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									English Literature & Criticism
Evocative objects : things we think with / edited by Sherry Turkle. Philip Melanchthon and the English Reformation / John Schofield. Humanism and the culture of Renaissance Europe / Charles G. Nauert, Jr. Navigations : collected Irish essays, 1976-2006 / Richard Kearney. Schofield, John, 1948Nauert, Charles Garfield, 1928Kearney, Richard.


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BF175.5.T73 E96 2007 BR335 .S46 2006 CB361 .N34 2006 DA925 .K43 2006 DC121.7 .B43 2006 E184.A1 A39 2002 F799 .W42 1992 HQ1143 .V67 2005

Salons, history, and the creation of seventeenth-century France : mastering memory / Faith E. Beasley. Beasley, Faith Evelyn. Transnational America : cultural pluralist thought in the twentieth century / Everett Helmut Akam. Spanish frontier in North America / David J. Weber. Voices in dialogue : reading women in the Middle Ages / Linda Olson and Kathryn Kerby-Fulton, editors. Wars of position : the cultural politics of left and right / Timothy Brennan. Women, art, and architecture in northern Italy, 1520-1580 : negotiating power / Katherine A. McIver. Beholder : the experience of art in early modern Europe / edited by Thomas Frangenberg and Robert Williams. Modern Irish : grammatical structure and dialectal variation / MiL cheaL l OL Siadhail. Irish bardic poetry and rhetorical reality / Michelle O Riordan. Industrial poetics : demo tracks for a mobile culture / Joe Amato. Prehistoric digital poetry : an archaeology of forms, 1959-1995 / C.T. Funkhouser. Poetry & pedagogy : the challenge of the contemporary / edited by Joan Retallack and Juliana Spahr. Violent femmes : women as spies in popular culture / Rosie White. Dancing on the white page : Black women entertainers writing autobiography / Kwakiutl L. Dreher. Jacques Copeau's friends and disciples : the TheL aL tre du VieuxColombier in New York City, 1917-1919 / Thomas John Donahue. Art of lecturing : a practical guide to successful university lectures and business presentations / Parham Aarabi. Modernism and democracy : literary culture, 1900-1930 / Rachel Potter. White, Rosie, 1964Dreher, Kwakiutl L., 1957Donahue, Thomas John, 1943Aarabi, Parham, 1976Potter, Rachel (Rachel C.) O'Siadhail, Micheal, 1947O Riordan, Michelle. Amato, Joe, 1955Funkhouser, Chris. Akam, Everett Helmut, 1947Weber, David J.

Brennan, Timothy, 1953- JA75.7 .B74 2006 McIver, Katherine A., 1949N5273 .M38 2006 N6754 .B454 2006 PB1221 .O16 1991 PB1322 .O17 2007 PN1031 .A456 2006 PN1059.C6 F86 2007 PN1101 .P574 2006 PN1992.8.S67 W45 2007 PN2286 .D74 2008

PN2638.C74 D66 2008 PN4193.L4 A337 2007 PN56.M54 P68 2006

I am a beautiful monster : poetry, prose, and provocation / Francis Picabia ; Picabia, Francis, 1879translated by Marc Lowenthal. 1953. PQ2631.I3 A213 2007 Everyday life : theories and practices from surrealism to the present / Michael Sheringham. Dante's hermeneutics of salvation : passages to freedom in the Divine comedy / Christine O'Connell Baur. Reading Dante : the pursuit of meaning / Jesper Hede. Dante and his literary precursors : twelve essays / edited by John C. Barnes and Jennifer Petrie. Dante and the Church : literary and historical essays / edited by Paolo Acquaviva and Jennifer Petrie. Dante and the human body : eight essays / edited by John C. Barnes and Jennifer Petrie. History lessons : refiguring the nineteenth-century historical novel in Spanish America / by Lee Joan Skinner. Vulnerable states : bodies of memory in contemporary Caribbean fiction / Guillermina De Ferrari. Skinner, Lee Joan. Sheringham, Michael. Baur, Christine O'Connell. Hede, Jesper, 1967PQ305 .S46 2006 PQ4390 .B44 2007 PQ4390 .H45 2007 PQ4393 .D36 2007 PQ4416 .D355 2007 PQ4432.B63 D36 2007 PQ7082.H57 S575 2006

De Ferrari, Guillermina, 1966PQ7361 .D4 2007

Cause and effect in Beowulf : motivation and driving forces behind words and deeds / Martin Puhvel. Divine deviants : the dialectics of devotion in the poetry of Donne and RuL miL / Manijeh Mannani. Aesthetics of Antichrist : from Christian drama to Christopher Marlowe / John Parker. Hamlet, Protestantism, and the mourning of contingency : not to be / John E. Curran, Jr. Shakespeare's Marlowe : the influence of Christopher Marlowe on Shakespeare's artistry / Robert A. Logan. Shakespeare in parts / Simon Palfrey and Tiffany Stern. Poor women in Shakespeare / Fiona McNeill. Male friendship in Shakespeare and his contemporaries / Tom MacFaul. Concise companion to Shakespeare and the text / edited by Andrew Murphy. Shakespeare's late style / Russ McDonald. Staging of romance in late Shakespeare : text and theatrical technique / Christopher J. Cobb.

Puhvel, Martin, 1933-

PR1585 .P85 2005

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Representing Shakespearean tragedy : Garrick, the Kembles, and Kean / by Reiko Oya. Oya, Reiko, 1965Fair philosopher : Eliza Haywood and the female spectator / edited by Lynn Marie Wright and Donald J. Newman. Milton's imperial epic : Paradise lost and the discourse of colonialism / J. Martin Evans. Milton's uncertain Eden : understanding place in Paradise lost / Andrew Mattison. Perversions, originals, and redemptions in Paradise lost : the typological scheme and sign theory that unify Milton's epic / Thomas Ramey Watson. Spiritual architecture and Paradise regained : Milton's literary ecclesiology / Ken Simpson.

Mattison, Andrew, 1976- PR3562 .M38 2007 Watson, Thomas Ramey.

PR3562 .W33 2007

Simpson, Ken (Kenneth R.), 1957PR3565 .S56 2007 PR3588 .F38 2006 PR3588 .F47 2006 PR3588 .M483 2007

Milton's places of hope : spiritual and political connections of hope with land / Mary C. Fenton. Fenton, Mary, 1959End of learning : Milton and education / Thomas Festa. Milton and toleration / edited by Sharon Achinstein and Elizabeth Sauer. Milton and the climates of reading : essays / by Balachandra Rajan ; edited by Elizabeth Sauer ; with an afterword by Joseph A. Wittreich. Milton and the manuscript of De doctrina Christiana / Gordon Campbell ... [et al.]. Age of Milton and the scientific revolution / Angelica Duran. Katherine Philips (1631/2-1664) : printed publications 1651-1664 / selected and introduced by Paula Loscocco. Disciplining love : Austen and the modern man / Michael Kramp. Last things : Emily BronteL 's poems / Janet Gezari. Duran, Angelica. Festa, Thomas.

Rajan, Balachandra.

PR3588 .R33 2006 PR3592.R4 M57 2007 PR3592.S3 D87 2007

Philips, Katherine, 16311664. PR3619.P4 A6 2007 Kramp, Michael. Gezari, Janet. PR4037 .K73 2007 PR4173 .G44 2007 PR421 .R67 2007 PR428.C48 P46 2006 PR428.E85 R43 2007 Cormack, Bradin. Sherwood, Terry G. (Terry Grey), 1936PR428.L37 C67 2007 PR428.S45 S54 2007

Tradition and subversion in Renaissance literature : studies in Shakespeare, Spenser, Jonson, and Donne / Murray Roston. Roston, Murray. Religion, allegory, and literacy in early modern England, 1560-1640 : the control of the word / John S. Pendergast. Reading Renaissance ethics / edited by Marshall Grossman. Power to do justice : jurisdiction, English literature, and the rise of common law, 1509-1625 / Bradin Cormack. Self in early modern literature : for the common good / Terry G. Sherwood. Pendergast, John S., 1963-

Exile and journey in seventeenth-century literature / Christopher D'Addario. Imagination and politics in seventeenth-century England / Todd Butler. Dickens and the popular radical imagination / Sally Ledger. Victorian literature and finance / edited by Francis O'Gorman. Lost causes : historical consciousness in Victorian literature / Jason B. Jones. Art of eloquence : Byron, Dickens, Tennyson, Joyce / Matthew Bevis. Darwin, literature and Victorian respectability / Gowan Dawson.

D'Addario, Christopher. PR438.E95 D33 2007 Butler, Todd Wayne. Ledger, Sally. PR438.P65 B88 2008 PR4592.R27 L43 2007 PR468.F56 V53 2007 Jones, Jason B., 1971- PR468.H57 J66 2006 Bevis, Matthew. Dawson, Gowan. PR468.P57 B48 2007 PR468.S34 D39 2007 PR5398 .J64 2007 PR545.S33 M33 2007

Kinship coterie and the literary endeavors of the women in the Shelley circle / Sharon Lynne Joffe. Joffe, Sharon Lynne. Poetry and ecology in the age of Milton and Marvell / Diane Kelsey McColley. On form : poetry, aestheticism, and the legacy of a word / Angela Leighton. Joyce & Jung : the "four stages of eroticism" in A portrait of the artist as a young man / Hiromi Yoshida. Joyce and reality : the empirical strikes back / John Gordon. McColley, Diane Kelsey, 1934-

Leighton, Angela, 1954- PR595.A34 L45 2007 Yoshida, Hiromi, 1964- PR6019.O9 P6498 2006 Gordon, John, 1945PR6019.O9 U63 2004

Party pieces : oral storytelling and social performance in Joyce and Beckett PR6019.O9 Z5334414 / Alan W. Friedman. Friedman, Alan Warren. 2007 Imagining Joyce and Derrida : between Finnegans wake and Glas / Peter Mahon. Mahon, Peter, 1971PR6019.O9 Z72536 2007 PR6023.E926 Z6642 2007 PR6045.E8 Z835 2006 Blair, Emily, 1955Ellis, Steve, 1952Worrall, David. Gottlieb, Evan, 1975Kickel, Katherine E., 1975Lennon, Joseph (Joseph Allen) PR6045.O72 Z5613 2007 PR6045.O72 Z62678 2007 PR708.E88 W67 2007 PR8552 .G68 2007

Company they keep : C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien as writers in community / Diana Pavlac Glyer. Glyer, Diana. Rebecca West today : contemporary critical approaches / edited by Bernard Schweizer. Virginia Woolf and the nineteenth-century domestic novel / Emily Blair. Virginia Woolf and the Victorians / Steve Ellis. Harlequin empire : race, ethnicity and the drama of the popular Enlightenment / by David Worrall. Feeling British : sympathy and national identity in Scottish and English writing, 1707-1832 / Evan Gottlieb. Novel notions : medical discourse and the mapping of the imagination in eighteenth-century English fiction / Katherine E. Kickel. Irish Orientalism : a literary and intellectual history / Joseph Lennon. New contexts : reframing nineteenth-century Irish women's prose / edited by Heidi Hansson. Writing Lough Derg : from William Carleton to Seamus Heaney / Peggy O'Brien. Feminist realism at the fin de sieL Victorian sensations : essays on a scandalous genre / edited by Kimberly Harrison and Richard Fantina. Anglo-Irish autobiography : class, gender, and the forms of narrative / Elizabeth Grubgeld. Before the country : native renaissance, Canadian mythology / Stephanie McKenzie. Grubgeld, Elizabeth. McKenzie, Stephanie. O'Brien, Peggy, 1945-

PR858.M42 K53 2007 PR8719 .L46 2004 PR8733 .N49 2008 PR8755 .O27 2006

Youngkin, Molly, 1970- PR878.F45 Y68 2007 PR878.S44 V53 2006 PR8817 .G78 2004 PR9188.2.I54 M35 2007

Devil's topographer : Ambrose Bierce and the American war story / David M. Owens. Owens, David M., 1954- PS1097.Z5 O95 2006 Twain, Alcott, and the birth of the adolescent reform novel / Roberta Seelinger Trites. Women and authorship in revolutionary America / Angela Vietto. Trites, Roberta Seelinger, 1962Vietto, Angela. PS1338 .T75 2007 PS149 .V54 2005

Women, celebrity, and literary culture between the wars / Faye Hammill. Private lives, proper relations : regulating black intimacy / Candice M. Jenkins. Race, theft, and ethics : property matters in African American literature / Lovalerie King. Telling narratives : secrets in African American literature / Leslie W. Lewis. Shades of the planet : American literature as world literature / edited by Wai Chee Dimock and Lawrence Buell. America's Gothic fiction : the legacy of Magnalia Christi Americana / Dorothy Z. Baker.

Hammill, Faye.

PS152 .H36 2007

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Medicine bundle : Indian sacred performance and American literature, 18241932 / Joshua David Bellin. Bellin, Joshua David. Whiteness visible : the meaning of whiteness in American literature and culture / Valerie Babb. Feminist interventions in early American studies / edited by Mary C. Carruth. Formalism, experience, and the making of American literature in the nineteenth century / Theo Davis. Contesting the past, reconstructing the nation : American literature and culture in the Gilded Age, 1876-1893 / Ben Railton. Temple and the forum : the American museum and cultural authority in Hawthorne, Melville, Stowe, and Whitman / Les Harrison. Transnationalism and American literature : literary translation 1773-1892 / Colleen Glenney Boggs. Grammar of good intentions : race and the antebellum culture of benevolence / Susan M. Ryan. Race, slavery, and liberalism in nineteenth-century American literature / Arthur Riss. Reclaiming authorship : literary women in America, 1850-1900 / Susan S. Williams. Courting failure : women and the law in twentieth-century literature / Heidi Slettedahl Macpherson. Vocabulary of thinking : Gertrude Stein and contemporary North American women's innovative writing / Deborah M. Mix. Reading Melville's Pierre; or, The ambiguities / Brian Higgins and Hershel Parker. Passive constitutions, or, 7 1/2 times Bartleby / Branka ArsicL . Melville : the making of the poet / Hershel Parker. Women, the New York School, and other true abstractions / by Maggie Nelson. Plantation airs : racial paternalism and the transformations of class in southern fiction, 1945-1971 / Brannon Costello. Web of words : the great dialogue of Southern literature / Richard Gray. Touching the web of southern novelists / David Madden. Babb, Valerie Melissa.

Ryan, Susan M., Ph. D. PS217.R28 R93 2003 Riss, Arthur, 1961Williams, Susan S. Macpherson, Heidi Slettedahl. Mix, Deborah M. Higgins, Brian, 1943ArsicL , Branka. Parker, Hershel. Nelson, Maggie, 1973PS217.S55 R57 2006 PS217.W64 W55 2006 PS228.L39 M33 2007 PS228.W65 M59 2007 PS2384.P53 H54 2006 PS2387 .A77 2007 PS2387 .P28 2008 PS255.N5 N46 2007

Costello, Brannon, 1975- PS261 .C59 2007 Gray, Richard J. Madden, David, 1933PS261 .G693 2007 PS261 .M26 2006 PS266.N8 D48 2007

Beyond Maximus : the construction of public voice in Black Mountain poetry / Anne Day Dewey. Dewey, Anne Day. Beautiful enemies : friendship and postwar American poetry / Andrew Epstein. War against naturalism in the contemporary American theatre / Robert J. Andreach. Kenneth Burke in the 1930s / Ann George and Jack Selzer. Collected poems of Robert Creeley. Montage of a dream : the art and life of Langston Hughes / edited by John Edgar Tidwell and Cheryl R. Ragar ; with a foreword by Arnold Rampersad.

Epstein, Andrew, 1969- PS323.5 .E67 2006 Andreach, Robert J. George, Ann, 1957Creeley, Robert, 19262005. PS338.N38 A63 2008 PS3503.U6134 Z667 2007 PS3505.R43 A17 2006 PS3515.U274 Z6845 2007

Selected prose, daybooks, and papers / George Oppen ; edited by Stephen Cope. Oppen, George. George Oppen and the fate of modernism / Peter Nicholls. Anne Sexton's confessional poetics / Jo Gill. Art of the magic striptease : the literary layers of George Garrett / Casey Clabough. Reading, learning, teaching N. Scott Momaday / Jim Charles. Black looks & Black acts : the language of Toni Morrison in The Bluest Eye and Beloved / Ritashona Simpson. Traveling women : narrative visions of early America / Susan Clair Imbarrato. Affecting fictions : mind, body, and emotion in American literary realism / Jane F. Thrailkill. Cannibal fictions : American explorations of colonialism, race, gender and sexuality / Jeff Berglund. Panic! : markets, crises, & crowds in American fiction / David A. Zimmerman. Beautiful bottom, beautiful shame : where "Black" meets "queer" / Kathryn Bond Stockton. Trailing clouds : immigrant fiction in contemporary America / David Cowart. Genesis of fiction : modern novelists as biblical interpreters / Terry R. Wright. Nicholls, Peter, 1950Gill, Jo, 1965Clabough, Casey Howard, 1974Charles, Jim. Simpson, Ritashona.

PS3529.P54 A6 2007 PS3529.P54 Z77 2007 PS3537.E915 Z685 2007 PS3557.A72 Z63 2008 PS3563.O47 Z63 2007 PS3563.O8749 Z855 2007

Imbarrato, Susan Clair. PS366.T73 I43 2006 Thrailkill, Jane F., 1963- PS374.B64 T48 2007 Berglund, Jeff. Zimmerman, David A. (David Andrew), 1964Stockton, Kathryn Bond, 1958Cowart, David, 1947Wright, Terry R. PS374.C34 B47 2006

PS374.E4 Z56 2006 PS374.H63 S76 2006 PS374.I48 C69 2006 PS374.R47 W75 2007 PS374.U8 S66 2006

After utopia : the rise of critical space in twentieth-century American fiction / Spencer, Nicholas, Nicholas Spencer. 1966Race in early modern England : a documentary companion / edited by Ania Loomba and Jonathan Burton. Postcolonial and the global / Revathi Krishnaswamy and John C. Hawley, editors. Oxford handbook of English literature and theology / edited by Andrew Hass, David Jasper and Elisabeth Jay. Telling anxiety : anxious narration in the work of Marguerite Duras, Annie Ernaux, Nathalie Sarraute, and Anne HeL bert / Jennifer Willging. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the Order of the Garter / Francis Ingledew. Lorine Niedecker collected works / edited by Jenny Penberthy. Shakespeare and the cultural colonization of Ireland / Robin E. Bates. Poetic investigations : singing the holes in history / Paul Naylor. New collected poems / George Oppen ; edited with an introduction and notes by Michael Davidson ; preface by Eliot Weinberger. John Donne : an annotated bibliography of modern criticism, 1979/1995 / John R. Roberts.

Willging, Jennifer. Ingledew, Francis, 1955Niedecker, Lorine. Bates, Robin E., 1971Naylor, Paul, 1957Oppen, George. Roberts, John Richard

Refiguring the sacred feminine : the poems of John Donne, Aemilia Lanyer, DiPasquale, Theresa and John Milton / Theresa DiPasquale. M., 1962Playing spaces in early women's drama / Alison Findlay. Twisty little passages : an approach to interactive fiction / Nick Montfort. Shakespeare and child's play : performing lost boys on stage and screen / Carol Chillington Rutter. Seamus Heaney and the emblems of hope / Karen Marguerite Moloney. Genre and women's life writing in early modern England / edited by Michelle M. Dowd and Julie A. Eckerle. Performing early modern trauma from Shakespeare to Milton / by Thomas P. Anderson. Anderson, Thomas Page, 1968Findlay, Alison. Montfort, Nick. Rutter, Carol Chillington. Moloney, Karen Marguerite, 1951-

Untimely beggar : poverty and power from Baudelaire to Benjamin / Patrick Greaney. MELVILLE AND REPOSE: THE RHETORIC OF HUMOR IN THE AMERICAN RENAISSANCE. Literature and the politics of family in seventeenth-century England / Su Fang Ng. John Updike : a bibliography of primary and secondary materials, 19482007 / Jack De Bellis & Michael Broomfield. Sidneys of Penshurst and the monarchy, 1500-1700 / Michael G. Brennan. Sciences from below : feminisms, postcolonialities, and modernities / Sandra Harding.

Greaney, Patrick.

Ng, Su Fang. De Bellis, Jack. Brennan, Michael G. Harding, Sandra G.

Revolution almost beyond expression : Jane Austen's Persuasion / Jocelyn Harris. Harris, Jocelyn. Subversive genealogy : the politics and art of Herman Melville / Michael Paul Rogin. Telegraphic realism : Victorian fiction and other information systems / Richard Menke. Shakespeare's practical jokes : an introduction to the comic in his work / David Ellis. Pynchon and the political / Samuel Thomas. Italian encounter with Tudor England : a cultural politics of translation / Michael Wyatt. Toward an aesthetics of blindness : an interdisciplinary response to Synge, Yeats, and Friel / David Feeney. Songs became the stories : the music in African American fiction, 19702005 / Robert H. Cataliotti. Rogin, Michael Paul. Menke, Richard. Ellis, David, 1939Thomas, Samuel. Wyatt, Michael. Feeney, David, 1974Cataliotti, Robert H., 1955-

Shakespeare and childhood / Kate Chedgzoy, Susanne Greenhalgh, Robert Shaughnessy. Chedgzoy, Kate. Renaissance palace in Florence : magnificence and splendour in fifteenthcentury Italy / James R. Lindow. Beckett, Derrida, and the event of literature / Asja Szafraniec. Our secret discipline : Yeats and lyric form / Helen Vendler. Running scared : masculinity and the representation of the male body / Peter Lehman. Black and white in colour : African history on screen / edited by Vivian Bickford-Smith and Richard Mendelsohn. Collected poems of Robert Creeley. Modern Irish autobiography : self, nation and society / edited by Liam Harte. Mediterranean crossings : the politics of an interrupted modernity / Iain Chambers. Chambers, Iain. Creeley, Robert, 19262005. CT25 .M565 2007 D973 .C51 2008 DA125.A1 M64 2007 DS35 .S69 2008 E184.A1 W83 2006 Lindow, James. Szafraniec, Asja. Vendler, Helen Hennessy. Lehman, Peter.

Imperial white : race, diaspora, and the British Empire / Radhika Mohanram. Mohanram, Radhika. Other Asias / Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Not quite white : white trash and the boundaries of whiteness / Matt Wray. Pitch woman and other stories : the oral traditions of Coquelle Thompson, Upper Coquille Athabaskan Indian / edited and with an introduction by William R. Seaburg ; collected by Elizabeth D. Jacobs. Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty. Wray, Matt, 1964-

Thompson, Coquelle, 1848-1946.

E99.C8742 T4693 2007 HV6566 .B86 2008 LB1631 .W347 2008 PE1128.A2 F543 2007

In an abusive state : how neoliberalism appropriated the feminist movement against sexual violence / Kristin Bumiller. Bumiller, Kristin, 1957Grammar to enrich & enhance writing / Constance Weaver ; with Jonathan Bush. Language learners in the English classroom / Douglas Fisher, Carol Rothenberg, Nancy Frey. Weaver, Constance. Fisher, Douglas, 1965-

Cambridge introduction to creative writing / David Morley. Irish English : history and present-day forms / Raymond Hickey. Anthology of Jewish-Russian literature : two centuries of dual identity in prose and poetry / edited, selected, and cotranslated, with introductory essays by Maxim D. Shrayer. Representing the immigrant experience : Morris Rosenfeld and the emergence of Yiddish literature in America / Marc Miller. Naguib Mahfouz : a western and eastern cage of female entrapment / Pamela Allegretto-Diiulio. Corruption and realism in late socialist China : the return of the political novel / Jeffrey C. Kinkley. Japanese fiction of the Allied occupation : vision, embodiment, identity / by Sharalyn Orbaugh. Our fire survives the storm : a Cherokee literary history / Daniel Heath Justice. Naked truth : why Hollywood doesn't make X-rated movies / Kevin S. Sandler. History goes to the movies : studying history on film / Marnie HughesWarrington. Queer cinema : the film reader / edited by Harry M. Benshoff and Sean Griffin. Dark thoughts : philosophic reflections on cinematic horror / edited by Steven Jay Schneider, Daniel Shaw.

Morley, David, 1964-

PE1413 .M583 2007

Hickey, Raymond, 1954- PE2402 .H53 2007

PG3213 .A55 2007 Miller, Marc, 1969Allegretto-Diiulio, Pamela. Kinkley, Jeffrey C., 1948Orbaugh, Sharalyn. Justice, Daniel Heath. PJ5129.R6 Z78 2007 PJ7846.A46 Z574 2007 PL2443 .K56 2007 PL747.82.M54 O73 2007 PM783.5 .J87 2006

Sandler, Kevin S., 1969- PN1993.5.U6 S23 2007 Hughes-Warrington, Marnie. PN1995.2 .H84 2007 PN1995.9.H55 Q397 2004 PN1995.9.H6 D27 2003 PN1995.9.N4 L37 2008 PN1997.C352 P65 2005 Hamilton, James R. PN2039 .H357 2007

Lawrence, Novotny, Blaxploitation films of the 1970s : Blackness and genre / Novotny Lawrence. 1973Political philosophy comes to Rick's : Casablanca and American civic culture / edited by James F. Pontuso. Art of theater / James R. Hamilton. It / Joseph Roach. Performing patriotism : national identity in the colonial and revolutionary American theater / Jason Shaffer. Laughing mad : the black comic persona in post-soul America / Bambi Haggins. When Frankie went to Hollywood : Frank Sinatra and American male identity / Karen McNally.

Roach, Joseph R., 1947- PN2039 .R63 2007 Shaffer, Jason. PN2237 .S53 2007

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"Clearing the ground" : the Field Day Theatre Company and the construction of Irish identities. Szabo, Carmen. Fiction sets you free : literature, liberty, and western culture / Russell A. Berman. Open secrets : literature, education, and authority from J-J. Rousseau to J.M. Coetzee / Michael Bell. Human Rights, Inc. : the world novel, narrative form, and international law / Joseph R. Slaughter. Performance of reading : an essay in the philosophy of literature / Peter Kivy. Place, space, and landscape in medieval narrative / edited by Laura L. Howes. All the difference in the world : postcoloniality and the ends of comparison / Natalie Melas. Our Caribbean : a gathering of lesbian and gay writing from the Antilles / edited and with an introduction by Thomas Glave. Literary tourist : readers and places in romantic & Victorian Britain / Nicola J. Watson. Literary modernity between the Middle East and Europe : textual transactions in nineteenth-century Arabic, English, and Persian literatures / Kamran Rastegar. English writing and India, 1600-1920 : colonizing aesthetics / Pramod K. Nayar. Berman, Russell A., 1950Bell, Michael, 1941Slaughter, Joseph R. Kivy, Peter.

Rastegar, Kamran. Nayar, Pramod K.

PR129.A65 R37 2007 PR149.I6 N39 2008

Desiring Donne : poetry, sexuality, interpretation / Ben Saunders. Middle English / edited by Paul Strohm. Reading the medieval in early modern England / edited by Gordon McMullan and David Matthews.

Saunders, Ben, 1968-

PR2248 .S28 2006 PR255 .O94 2007 PR421 .R355 2007 PR448.D57 W37 2007

Desire and disorder : fevers, fictions, and feeling in English Georgian culture / Candace Ward. Ward, Candace. Physiology of the novel : reading, neural science, and the form of Victorian fiction / Nicholas Dames. Touch and intimacy in First World War literature / Santanu Das. Performing the Victorian : John Ruskin and identity in theater, science, and education / Sharon Aronofsky Weltman. Building cosmopolis : the political thought of H.G. Wells / John S. Partington. Esoteric symbols : the Tarot in Yeats, Eliot, and Kafka / June Leavitt. Lots of fun at Finnegans wake : unravelling universals / Finn Fordham. Joyce's misbelief / Roy Gottfried ; foreword by Sebastian D.G. Knowles. Frank O'Connor : critical essays / Hilary Lennon, editor. Reading games : an aesthetics of play in Flann O'Brien, Samuel Beckett & Georges Perec / Kimberly Bohman-Kalaja. Cambridge companion to modernist poetry / edited by Alex Davis, Lee M. Jenkins. Martin McDonagh : a casebook / edited by Richard Rankin Russell. Conceiving the city : London, literature, and art 1870-1914 / Nicholas Freeman. Anxieties of Empire and the fiction of intrigue / Yumna Siddiqi. Opening the field : Irish women: texts and contexts / co-edited by Patricia Boyle Haberstroh and Christine St Peter. Class in late-Victorian Britain : the narrative concern with social hierarchy and its representation / Kevin Swafford. Moulding the female body in Victorian fairy tales and sensation novels / Laurence Talairach-Vielmas. Catholic emancipations : Irish fiction from Thomas Moore to James Joyce / Emer Nolan. Irish literature, 1750-1900 : an anthology / edited by Julia M. Wright. Modernism, media, and propaganda : British narrative from 1900 to 1945 / Mark Wollaeger. Brian Moore : a biography / Patricia Craig. Literature of the Indian diaspora : theorizing the diasporic imaginary / Vijay Mishra. Imagining our time : recollections and reflections on American writing / Lewis P. Simpson. Author-cat : Clemens's life in fiction / Forrest G. Robinson. Gender play in Mark Twain : cross-dressing and transgression / Linda A. Morris. Mark Twain and metaphor / John Bird. Wollaeger, Mark A., 1957Craig, Patricia. Mishra, Vijay. Simpson, Lewis P. Robinson, Forrest G. (Forrest Glen), 1940Morris, Linda. Bird, John, 1954Swafford, Kevin. Talairach-Vielmas, Laurence. Nolan, Emer, 1966Freeman, Nicholas. Siddiqi, Yumna. Bohman-Kalaja, Kimberly.

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On Latinidad : U.S. Latino literature and the construction of ethnicity / Marta Caminero-Santangelo, Caminero-Santangelo. Marta, 1966Profane & sacred : Latino/a American writers reveal the interplay of the secular and the religious / Bridget Kevane. Kevane, Bridget A., 1963-

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