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									Pre-Decisional                                                                                 11 - Child and Youth Services                                                                    Pre-Decisional

 Rank       SSP Name   Cost %                                 Description                                                                     Components
                                                                                                        This SSP includes:

                                Deliver Child and Youth Services for eligible children to reduce the    Child and Youth spaces which are the foundation of the Child and Youth System.
                                conflict between parental responsibilities and mission requirements.    This SSP addresses the required number of Child and Youth spaces (availability), the
                                Services delivered using integrated Child and Youth System based on a   validated cost of spaces (affordability), and statutory driven standards of operation
                                "child and youth space" as a unit of service and associated funding.    (quality).

                            Note: The process of managing by Child and Youth spaces gives the           Availability
                            Army clear choices for delivering garrison services at acceptable levels.   • Age Groups: Infants, Preschoolers, Schoolage, Middle School, Teens
        Child and           This process, jointly developed by DoD and the Military Departments, is     • Services: Full & Part Day, Hourly, Extended Hours, 24/7, Seasonal, Weekends,
   A    Youth          100% designed to provide flexibility within metric parameters and is             Evenings, Special Events, Outreach, School Transition/Liaison Services, Youth
        Services            understood by Congress and by Program Objective Memorandum                  Sponsorship
                            (POM) Program Evaluation Groups (PEGs) to be a common level of              • Delivery System Space Components* :
                            service. The direct costs required to operate Child and Youth Systems,        -- Child Development Centers (6 wks to 5yrs)
                            consistently and predictably across IMA garrisons, are embedded in a          -- Child Development Centers (6-10 yrs)
                            Child and Youth space. Availability, Affordability and Quality metrics        -- Youth Centers (Middle School (11-15 yrs) & (Teens 16-18 years)
                            determine the allocation of the spaces and the required associated            -- Family Child Care Homes (4 wks-12 yrs)
                            funding. When funding or demand for services expands or declines, the         -- Youth Sports and Fitness (6-18 years)
                            number of Child and Youth spaces is adjusted accordingly.                     -- Army Sponsored Community Based Child Care (6 weeks - 12 years)
                                                                                                          -- Army Sponsored Community Based Youth Program (11-18 years)
                                                                                                            * Include Special Needs Children and Youth
                                                                                                        • Locations : On and Off Post Locations (includes area adjacent to the garrison and

                                                                                                        CLS v4.0 Results
Pre-Decisional                                                                   11 - Child and Youth Services   Pre-Decisional

                 Customer(s)               Critical to Quality Characteristics

                                           Healthy, safe environments;
                                             Predictable services and
                                           standards of care; Child and
                                             youth well-being; School
                                              readiness for younger
                                                 children; School
                                              success/transition for
  Soldiers, DoD Civilians, and all other      school aged children;
eligible recipients of service as per DoDI    Customer responsive,
       6060.2, 6060.3, and 6060.4                  trained staff;

                                         Mission/Workforce support;
                                         Services availability on and
                                          off-post where the patron
                                          resides; Mix of care and
                                             supervision options;

                                                Affordable fees;

                                                                                      CLS v4.0 Results

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