Ellison Dies Nassau Library System- Youth Services Department by umsymums38


									                       Ellison Dies
    Nassau Library System- Youth Services Department
       Please note that an asterisk (*) indicates the five new Ellison Dies that were just added to the list.

African Kinara                Football helmet                 Pirate
Alligator                     Footprint                       Planets
Alphabet Letters              Four-Leaf Clover                Pumpkin
Anchor                        Genie Lamp                      Puppet, Duck (XL)
Apple                         Ghost                           Puppet Frog
*Arrow (XL)                   Gingerbread Man                 Puppet, Cow (XL)
Award                         Girl (generic)                  Puppet, Pig (XL)
Badge, Sheriff                Glasses #2                      Puppet, Rabbit (XL)
Bag #1                        Globe                           Robot
Bag #3                        Grapes                          Rocket Ship
Balloons                      Happy Face                      Rocking Horse
Banner                        Heart #2                        Rose
Baseball                      Horse/Carousal                  Runner
Baseball Hat                  Hot Air Balloon                 Sailboat
Basket #3                     House #1                        Sailing Ship
Bath Tub                      Ice Cream Cone                  Scroll
Beach Ball                    Ice Cream Sundae                Seahorse
Beach Umbrella                Iguana                          Shark
Beaver                        In-line Skate                   Shell
Bee                           Kangaroo                        Snowflake #2
Binoculars                    Kite                            Snowman
Bird                          Knight Hat                      Spiral
”BOOK”                        Koala                           Spiral (XL)
Book (open)                   Ladybug                         Star, Puffy
Book (closed)                 Lighthouse                      Statue of Liberty
Bookmark/Butterfly            Lightning Bolt                  Sun
Bookmark, Scallop,            Locomotive (XL)                 Tag #2
         (XL)                 Magnifying Glass                Tank Car
Bookworm                      Maple Leaf                      Teddy Bear Puppet
Boy (generic)                 Mask                            Tennis racquet & ball
*Bugs, Mixed                  Mask, Dog (XL)                  Tent
Butterfly                     Megaphone                       Treasure Chest
*Butterfly #5                 Monkey                          Treble Clef
Camel                         Moon                            *Tree Leaves
Camera instamatic             Moose                           Tree (Branch Right,
Campfire                      Movie Clapper                   Left, Trunk) (3 dies)
Candy Cane                    Mushrooms                                (XL)
Christmas Light               Musical Instrument              Trojan Mascot
Christian fish #1             Set                             Trophy
Clock face                      (Piano, Drum &                Turkey
Coyote                        Sticks,                         Tyrannosaurus
Crayfish                        Trumpet, Tuba,                Tugboat
Crayon                        Cello)                          Unicorn
Crown #2                      Musical Note                    Watering Can
Cupcake with Candle           New York State                  Watermelon
Dolphin                       Outline                         Whale
Dreidel                       Octopus                         “WOW”
Duck Toy                      Open Hand                       Wreath
Elephant Baby                 Owl
Fire Truck                    Pail & Shovel
Fish #1                       Paintbrush #1                   (XL – Extra Large)
Flashlight                    Palette
Flower #1                     Party Hat
*Flower, Layered              Penguin #2
                                                                                                    October 2008

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