization Affect required change Recommendation is made Occupational Safety and Health (Committee) Rep. Member Local steward Local Committees Labour Management Relation Committee Rep
- OSH: OSH/Josh Reps -Grievance: Steward Body -Bargaining: LMRC+ - Finance: Treasurer & Auditors -Recreation and Welfare:
EAP Liaison, United Way Co-ord.


Acceptable Response is Received No

LMRC Minutes Reflect Item Closed

Orientation, Discipline



Item may be referred to DND National Safety Policy Committee
Canada Labour may be contacted to ensure appropriate resolution determined/implemented. $1000000.00 fine for any violation can be imposed Roles and Responsibilities (J)OSH Reps: as defined in the Canada labour code part II LMRC Reps: as defined by the Joint LMRC policy and PSMA Steward: as defined in the Stewards handbook. These roles include: -investigating alleged violations of the (CA) and recommend an appropriate response to situation -responding to inquirer or referring such matters to the union subject matter expert and relaying the answer back to the member. -advise Chief Steward/Executive of developments on issues of concern Local Committee Representatives: As defined in Component Resolutions/Annual report/Local motions of record Minutes Reflect Item Closed

Issue is resolved? No Regional LMRC

Local Executive Committee President, Vice PresidentSecretary,Treasurer,& Chief Steward

UNDE Ontario Regional Vice President

Issue is resolved? No Departmental UMCC

UNDE National Component President

PSAC National Union President

Union Fees
Union dues go to address required facilities, staff and expenses members participating in union sanctioned events. The Return on the investment is difficult to measure when one considers the implications to cost of living and social integrity. Currently Canadian Unions constitute approximately 30% of the Canadian Workforce. Many non unionized workers reap the benefits previously won by unions ie 5day work week, paid vaction, paid sick leave, dental benefits drug benefits… However, many of these benefits are being eroded among workers in the retail sector or among contracted out services.

PSAC= 0.889? +0.35 (for strike fund)+$5 till strike fund reaches $10Million then it drops to $3? -Bargaining/Benefits for members/Classification and equal pay/ Communications and publications/Disability insurance/Education/ Employment equity/Grievance and arbitration/Health and safety/ Human rights/Organizing /Pay equity/Pensions /Political action/ Women’s rights/Youth/Jobs at the PSAC UNDE=0.52559% Administration/National Executive/Regional Conferences/Education/Union Services/ Programs and Benefits/ Collective bargaining/ Union Action/Public Relations/Funded Accounts/CLAND Study UNDE Local 625= $2.80 (pending conversion to % per motion of record) Executive Expenses/Contingency Funds/Registration Fee/Affiliation dues/Administration

Temporary Duty expenses are based on Treasury Board standard rates. Union fees are tax deductible. However having paid tax on your total income which generates your dues certain remunerations are not taxable as income. (IE. Expenses for conducting union business, strike pay…)

Benefits of Membership
Rand: Justice Ivan Rand issued a landmark legal decision following a strike in Windsor, Ontario,involving 17,000 Ford workers in their 1945-46 Labour dispute. Rand ruled that all workers in a bargaining unit benefit from a union-negotiated contract. Therefore, he reasoned they must pay union dues, although they do not have to join the union. This decision means that unless workers sign a union card, they are not members of the union, even though they must pay full union dues Those members who have not signed a union card or by reason of religious prohibition cannot participate in a union are entitled to all entitlements of the collective agreement, national joint council agreements and representation Note: Such members can attend general membership meetings as a guest having voice but not vote on motions, union elections or matters related to a strikes or tentative offer. Full: Those members who have signed a union card are entitled to all entitlements of the collective agreement, national joint council agreements representation and much more. Additional benefits include: *Improving your Working conditions -by fully participating in votes regarding contracts or strikes or for the election of your union representatives, -by submit bargaining demands to improve your circumstances and those of your co-workers -by utilizing union representation on issue that are or are not related to the contract *Training Opportunities -Running for and holding union office offer valuable developmental experience that can be recognized by management as a transferable skill set qualifying the member for experience and skill requirements on competitions -PSAC Toronto Regional office offers courses on certain weekends, and weeknights./ Regional Council establishes in residence training…The component also supplements training on issues critical to the membership. Alliance facilitators are available to conduct sessions during working hours where 12 or more participants request it *Conventions/Conferences -PSAC Triennial Conventions, OFL Biannual Conventions, Conferences on Issues critical to the labour movement PSAC Group benefit packages Long term service and merit awards(Ken Green scholarship)/MasterCard Program/ Home & Auto Insurance (Traders/Aviva)/Group Life InsuranceCoughlin & Associates Car Rentals (Avis)/Hotel Rooms(Delta)/Moving(Tippet-Richardson Ltd)

Grievance Procedures
A grievance is a written complaint. The collective agreement stipulates your right to grieve subject to se4ction 91 of the public service staff relations act. All grievances that involve the collective agreement must be approved by the union.
Meetings during the grievance proceeding: Members should ensure that they submit the appropriate leave with pay when meeting with their steward to discuss a grievance or meeting with management and there representative to resolve the grievance. Untimely grievances can be dismissed at lower levels and are routinely dismissed at the final level. Staff Relations Grievances Address the broadest scope of issues. Including harasment,discrimination PRRs. The grievance should be raised within 25 days of the incident giving rise to the grievance. Classification Grievance -normally only applicable within 25 days from receipt of a revised or reclassified job description or letter of offer. -only heard at third level Adjudicable grievance Normally monetary/benefit implications are involved. National Joint Council Grievance Section 14 of NJC bylaws describes the process. The exceptions to this procedure are disputes regarding the Public Service Health Care Plan which provides a separate appeal process.) PSST Complaints/PSC Investigations -Must be submitted within the notice to appeal timeframe. -Employees are entitled to full disclosure of the merit of the evaluation -The Public Service Commission rules on whether the departments staffing process was In the best interest of the public service. They may impose corrective actions on the department -The reverse side of an appeal addresses employment equity issues

-Investigations are normally applicable on open competitions