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File No. / Numéro de dossier :                0803-07-PE

                                   NOTICE OF APPLICATION


An application has been filed with the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal (the “Tribunal”) under section 24(6)
of the Pay Equity Act (the “Act”) seeking an Order from the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal requiring
Haydon Youth Services to comply with an Order issued by Review Officer Isgro on March 4, 2005 . The
application was filed by Brandi Antoniak. It has been assigned PEHT File No. 0803-07-PE.

The Order directs Haydon Youth Services to prepare a pay equity plan using the proxy method of
comparison with the job classes of Child Care Worker and Part-time Child Care Worker as female
dominated job classes. The Order further directs Haydon Youth Services to post the plan no later than
August 8, 2005 and, following a period of time during which the employees could make comments on the
plan, states that the plan will be deemed approved.

You may be affected by the outcome of these applications and as such you may
have the right to participate.
The Tribunal has directed Haydon Youth Services to a post a copy of a Decision of the PEHT dated
February 24, 2009 and this Notice to Employees in the workplace in location(s) where they are most
likely to come to the attention of employees.

If you wish to participate in the hearing, you must advise the Tribunal, Brandi
Antoniak and Haydon Youth Services by doing the following:
    1. Complete a Response Form (Form 2) explaining your position. The Tribunal's Rules and
       Information Bulletins will help you to understand what information you need to provide in your
       Response. The Response Form is available from the Tribunal’s website under Forms & Rules -
       Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal (

    2. Serve your completed Response Form on the parties listed on the Schedule “A” attached to this
       Notice. Then complete a Statement of Service (Form 3) explaining how and when you delivered
       the Response Form to them.

    3. File a copy of your Response Form and the Statement of Service with the Tribunal by Friday,
       April 3, 2009.

    4. After the deadline for the filing of responses has passed the Tribunal will send out a revised list of
       parties. After you receive this revised list of parties you will be expected to deliver a copy of any
       further materials or correspondence that you send to the Tribunal to all of the parties listed on the
       revised list of parties before you file them with the Tribunal.

    5. If you file a response, you will be advised of any pre-hearing and hearing dates set by the

   If you do not file a Response Form with the Tribunal by Friday, April 3, 2009, the Tribunal will
   proceed with these applications without any further notice to you.

    Diane L. Gee
    Chair, Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal
                                    SCHEDULE "A"

Brandi Antoniak
36 Spry Avenue
Bowmanville, Ontario L1C 3T5

Haydon Youth Services
220 Gibb Street
Oshawa, Ontario L1J 1Y7
Attention: Mr. Alan Hayes and Don Pazaratz
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Fax. (905)571-0809

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