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Pre-Hiring Assessments Reduce Casino Employee Turnover
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The road to reducing costly employee turnover at casinos starts with the hiring process and its use of personality assessments. The following tip about employee turnover is provided by Robinson & Associates, Inc., a customer service consulting firm to the gaming industry. Tip: “Hogan Assessment Systems says casinos exacerbate their employee turnover problem when they fail to assess job applicants to see if they have what it takes to succeed. Casinos should first assess the job opening itself by looking at the people who are currently doing it successfully and seeing what makes them tick. Then use that as the benchmark for assessing candidates for the job. Assess job applicants before making the hiring decision.” Robinson & Associates, Inc., is a global customer service consulting firm for the gaming industry. It helps casinos determine their Advocate Index, a number that indicates the extent to which properties have guests who are willing to be advocates. The company then implements its Advocate Development System in combination with the proven methodology of Advocate Index and best business practices to help casinos create


Hiring Assessments more guest advocates and chart a course for growth and profitability.

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Robinson & Associates may be reached by phone at 480-991-6420, by e-mail at or via its Web sites at and Robinson & Associates is a member of the Casino Management Association and an associate member of the National Indian Gaming Association. #

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